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Something interesting happened several months ago.

I had a conversation with a guy who said his girlfriend just lost interest in him - almost overnight.

It happens, right?

As you know, there are several reasons that could explain it. But when he told the story, I remember thinking to myself:

Wow. That's very odd.

  • You see, this guy appeared to have Sexual Value.
  • And he appeared to have a strong Connection with her.

At first , she was crazy about him and now she doesn't return his phone calls.

The Obvious Lesson: You could have Sexual Value and a deep connection with a woman, but if the Interaction Value fades, she'll start to become distant...

Here's The Weird Part...

At first glance....

Interaction Power = Strong Connection + Making Her Feel Good.

However, that's NOT quite what it is...

Here's a good analogy to make it crystal clear.


Imagine a 16 year old girl...

She loves her mom (i.e. very strong connection). For example, when she gets sick, her mom nurses her to health (she makes her feel good). Her mom provides food (that also makes her feel good). Her mom shares stories showing that she is a lot like her when she was her age (lots of connection.) The list goes on and on. Basically, the mom makes her Feel Good in so many way + There is a Very Strong Connection.

However, when it comes to hanging out, talking, texting and Interaction-based stuff, the daughter's best friend has way more Interaction Value!!!

I hope that makes sense because a similar thing happens when a woman is in love with her partner, but yet a male co-worker has 10x more Interaction Value.

The husband makes her feel good is so many ways + The connection is strong, YET another guy could have way more Interaction Value.


With that in mind, if you want to have HIGH Interaction Value (with your partner, a girl you're dating, a female co-worker, an ex-girlfriend), you have to look at things differently and take this NEW APPROACH...

High Interaction Power = Deep Addiction To You

But Why?

First of all, women crave experiences (and some other stuff that we'll get to)...

When you have lots of Interaction Power, you in a weird way become an 'event'...

Being with you is a 'journey'.

But it gets better. And this really puts it in perspective, because I also refer to Interaction Value as:

The Missing Pillar!

You see, there are 3 MAJOR Pillars of Impact.

(This is simple + Very Important to remember)


Pillar 1: You do stuff to increase your value (i.e. increase your sexual value...increase your base value...and stuff like that...etc.)


Pillar 2: You do stuff to increase her value (i.e. make her feel sexy....make her feel confident...make her feel special.....and stuff like that...etc.)


Pillar 3: You do stuff to increase the interaction value.


Let's dig deeper!

Because the obvious question is:

How Do You Increase Your Interaction Value?

Answer: There are several different methods.


Method #1: You could ask a bunch of women about guys they've been involved with. And take that approach. (Note: We've talked about stuff like this before.)


Method #2: Follow the Super Interaction Power system.

Step 1

Start from the very beginning. And realize that the success of Interaction Value is based on what you do when:

(A) She's Talking + (B) when You're Talking

When she's talking, you're strategy is going to (A1) Be a good listener and (A2) SECRETLY listen for key pieces of information.

Step 2

When You're Talking: Focus on The 3 Key Areas of Interaction Power (B1 + B2 + B3) and everything will be a breeze.


Step 3

Take things to another advanced level...

By being LASER FOCUSED on: The 9 Secret Elements (below)


It's that simple.

If The 3 Pillars of Impact Make Sense, Then...
You'll Want To Learn The SIP Method Because of
The Psychological Impact


Pillar 1: You do stuff to increase your value
Pillar 2: You do stuff to increase her value
Pillar 3: You do stuff to increase the interaction value (B1 + B2 + B3)

This new report focuses JUST on Pillar 3 and it's UNLIKE anything you've ever seen!

This is unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen!

I've never taught it - until now.

And it gets EVER better!

....because the good news is you can do this stuff today (immediately)(30 minutes from now).


To give you a few hints about what you're about to learn:

  • A weird mental exercise you can do to instantly increase Interaction Value. All you have to do is imagine 'something specific' and then start talking to her and notice the obvious change. (Page 3)

  • You'll learn the Philosophy of B________ . And how it affects the female mind. This is a critical rule. That means if you ignore it, everything else you do won't matter at all. Read that again. (Page 5)

  • The 3 requirements of a GENIUS conversation strategy. (This is not the same as the 3 drivers.) (Page 5)

  • The difference between S-Information and L-Information. (Page 9)

  • The 33 key pieces of info to listen for. Once you know this list, all you have to do is let her talk and it's like having a super spy 'hearing device' that allows you to hear THINGS 99.9% of guys miss. (Page 11)

  • You'll get to download to the 33 Key Pieces of Information Worksheet.

    Average guys obsess over what to say. Super Desirable Guys focus on what to listen for. (Page 12)

  • Super Desirable Guys focus on listening ==> decoding ==> and translating into strategies.

