A couple of years ago (in July 2013), "this average guy" did something insanely powerful with a woman he just met - and he didn't even realize that he triggered:

A New Secret "Brain Hack"
of The Female Mind...

And get this: There is an actual scientific experiment PDF (published in 1996) that explains 'part' of how he was able to sleep with this woman within 5 hours of knowing her!
(and that's not even the IMPRESSIVE part!)...

By: CR JAMES | Copyright 2015


Let's get to the impressive part...

Because you're going to want to know what this sneaky guy ended up doing!

As you know, 99% of guys enjoy sex + they want lots of it...

  • However, there's only a small subset of those guys that are interested in the 'brain stuff' that fuels getting her aroused (or getting her attracted to you)...
  • If you're part of that subset (like me) then I have a treat for you because we're going to talk about a cool 'brain experiment' that was done by a few genius psychologists...
  • They published their report in 1996.

And in a second, I'm going to tell you about what this sneaky (regular) guy did at a social gathering (in early July 2013)...

.... and how he got this 'new hot girl' to have sex with him within 5 hours.

To look at things from my perspective for second, I've heard of a lot of stories..

And when I first heard this story I wasn't that impressed until he revealed a few details...

We'll talk about that in a second...

...because there is a lesson that you can apply to your relationship,
or a new woman you just met, or a new woman you'll meet in the future...

For now, let's talk about this new report because it's not for everyone.

It's designed for -- guys like me -- who enjoy the 'brain research' part of triggering arousal and getting a woman to become addicted to guy...

So this new report is set up like this...

First the report discusses what the guy did at this social gathering. If it weren't for the fact that it was a quality woman + the other details + the brain hack... it wouldn't be that impressive.

Then, the report will talk about Psychological Brain Experiment #1 (You'll get the PDF of the actual science paper, just in case you want to read all about it yourself.)

Next, we'll explain the 'cliff notes' version of the experiment in Simple English (just in case you don't like reading overly-complicated science-talk).

That means you don't have to read the science paper. You can skip that and read my summmary of it in simple english.

Then we'll talk about what the Psychological Brain Experiment actually means it terms of female behavior.

This is the BIG LESSON!

And then in the next section, we'll get to the JUICY PART - and talk about HOW to use it for 'building attraction' and 'triggering arousal'.

And that's the structure.

But we're not quite done.

Theeeeeeen we'll cover some more cool Psychological Brain Experiments....

Psychological Brain Experiment #2 and Psychological Brain Experiment #3 which will all have the same structure.

So that's pretty much how this report is laid out.

Here's some 'modified' screen shots just to make it even more clear.

PAGE 1 of the report will look this (nothing fancy)...

PAGE 1: Cover Page + Definition [n] - a Psychological Sexual Brain Hack is something a guy does that leverages a 'scientifically proven' way that the brain works in a way that builds massive attraction and/or massive sexual desire in a woman.

Often this will be something that 99% of people have no knowledge of and wouldn't recognize if it was happening right in front of their faces!


PAGE 11: You'll learn the 6 phases of impact this guy did (pretty impressive stuff).

PAGE 16: Shows how the report is structured.

In terms of:

A - The Name of The Experiment (along with a URL link to the PDF science paper that discusses it)
B - The Basic Conclusion (about human behavior)
C - The Super Simple Explanation: The details of the experiment (in very simple English)

Hopefully, that makes it clear to how this report is set up. Again, it's the first time I've created a report structured like this.

that most people aren't talking about !!!

I've read all of the common stuff. You probably have to..

We're not talking about common concepts like: Hypnosis, Persuasion (i.e. social proof, being the authority figure, etc.)...

That stuff is cool. It's important.

But what we'll talk about is the DEEPLY POWERFUL BRAIN STUFF...that's beyond all of the mainstream stuff!

This is stuff no one is talking about!

But the best part is you can USE IT and be one of the guys who are doing stuff that most people don't know and never know. Don't just read it - DO IT!

Don't say 'but what if blah blah blah?'


'what if blah blah blah?'

Don't think like that...

