Warning: It is so easy it’s frightening!

How to Seduce Married Women With Liquid Smooth Ease

Point out the most faithful woman out there and I’ll show you how to target her weak points and seduce her with ease. She’ll forget she was married!

Tips for seducing women in relationships

Dear Friend,

You don’t need me to tell you that this is a controversial report.

You’re probably thinking: “What is this world coming to? A book that teaches guys how to prey on married women!”


You’re not only going to learn how to seduce married woman, you’re going to realize how easy it is…

You see, there is something interesting about “loyal” married women…

Let’s face it: Seducing a married women who doesn’t respect her husband is like feeding fresh tuna to a starving alley cat.

I’m not proud to admit this but there was a time when it didn’t matter to me if a woman was in a relationship or not…

“She has a boyfriend? So what. Who cares?” “She’s married? So what. Who cares?”

So I used to target women in relationships…

And I learn something pretty interesting…

(It’s the opposite of what most people believe)

One day I’m the couch relaxing with the remote in my hand. I started flipping through the channels and I saw this so-called expert on a talk show talking about the “psychology” of female cheating…

I listened.
I laughed.
I yawned.
I busted out laughing (LMAO!)…

It was the same ole’ family-friendly responses.

The “doctor” had a PhD in psychology. He had best-selling books. The people in the audience were dazzled (as if he were a Magician)…

But at the end of the day….

How many times has he talked to a woman who was in a relationship?
How many times has he dated a woman who was in a relationship?
How many times has he screwed a woman who was in a relationship?

I find it amazing that more people don’t ask questions like this.

It’s time for information on this subject to MASSIVELY EVOLVE…

If you want to seduce a married woman, you need to learn from that rare person who actually has the “experience” + “knowledge” + “willingness to share his UNDERGROUND SECRETS…

And believe me… You’re not going to find “these secrets and lessons” in a soft-core, family-friendly, parental-controls, G-Rated book…

Specifically, you’ll discover…

  • Why married women are easier to seduce!
  • How to penetrate the barriers that she sets up
  • The real live bizarre story and the hidden insight it provides to why good girls cheat (especially the married ones)
  • How to use the CR James Super Simple Core Seduction Formula to seduce married women (the right way)!
  • The two conditions a guy needs to sleep with a married women.
  • The two areas your need to attack if the husband tries to defend against your attacks.
  • Her instinctive need to cheat.
  • Where she ranks on the [ ?????? ] Meter. This will make your job 30x easier!
  • How to tell if a woman is sexually starved?!
  • How to use loyalty as FUEL (this is pure psychological evil)
  • And much more!only 30 pages.

So Why Am I Only Charging Only $29 for These Hard Core Secrets?

Truth be told, I should be asking for much more.

You’re about to learn a “unique perspective” and you’ll never find this information in any bookstore. To me, that makes it much more valuable.

PLUS, you’re learning from a guy who is obsessed with studying the art of female decision making & human psychology.

The typical guy who is obsessed with studying various fields of “human psychology” and “female behavior” is too much of Scared Geek to even say “Hi” to a woman.

So it’s rare when you have a guy who studies “human psychology” and “female behavior” (like a mad man) PLUS had the actual experience of sleeping with dozens of women in relationships…

I learned something very interesting, but yet scary!

I want every guy who is in a relationship to learn the skills of seducing married women. Yes, you heard me.

The truth is I wrote this book as if I was teaching guys how to seduce married women.

But that wasn’t my real intention!

My real intention: I actually want guys in relationships to understand these skills


Reason #1: The average guy in a relationship is sexually starving his woman and he doesn’t realize it. I’ll explain. Let’s say that last night you were getting ready to have sex with her. You put it in, but after only 2 strokes she tells you to stop. Would that “count” as having sex with her? Could you imagine if for 6 months that’s what “sex” was like. That’s what many women in relationships are experiencing. They give him Courtesy Sex. Although (time-wise) it’s a lot longer than 2 strokes, technically it’s the same. It “counts” as sex for him. But it doesn’t “count” as sex for her. In fact, it’s much worse if you can tell that she’s waiting for it to be over! These good-natured women are confused. They don’t even realize that their “bodies” are being “starved”

Reason #2: [Write this down if you need to] “Women never forget how to become horny around a guy (i.e. coworker, boss, neighbor) who presses her buttons the right way.”

Combine that with a woman who has been starving for sex and you get:

A woman who is so $%@# horny that she’s ready to explode!

You see this is what happens in the real world!

You’ll see what I mean when I say: This is not the typical information that you are used to.

It’s straight-forward. It’s real. You’ll going to learn the “truth” and really¬† understand if your lovely lady is vulnerable.


Do you know one of the “hidden things” that destroys relationships super fast?

It’s when the guy is clueless about the ????? Concept (mentioned in the book)…

Do you know why?

  • Because it causes the guy to act paranoid when nothing is going on.
  • And it also causes a guy to act “relaxed and secure” when she is being banged silly every other day.

You don’t want to be either of these two guys!

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