  • Even though this isn't a book on getting women in the mood, you'll read about an example of something a guy did based on combining 3 super easy tactics. And you'll learn how this 'getting her horny' case-study relates to YOUR Interaction Value. Long story short: Ummm....yeah....she kinda ended up getting CRAAAAZY Horny! (Page 14)

  • You're learn The 3 CORE Drivers (B1 + B2 + B3) of Interaction Value. (Page 17)

  • You'll learn the Concept of IB Life Force. (Page 19)

  • The VERY STRANGE 'conversation tactic' that seems to get women horny. This is new stuff. This is so strange, I'm not even sure if I fully understand why it works. And it has to be done the right way. If so, it builds an enormous amount of sexual tension (fast), and I to be up front, I think it only works on certain women. And as a warning... it's somewhat controversial and I don't expect everyone reading the report to do it (even though 80% guys have done the 'baby version' at least once). (Page 24)

  • You can play the "PS Game" with her. It's fun. I've mentioned the lite version in another report before, but this time I reveal the Super Advanced Version. Plus, this time we'll talk about the "actual part of her brain" that LIGHTS UP when you're doing this. Look it up on Wikipedia ==> re-read the technique ==> then start giggling to yourself. (Page 26)

  • Here's another tip: Go to Wikipedia and type SOMETHING ELSE in... print the page.... and use it as a resource (You'll see that it has been 'cut and pasted' into the report)...Once you'll see it, you'll know what to do with it. Although it's more of a bonus tactic, than anything. (Page 29)

  • The L-G Conversation Tactic - This is based on conversations I've had with several guys and it's when the woman at times goes into "baby voice" mood.... if this sounds strange to you, ignore the rest of this bullet... if you know what I'm talking about, I got a interesting tip for you. That's all I'm going to say. (Page 30)

  • You'll learn a new way of categorizing women. And brace yourself: There are 3 types. I've never shared this before. And you've never seen this anywhere else. And once you know what she is, you'll instantly have a strategy for making yourself desirable to her (in a very unique backdoor way). I didn't make this up. I was reading a certain type of book and the author made reference to 'this genius guy' who talking about this and my jaw dropped because it was so simple, I don't see how I could have missed it.

  • And obviously, I thought it is PERFECT to be used as a tactic for making yourself desirable. It's Crazy Brilliant because it makes sense and no one is talking about it. In fact, you could twist it up and give the target woman
    "3 scores". You might have to cover up your grin with both hands (LOL) - because the Average Joe in 2013 isn't coming close to thinking like this...(Page 36)

  • Once you get to page 40, your brain might be over-loaded. However you have just arrived at one of my favorite sections! In fact, this section more appropriately belongs in a 'seduction report' because it's a Super Sneaky SYSTEM to get women turned on in a way that is super smooth. It's a slick fusion between 4 powerful psychologically-based concepts.

  • And if that weren't enough, you'll read 3 easy dialogue examples.

  • You'll learn about N-Attractiveness (and how it relates to having Interaction Value). (Page 50)
  • (We're not done.) You'll also read secret information gathered from 2 different women. I did a 'cut and paste' and inserted their verbatim words into the report. There are several lessons that will help you LEARN about a woman's real desires in ways that are DEEPER than she understands. (And it it's the BIRTH of The 6 G-Categories...)

  • Again: Average guys obsess over what to say. Super Desirable Guys focus on listening ==> decoding ==> and translating into strategies.

  • You're learn a fun game you can play (that she'll love) that secretly reveals powerful information about her.

  • As far The 6 G-Categories, do yourself a favor and memorize this list, because there isn't likely to be a guy in her past that created a sub-strategy based on these 6 powerful categories.

  • You'll learn secret tips on how to be a master at each categories just by asking simple questions (that she would love to answer).

  • After, you're done reading you'll see the completed version of the mind map. And you'll see a really cool summary section.

  • You should treat it as a game plan sheet so that you can select where to start. And since this is about interaction value, a lot of it can be practiced on female friends, sisters, and co-workers...

  • You'll learn the Philosophy of B________ . And how it affects the female mind. This is a critical rule. That means if you ignore it, everything else you do won't matter. Read that again.


Super Interaction Power is finally complete.

You can learn this SIP Method for only $97

I hope the concept makes sense it's an INSANELY POWERFUL backdoor way of increasing your Addiction Power...

And all you have to do is Be Better at the 9 Secrets (see image below) than any other guy she's EVER been involved with, and you be WILL BE INSTANTLY operating on a level that is:

Light Years Beyond the
Typical Average Joe...

Warning: Do not go the rest of your life NOT KNOWING what The 9 Super Interaction Power secrets are, it is in Your Best Interest to focus on all 3 Pillars of Impact (Your Value, Her Value, Interaction Value)

Pillar 1: You want to always do stuff to increase your value
Pillar 2: You want to always do stuff to increase her value
Pillar 3: You want to always do stuff to increase the interaction value

If you believe in yourself + You have a smart system = You can get better at anything.

(If you have any questions about the material, don't hesitate to ask -

For only $97

Special Bonus: Super Interaction Power is technically 3 reports in one!

It is a combination of 3 powerful strategies as you'll see.

If you want, you could just focus on doing one strategy.


I highly suggest that you MASTER ALL 3 strategies
for The BLOW-HER-MIND Affect



Title: Super Interaction Power
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I am a christian man who has a loving wife who is my best friend and 3 great kids.

Dove right into this one, thanks for clearing up .....
it seems every pua is getting it wrong but not us!

thanks, I actually used [a technique] and got her going.

Really Great Stuff!

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