It's one thing to have a library (or mental database) of great advice & secrets.

It's MUCH MUCH BETTER to have a FILE of 'stuff that actually worked for you'..

But the first step is to get the information in your head, because once you do that...

You can do powerful things (1) make different decisions with a woman and/or (2) become really great at analyzing other people's successes.


The only part that's not shown in the above screenshot is:

D - How to use the 'conclusion' strategically (with a woman)...
(We'll discuss that - just so that it's clear.)

Keep in mind, there are a total of 3 super secret (DEEPLY POWERFUL) experiments that are structured like this.

Here are some hints...

With Experiement #1, you'll learn:

  • How Experiment #1 (done in the 1950's) shows a flaw in our thinking (when we are in certain situations)
  • The complete story about the guy who met the woman at the social gathering. Keep in mind, she showed up with a date.
  • You'll learn the 13 ingredients of what he did + the brain hack
  • The 6 elements of the PERFECT seduction routine
    (Page 12)
  • How to use Experiment #1 strategically to increase your attraction in a matter of seconds (You may have done the baby version before -- but you've NEVER done it like this - and this way is 10x more powerful).
  • How to create a genius 2-prong attack with Experiment #1.
  • The (almost) word-for-word dialogue example of how I used Experiment #1 (for seduction purposes) to create arousal in a matter of hours!

Let's get to Experiment #2:

  • Experiment #2 is insanely powerful!
  • When I first read it my jaw dropped because I had done this two different ways in the past (first time: 5 years ago)
  • The second time was more recently. I'll share with you both stories + the strategies. You can copy this if you want.
  • To give you a closer understanding of the impact of Experiment #2.... in most cases, guys focus on doing stuff to make themselves desirable and doing stuff to get her in the mood...

    That's great!
  • ....but you'll get WAY BETTER results, when you do that stuff + focus on making her feel a certain way about herself

    (i.e. feeling sexy, feeling happy and energetic, feeling like a naughty girl, etc.)

    I love coming up with new/creative/wacky ways of getting her to feel like a naughty horny girl (because things are easier when she's in this mindset.
  • When you read Experiment #2, you'll giggle because you'll see INSTANTLY how you can do ALMOST EXACTLY 'what the psychologists' did in the experiement to get your Target Woman to feel a certain way

    (i.e. feeling sexy, feeling happy and energetic, feeling like a naughty girl, etc.)
  • That makes this great for: creating FAST sexual tension, cheering her up, motivating her, etc.
  • Then we'll talk about how to combine Experiment #2 with another experiment (that I talked about in another report) to create a Super Powerful Effect.

Let's get to Experiment #3:

  • Experiment #3 is what the guy at the social gathering leveraged to trigger FAST Horniness!
  • I've been studying human nature and stuff like that for years, and I've NEVER seen this mentioned anywhere.
  • It has to do with her URGES.
  • Average guys try to get her to behave a certain way....
  • Super Desirable Guys focus on UNDERSTANDING HER URGES...
  • Well, Experiment #3 is so deeply powerful it's on another level!
  • Basically - to get to the point - you can STIMULATE HER URGES in a new secret way - and she will never know how you did it! (lol)
  • In certain situations, there's almost no defense against it!
  • To this day, the woman who slept with the guy within 5 hours (when she is not the type to do this) has no idea of the Brain Hack that compelled her to act out of character.


This is the VERY FIRST report I've created like this, so please use these "brain hacks" responsibly!


As you can imagine knowing the 'real secrets to understanding human brain processes affects all areas of your life.

If you're really thinking BIG, you'll realize these brain experiments apply in other areas:

  • It helps you get better at affecting her perceptions and feelings (by knowing MORE about how her brain works, than others)
  • It helps you understand YOURSELF better (in terms of motivating yourself, building confidence, etc)
  • It helps you motivate love ones better (friends, family, kids, etc.).

At any rate, I hope this report helps you - and keep in mind, if you don't really know me and how I operate, I don't get excited about releasing a report unless I think it's life-changing or some sort of missing piece that a group of people need.... So I hope this adds to your intellectual growth!

Much success!

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