Discover 154 Ways To
Increase Sexual Tension

This is like a secret CHEAT SHEET Playbook. If the process of getting a woman turned was a recipe, then this 'secret guide' would be a list of
the best fresh ingredients




Description: This report lists 154 Sexual Tension Increasers.


What you are about to read is what I call a brainstorm list of sexual tension increasers (these are building blocks of arousal).

The hidden goal of this list is to ingrain the belief that:

There are lots of ways to create sexual tension!

Because it's a brainstorm list...

1) I didn't focus on creating things on the same order/level. In other words, if this was a list of ways to burn calories, because it's a brainstorm list, it would be OK to include exercising for one entry and doing push-ups as another. Even though, doing push-ups is a type of exercise.

They're not on the same level, but since it's a brainstorm list we don’t care. The idea is to include both the general version (for future brainstorm) and the specific version.

2) I also didn't go into massive detail with each item. That means there could be items that you want more examples for or a deeper explanation.

I apologize in advanced. I covered enough so that you can fully understand what the tactic is.

Keep in mind, that if I would have went into massive detail with for each of the 154 items (let's say, 7-15 pages each) the page count would have been 1500 - 2000 pages.

Note: We could have easily have spent 7-15 pages per item, but actually that's really not what this type of report is all about.

Besides, some of the items have been fully explained in other reports.

The truth is you don't need to know every possible way to create sexual tension to be very effective.

Just like me, you'll probably find your favorites (about 10 - 20) that work great for you.

Also this report is scan-able.

Another thing: If you ask the average guy to give you a list of ways to build sexual tension, he'll give you 2-5 ways at the most. And he'll struggle to come up with those.

My hope is that you see the incredible value in a having a CHEAT SHEET report that contains a long list of proven sexual tension concepts.

I hate to have to restate this, but I actually test stuff.

We do live in a world where people create books and informative material just because they like being in the role of a teacher -- or because they enjoy writing -- or for some other reason.

I have a background in engineering. I'm logical. I'm practical. More importantly, I imagine being in my reader's shoes when I create reports because when I personally read/learn something I plan o taking action. I put stuff to the test. I want results. So I always respectfully treat you and other readers as if that’s the only thing you really care about.

If you want to a sample list, click here and read this blog post (that covers 10 of the 154 ways).



Description: This report lists 154 Sexual Tension Increasers.

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