"How To Become Desirable To Your Special Woman By Using The Results Of A Rare Science Experiment"

'm going to keep this short because you'll want to read every word.

I started thinking about Bruce Lee movies. And how it seemed like he had 21 different kicks.

19 different punches.

17 different chops.

12 different elbow slaps.

He used head butts and knees. Everything.

He was a machine!

A few years ago, I watched the movie "300" because a buddy of mine had been bugging me to watch it. Awesome movie, by the way.

Basically, in the movie, King Leonidas had a personal army of 300 Spartans (Greek soldiers with swords) and these guys were incredible.

They were taking out opposing armies of 10,000 with very minimal loss.


These guys were like "300" Bruce Lee's - except they were using swords!

They were very effective and didn't waste any time!

So in honor of being very effective, I decided to share a concept that you'll really enjoy.

It's called: SSU Mind Control

  • It's not hypnosis
  • It's not NLP
  • It's not brainwashing

It's a simple way to build sexual attraction and sexual tension in a fun way.

Fact: Part of me thinks this could be the MOST POWERFUL thing I ever created (in terms of building attraction SUPER FAST).

Fact: This technique is scientifically supported.

You might end up reading about the 2 words that I shouted to my girlfriend-at-the-time (out of nowhere) that made her immediately take off running to the bedroom as she impatiently waited for me to screw her brains out.

(SSU Mind Control isn't what you think it is.)

Here's an excerpt taken from page 6.

The SSU can be used to:
  • Make yourself more appealing to a platonic friend
  • Test out on a female co-worker (for those who are fans of “social
  • Make a ‘first date’ believe you are the most exciting guy she has
    ever been with (simply because you’ll learn the art of _______ her _______)

  • *** Must Read: You'll read the case study of a guy who used this to make a female friend become addicted to him.

    If it weren't for the social experiment that I read about that explains how this works + this guy telling me (step by step) what he did to make the female friend become addicted to him (who previously rejected him over and over again) I would have NEVER taken the time to share this information...

    Here are the first 3 pages:

    ===== Start of preview =====




    Here is a concept that I think you'll really enjoy…

    I call it Sexual Sub Universes … (It's definitely one of those ‘fun to do' techniques!)

    And one of the things that you'll notice (when you fully understand it) is how easy it is to do.

    If you get what's going on, then you're going to be blown away.

    It's unimaginably powerful ! (on so many levels)

    So let's discuss it in great detail – so that you know exactly how to do it for yourself.

    The first requirement is an understanding of sub personalities… (which is basically the different moods that a person has)

    For example, if you wanted to describe a particular woman in terms of her mood , she could be labeled as:

    • Mean Mary
    • Sad Mary
    • Funny Mary
    • Etc…

    (…depending on how she is behaving at the time…)

    And what's really interesting (in terms of its implications) is the idea that you can create new sub-personalities for her – and then you can define how this new “Mary” should act.

    Of course, this takes a little skill – simply because it will be done indirectly.

    Don't worry, we'll cover it.

    For now, let's immediately focus on some simple facts and then we'll tie it into the lesson.

    Simple Fact:

    Your perception of reality defines your universe (or how you choose to describe this world)…

    A woman's perception of reality defines her universe (or how she chooses to describe this world)…

    A Sub-Universe (as I'm describing it) is a “fun little world” (within her currently world) that you “create”. And it's structured ( and driven ) by a set of rules (defined by you ).

    For example, in her Universe, she lives on Earth. Her main rules could be:
    (1) Find a man to spend your life with
    (2) Find a good job
    (3) Have babies
    (4) Do fun things
    (5) Eat

    At times, she could find herself in a pre-existing Sub-Universe. For example, let's say Brenda (her best friend) asked her to play a game of one-on-one basketball.

    When she is wrapped up in the game of basketball, there are different rules:
    (1) score as much as possible
    (2) stop opponent from scoring

    So let's say Mary is playing a game of one-on-one basketball with her friend Brenda. The score is tied 9 to 9. The first one to 10 wins! What would happened is you attempted to give unemployed Mary a job application as she is playing the game. Chances are she is going to be annoyed by it.

    The job application is interfering with the “current” rules!

    What if she became hungry while playing?

    (Would she follow the rules of her Universe, or would she follow the rules of her Sub-universe? Chances are she'll continue to play while being hungry.)

    Let's look at an actual example of a Sub-Universe…

    This will explain the basics of how it's done…

    On a particularly bright and sunny day, I was personally teaching the Sexual Sub Universe Technique [the technique you're about to learn] to this guy about 3 years ago.

    After explaining it, he goes:

    ‘Wow! I think I've done this before by accident.”

    I said: “What happened?”

    He said that every time he and his female friend [did something*] who were having a secret love affair.

    Take a few seconds to let that sink in ( if you see what's happening). Hopefully, you are able to see the power.

    My reply: “Wow! I like that a lot!”

    He then continues to reveal shocking details…

    He said: “After we [did something*] everything changed !

    He then confessed in so many words that ‘the more [he did something*] the more she started to develop surprisingly deep feelings for him' (and it happened fast – out of nowhere!).

    And here's where it gets interesting: This was a woman that had rejected him (romantically) several times in the past.

