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To A Woman, But That's Only Half of The Story...


CR James

t's been a while since I've referenced this story, but a couple of years ago I got one of the most unforgettable emails I've ever received.

Basically, it was from a guy (self-described as very attractive) who was frustrated that his hot wife ended up cheating on him with a guy who was broke, short, chubby and not-so-attractive.

Before I continue, normally when I read stuff like that (You know, short chubby guy working at Burger King uses his 'secret method' to seduce Victoria Secret Models in 20 seconds, I just bust out laughing because it's just a 'made up story' probably by someone who (behind the scenes) doesn't have any REAL SUCCESS with women.

So if you don't know me or how I operate, I build my 'reports' based on my knowledge and experience and unique patterns I discover that I think is worth sharing because not many people are talking about it. [Click here to read his email]

Even though I only heard his side of the story, it still frustrated me because even if his sexual value was low, he doesn't deserve what happened to him.

And on top of that, it's a harsh way of learning the power of sexual value.

There are some intellectual journals and movies that want you to believe that it's so rare for an attractive woman to be with a not-so-attractive guy.

It's bad advice because it doesn't reflect reality.

That's why you should always build your beliefs based on what happens in the world.

In the real world, your eyes don't lie. You actually see hot women with not-so-attractive guys all of the time.

By the way, this is not a message for guys who believe they're not physically attractive.

I want to make that clear. This is for anyone (whether you think you're very attractive, average, or not-so-attractive) who wants to create Sparks (Sexual Value).


The point I'm making is that you DECIDE how desirable you want to be.

  • That's because there's no rule that says only certain people are allowed to be confident.

  • There's no rule that says only certain people are allowed to feel amazing.

  • There's no rule that says only certain people are allowed to make women feel sexy, special and unique.

  • There's no rule that says only certain people are allowed to understand her attraction triggers better than the last guy she was with.

Here's a recent example:
A friend of a friend of mine is a guy in his 50's who consistently goes to the club (and bars) and picks up young (early 20's) girls like it's a piece of cake.

They're not runway models, but they're always young and attractive.

Now, I have no idea what combination of SV tactics he's using, but he has obviously figured something out. And good for him.

Because in reality, there are no rules.

That's the reason why I laugh when I see these 'so-called' journals that suggest attractive women only want attractive men (or wealthy men)(or whatever the flavor of the month is).

In reality, people have preferences that are centered around what makes them feel good, their past experiences and their beliefs about how things operate.



  • There are SOME hot women who are really concerned about the guys looks.
  • There are SOME hot women who are not concerned about the guys looks


  • There are SOME unattractive women who are really concerned about the guys looks.
  • There are SOME unattractive women who are not concerned about the guys looks.

Keep in mind, this has little to do with your looks.

Your ability to create the right Sparks (Sexual Value) is all that matters because women want to feel a certain way about YOU and HERSELF.

Always remember that.

In reality, your goal isn't *just* to send SV signals.

Your goal is to send a *greater density* and *greater variety* of SV Signals.

...while still being yourself.

If you don't know how to drive a car, and you want to be able to "learn how it operates" because it will make you happier in so many ways. All you have to is LEARN HOW IT OPERATES.

Focus on learning how women operates. Do not focus on 'whether you should be a nice guy or jerk'.

If you're a nice guy who is respectful to people, then STAY THAT WAY and just learn THE TRUTH to how women operate


If a Nice Respectful Fair Guy learns how to drive a car ==> He'll end up (with the happiness) of knowing how to drive a car.

If a Disrespectful Immature Jerk Guy learns how to drive a car ==> He'll end up (with the happiness) of knowing how to drive a car.

If a Nice Respectful Fair Guy learns how to play a musical instrument ==> He'll end up (with the happiness) of knowing how to play a musical instrument.

If a Disrespectful Immature Jerk Guy learns how play a musical instrument ==> He'll end up (with the happiness) of knowing how to play a musical instrument.

The same applies to getting a woman to be:

  • attracted to you
  • respectful
  • more submissive
  • more playful/happy.

Life is much easier when your special woman admires you and is 'addicted to you'.

That's why I created this report. You're going to be happy you decided to get it, because this 'secret playbook' is not like anything out there!

You might already be aware that I put out sexual value reports before, but I've never crammed:

231 Slick and Powerful Ways To Project Sexual Value
In One Report (or Secret Playbook)


You see, I created this report the same way you would have, because there's nothing impressive about 231 techniques...

But when you consider for a second, that (just like you) I'm NOT IMPRESSED with theory.

And you consider that I'm only impressed with what happens in reality (not theory)(not popular garbage)...but REAL STUFF that helps you get results, then the '231 Slick and Powerful Ways' is something to be excited about...

I didn't hold anything back. It's not partial info where the 'real stuff' is shared at a seminar. I don't have a $400 upgrade package to offer after you order.

Nothing is held back.

Some of these examples are literally the same advice I've given guys who ended up 'driving a woman' wild. And yeah, a lot of these examples could easily be expanded out into their own report, but instead I stacked the benefits on your end.

In other words, these examples are constructed based on what works.


For example:

SV Tactic #9 allows you to do something sneaky that women do brilliantly on men, because they're incredibly responsive to it. And it's rare for a guy to do this to her and that's what creates much of the impact.

SV Tactic #10 - (Most people can skip this one.) You would only do this in a relationship setting where she has gained the perception of power over you.

SV Tactic #11 is based on Framing Yourself As A Prize. You'll especially want to pay attention to Example 3 for this one because it's an easy way to navigate this frame.

SV Tactic #8 - A guy did this indirectly and it lead to his girlfriend becoming hyper-sexual for a week (Technically, it should have been longer but he messed things up.)

SV Tactic #23 - This is something that most guys do brilliantly (without realizing) when they first meet the girl.

Let me just say that this 'secret playbook' is not like anything out there because the examples help you to come up with your own way of doing it.

SV Tactic #37 - This one is steathly powerful. You would have to watch lots of Oprah (from a unique perspective) to discover the driver of this technique - because it allows you to connect magically with the female mind.

SV Tactic #38 - This is one of the easiest way to quickly increase the value of anything (you, an object or an experience).

SV Tactic #59 - This could also be called the "Magical Unicorn Pony" as a reminder that value can constantly increase.

SV Tactic #43 - This is a favorite for a lot of guys for some reason. Most guys who told me about their success with this tactic done it much better than I did. I never put that much energy into this tactic. It does show that sometimes all a guy needs is for someone to hand him a 'concept that works' and then he'll add his creativity to it and take it to new levels that translates into the woman driven wild.

Let's be real. It kind of feels good when a woman that you really like is constantly (cheerfully) calling you and/or openly confessing about how amazing you are.

And you know that it's a result of you doing things that you haven't done in the past (with other women).

We're currently living on a planet where it shouldn't be this easy to outdo the average guy.

My wife just told me about a conversation she had with a group of women who were talking about their experiences with guys they were dating and I was shocked at how bad the average guy really is!

I don't say this to be mean.

But the average guy is clueless!

The harsh reality is there are lots of good guys out there who constantly have women lose interest.

And because they don't have good information inside their brains (about sexual value)(creating sparks) they have a hard time explaining to me why the woman lost interest.

SV Tactic #77 (Example 3) - This is a unique way of creating a competitive mindset. Good luck trying to explain to the average why this works so well.

This report features the latest up-to-date "discoveries" and secrets. And some of these tips have been recently discovered.

In terms of a sexual value playbook,
you'll agree that it's the most powerful collection
of 'ways to increase sexual value' ever
crammed in one report!

It's a reminder to learn from your past successes and the past successes of others - which I still believe is THE best way to experience QUICK RESULTS (with anything in life).

It gets better.

Because you can use this report as a correction tool for your relationship if you wanted to. And if you're single, allow it to be a solution to get 'unstuck' if you can't take things to the next level with a new girl.

All of these ways to project SV are broken up into 6 categories.

Why is that important?

Well, if you wanted to keep things simple, you could just focus on doing a few things from each category.

You see, I designed it this way (on purpose) because whenever I talk someone about increasing their sexual value one of the things that sticks out immediately is that he's already pretty good (much better than the average guy walking around) in certain categories.

I think that's because the type of person who would take the time to improve in this area kind of knows some stuff already.

But getting back to what I was saying.

One of the things that I noticed about these guys is that they're often 'stuck' with making progress with a particular woman and they just need an outside perspective (and minor tweaking) more than anything.

This report could be considered your personal 'outside perspective' because all you have to do is
look at the 6 categories

When you look at the 6 categories, you can quickly analyze yourself and just focus on the CATEGORY you have neglected or never knew existed.

You see, if you have active communications with a woman, then you're already sending some sexual value signals - especially if as a concept it makes sense.

The real trick is knowing the importance of having a collection of tactics.

That way you can tweak, sculpt, improve and "grow" your game plan.

Day 1: You can do Tactic 4, Tactic 31
Day 2: You can do Tactic 22, Tactic 2, Tactic 49
Day 3: You can do Tactic 5, Tactic 68

Why do I say this?

For whatever reason, women tend to be novelty seekers (which is why they VALUE the new purse in the store that technically doesn't have the any more intrinsic value than the purse she has at home)...