    He tried just about every approach out there!

    And he kept getting rejected.

    But after [he did something*], she began to become more attracted to him.

    ===== End of preview =====



How To Become Desirable FAST
By Using The Results of A Rare Science Experiment


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Read some feedback from satisfied customers
of previous CR James reports


I want to report a success story. You'll see below a message a wrote
you last May, reporting that I'd started dating both of the women who
dumped me back when I was doing everything wrong, having not read any
of your stuff and having undermined my SV.  

Two women who were dreams come true in my mind.

Well, now I want to report that
I've slept with both of them, and the
the one that I had gone further wrong with is now sexually and
romantically pursuing me.  

A complete reversal from before I read your stuff.  

...I gained confidence over time through seeing the change in her reaction
and seeing my success with other women, and eventually came through with this most difficult challenge.   I have to careful though, because I really do think she's
among the top 2-3 women I 've ever been attracted to, and it's easy to
put her on a pedestal above any other potential mate, which would not
be productive for SV.

It's knowing better how attraction works in the
female brain.  

After reading enough of your stuff, I am able to interpret particular situations
and know how to spin them to gain SV,
or know what kind of situations to get into that will help, rather
than needing to study and apply particular techniques.

I don't know where this relationship will go, but as of right now,
I've won back the woman I lost--something that felt like the biggest
loss of my life.  That's fantastic, and knowing that I could do that
will give me hugely improved confidence wherever I go from here.

Thanks tremendously.


Hey CR;

what the f#%*$K ??!!!

Are you nuts?

What you want to keep your customers happy? Never in all my years have i ever did business and had this kind of service and attention to detail!!! Even with my screw-up ,you went way beyond the call!!! Thank you for your kindness and generosity! 

Just this one act alone you proved to me that you believe in customer service and your products! Out bloody standing!!!

You gained a customer for life !(unless one of us dies anyway!) well onward to victory and bliss..


Hi I bought a few of Your books a while ago ……… and I haven't ever told you how good they are an how I think its a HONOR TO KNOW YOU.. and to have the luck of coming across ……your books and buying them…….

I have had a lot of trouble taking every detail in to real life out of the book ………

i have had to read thing many many times……

know that you must be really busy and I really appreciate you time and THINK YOU ARE A SUPER PERSON THAT IS HONESTLY CHANGING THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER


I am a huge fan of yours.

Your information is really great. I actually purchased some of your materials a while back.

The book was downloaded and stored to the hard drive on my laptop.     

I'm also interested in additional materials that I can read to improve my skills even more.

Thanks to you I am in a relationship with a smart, beautiful nurse.    
Keep up the great work.


Your customer service and prolific writing continue to amaze me.

I am now using your writings to reestablish
a dynamic sexual relationship with my wife. Thanks!

The Lord works in mysterious ways.


Hi CR,

Thank you for the generous gift of your book.

As an active bisexual, I incorporate your strategies into my sexual interactions with both men and women -- and quite successfully I must say (without bragging).

Sexual confidence truly is the key!

You are a very gifted writer, able to express truths in a down-to-earth-no-bullshit way.  I like that very much, and encourage you to continue telling it like it is.



Dude, you were right about the [removed]. I tested it the next time she did it and that is definitely her form of initiation. Thanks for the excellent advise. I'm not easily impressed, but you impress the hell out of me.


Let me start by saying YOU DA MAN. I am forty years old and have been married for twenty years and because of you, I now know what the problem was. I started using your techniques and saw results in a week. And when I say results, I mean I could predict her reactions and even almost control them.

The one and the only amazing CR James, man I never get tired of reading your stuff. Your last report on the laughable answer was really amazing good stuff good stuff, I just put it to work. Last time my 19 year old girlfriend and me were having WILD sex each and every time I read your work and put it into action so lets see if I can effectively put it into action this time wish me luck!

Sincerely Best Wishes,

Hey man seriously you are an outstanding individual...

I'm not an ass kisser or anything but you are the coolest buisness man I've ever dealt with.

You answer quickly and really know what your talking about I'm actually trying to pursure a career in the internet field and I truly look up to you and how you conduct your buisness.

I've never met any so called guru of anything that has responded so quickly to a customer, it's unbelivevable..

You are a good guy and I hope to do buisness with you in the near
future and I will get every product you come out with as long as I have money!

I thank you for all your help I honestly didn't expect nothing from you and you showed how much you are dedicated to helping others and that's more than I can say about any other guru.


Well Sincerely


Hi Cr.

I just wanted to tell you that all you teached me is so effective that my girl friend asked me last night what was the "black magic" I applied on her... She is so much in love with me. We are so happy. Thank you so much.



CR James

Thank you for your material!

Your techniques have already given me amazing progress!

I actually have had two different girls (an 8 and a 9) come up to me and say there was something different they liked about me but didn't know what it was. If I wasn't using your material to try and save my marriage I would be out dating hot babes right now instead of emailing you. /p>

Thank you for being one of the few guys out there that help men find the knowledge they really need to build a happy balanced relationship.

Your material more than pays for itself in the first day.

My self confidence has sky rocketed 200%!!!

You're a life saver,







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