Women respond to a mixture of tactics (which creates the effect of 'infinite newness') - if that makes sense.

That's kind of a separate report within itself, but...

Level 1: The guy learns that sending SV Signals actually does make her like him more.
Level 2: Then the guy has to learn to send a greater density + greater variety of SV Signals (and reduce anti-SV signals)

It really is that simple.


As far as the 50-something friend of a friend that I was talking about earlier...

...I don't know what he's doing exactly. I do know that he's building SV better than the average guy (even though he may not describe it that way).

He could be framing himself better.
He could be pressing emotional buttons better.
He could be doing 'other things' better (other stuff in the other categories).
He could be doing a combination of things - better.

Always remember that the right package of SV Signals:
  • Allows you to get unstuck at a certain phase with a new woman you're currently seeing
  • Allows you to repair your relationship.
  • Allows you to take your relationship to new levels.
  • Allows you to test it out on female co-workers/classmates/neighbors.
  • Allows you to flirt with your ex (just for the sport of it)
  • Allows you to revive a dead relationship (combined with other strategies)
  • Allows you to save a relationship that is slowly dying (combined with other strategies)
  • Allows you to design your own SV Persona.

In just one of these examples, you'll learn about something a guy did to get his wife to make her crave sex faster.

Specifically, it's a clever way of getting her to reframe her own craving for sex (which forces her to want it more than normal)...and yes, this is a 'sexual value' technique!

You'll have in your possession 231 Strategies For Increasing Sexual Value.

Lots of Powerful Examples = Much Quicker Attraction

One of the Top Ingredients for having success with women is Sexual Value. Period.

Hopefully, that's already crystal clear in your mind...where the next logical step is to have a 'secret play book' filled with exciting and slick examples.

I've done the hard work for you. There's no need to spend the time and energy creating a playbook for yourself.

You're basically hiring me to create it for you.

And that's what I done. Think of it as a custom SV Playbook that you will use for the rest of your life.

In some free reports on my blog I will often give away a list of 10-15 ways a guy can increase his sexual value for inspiration purposes so that he can see that this approach works great.

But, once you have this report, you can SWAP OUT that mini-list with the 231 Ways To Increase Sexual Value.

To be honest and upfront - this report obviously doesn't do the thinking for you. Once you read it, study it the next phase is to 'create a game plan' and then 'do it'.

Most of these examples are tactics that have never been revealed - ever!

Most of these examples are new and fresh that once existed as 'email advice' that helped a particular guy save his relationship, or helped another guy attract a girl at work.

Keep in mind, 231 is a lot!

You might not ever get a chance to use all of them in a 3 year period.

And if that weren't enough, check out the bonuses.

Bonus Report #1: 10 Sexual Value Personas

The idea of this report is to get you to 'try on' different personas and write lots of notes to how she reacted to them.

Don't ever guess.

Some people have the destructive habit of 'guessing' if something will work or not.

It's a much better approach to analyze what happens. And then look for patterns.

With this special bonus report, you'll learn 10 Sexual Value Personas.

You can figure out which one you're closest to and use it as a guideline.



Bonus Report #2: Excel Campaign Sheet

One of the reasons why these tactics work so great is because I personally believe it testing, analyzing and looking for patterns.

I also believe in teaching others how to do it for themselves.

Sometimes it's a little extra work, but in this case it's fun.

Here's how it works: If there is a particular SV method that's working great for you, then you would open up this excel file and write in some notes next to it.

That way it functions as a success diary as well as a quick scan sheet.

You could also enter in a letter grade (A, B, F, etc) next to the tactic and then sort (A-Z) to get all of YOUR BEST METHODS at the top.

It's not a must. It's just an option.

If you don't want to do it, that's cool. You might not need to.

But if you wanted, you can actually start filling out some information even before you try out something new, because some of these tactics you've probably done before on some level.

However, if you want to test it out, keep it simple.

Step 1: Pick something.
Step 2: Think of how you're going to send the message.
Step 3: Start doing things in the battle field to send the message directly or indirectly (stories, conversations, compliments, questions, etc.).
Step 4: Write down if it worked.

It's that simple.

You know how women are, we casually say something to them, and they photographically lock into their minds like Weird Memory Ninjas.

We're a little different.

We have to work really hard to remember the basics.

I've known my wife for close to 2 decades and I keep her birthday written down on a 3x5 card in my wallet.

(Just joking. lol)

With this special bonus: In a short amount of time, you'll know what works best on her - and - you'll know what works best for the type of person you are...especially if you're like me and can't keep up with all of these little details.


So there you go.


Main Report: 77 Ways To Increase Sexual Value (3 examples each)
Bonus #1: The 10 Sexual Value Personas (try on a persona and take notes on how she responds)
Bonus #2: Excel Success Sheet (always track your success!)

The way I see it, if I'm going to release a report on 'creating massive value' , then it only makes sense to create an incredibly valuable offer.

That way, I'm focused more on YOUR BENEFIT...because I'm stacking the 'no brainer' value on your side.

You're going to be happy you decided to get it, because this 'secret playbook' is not like anything out there!

77 Ways To Increase Sexual Value!

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77 Ways To Increase Sexual Value (Super Charged)

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CR James

Sexual Relationship Strategist
Creator of:




Main Report: 77 Ways To Increase Sexual Value (3 examples each)
Bonus #1: The 10 Sexual Value Personas (try on a persona and take notes on how she responds)
Bonus #2: Excel Success Sheet (always track your success!)

Read Some Emails From Happy Customers
of Previous CR James Reports


Hey C,

the ********* is great, thank you, i could see straight away where you were going with it. I can see how it works and how successful it can be. My arsenal is growing by the day, along with my confidence, and willingness to push the boundaries of what I believe can work.

You have hit so many key points.... I am replying to that I had overlooked, for example the subtlety of her initiation - I think there are more times that she has initiated, but it has been so subtle its either turned into passive instigation or gone un-noticed!

your advice on training to give clearer signals or signs is great.

It's funny, after working as a mechanic for 9 years I made a career change into teaching, my first post was a baptism of fire! Teaching in-mates in a prison. One of the things we were told to be most careful of, was being 'conditioned' by them into doing things for them!

From the prey to the predator :-)

Seriously, you have given me so much already that my head is buzzing with it all. I have always been very cynical of self help and 'you can change things' type of books, but seeing definite and subtle changes in just 48 hours by simply, getting rid of the over signals, sensibly introducing the under signals, {and other stuff} is overwhelming!

I have felt a little guilty, almost under hand, but have been able to justify it to myself very easily, if everyone is much happier, whats to feel guilty about.



Thank you for the super fast response I have download everything.

I am going to read through everything thoroughly for the simple reason that I cannot believe the changes that I happening in my marriage in a matter of two weeks.

The effectiveness of your teachings really hit home with me last night when talking to my wife(extracting information and sending SV signals ).

She said the best trait that attracted her to me in the first place was [something interesting], she don’t really want to say what she disliked or hated but that will be revealed in time.

All she said was that she noticed that I am not engaging in behavior that annoyed or frustrated her as often in the last two weeks. She has no idea that I am reading your book but she noticed that I am eliminating anti-seductive behavior.

We had get sex after that conversation and I know that’s just the beginning.

Lastly , when I purchased you book it was about getting learn how to get better sex from my life, it’s now more than just better sex it has become about understanding myself and her better.

Thank you for your help, I will look out for more of your books and programs once done with this one.


P.S: I must say your books are great!

I really appreciate your work because I now see things at a new angle (your angle is preety accurate I must say). Anyway, I will soon e-mail you a certain problem that I have.

Thanks so much.

This report is brilliant.

So many of the points you make have been floating around my head in a haphazrd way for quite a while. The way you've brought everything together in the one report is so valuable. I really appreciated the points about: being *****, (something I've battled with myself in my shy, religious upbringing adolescence) prefacing questions with a compliment, but then upping the ante with the hybrid challenge, hyper explaining, how to deal with it, and [something else]

I've noticed that the most powerful people in interactions are the ones who combine the compliment with the ability to 'open' you up.

I'm thinking of the society hostess. Graceful, charming and effortlessly superior. Some people are more obviously alpha, but that doesn't make them necessarily more attractive.

There is so much to absorb in this report. I'll be rereading it many times and having a lot of fun implimenting it.

One of your best!

Thanks again Regards 

Just up date you and a Thanks for the advise the last time you gave me. sorry didn't update you on the results of it.

The advise you gave it really worked back in 2009, she called me up saying it was her insecurity that was holding her back from meeting me and wanted to meet me.

I was like "OMG am i dreaming" the relationship i had with her for that one year was really meaning full and i had learn alot from the report.

But just to move forward to 2011 just started to date again in may and met a girl who really showed me the problems that i have doing wrong in a relationship and wanted to have a month or 2 separation.


Short story well sort of so sit back and dela with it.

....I have used your methods recently with great success, I have personaly emailed CR asking him how to handle the girlfriend that THINKS she wants to date again.

Well CR I did exactly as you suggested, She never brought it up but I did. Longer story shorter, well most cases she would call me ask me to come over and spend the night...



77 Ways To Increase Sexual Value!

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You're going to be happy you decided to get it,
because this 'secret playbook' is not like anything out there!

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