Learn Exactly How These Guys Used The "Smiley Technique" On
Their Women?


From: CR James


First of all, this is an easy to follow system that you will love!

It uses one of the most powerful motivational drivers (for humans)
in a powerful & creative way.

That part hasn't changed.

A lot of people fall in love with this "fun technique" because it's easy to do and it works better than they expect it to.

And -- today -- I am releasing the 2014 Updated version.

Here's what makes this version better.

  • It now features 8 Smiley Game Templates
    For example: Template #1 - I'll give X, if you do Y
  • It has more psychological tips and secrets that I never shared before.
  • It now features 22 emails from former readers of the "old report" talking about what they learned and/or how they used it to get a result (i.e. the woman ended up becoming attracted to him or the "fun system" got her really horny.)

  • Email #2: This guy's wife initiated sex (in a very direct way) on day 2 of playing the game, then she initiates again the next night. (You'll read how he played the game.) You'll enjoy reading this email.

  • Email #5: He also doesn't talk about how he did it, but he mentioned a few observations so I included his email.

  • Email #7: This guy thinks the smiley face is genius.

  • Email #9: This guy did a cut and paste of IM Chat showing how he used it.

  • Email #12: This guy has been married for 5 years and used the smiley face with a twist. Smart.

  • Email #14: This guys really breaks it down. Relax and grab a coffee when you get this email because he brilliantly does something unique.

    It reads like an erotic novel. lol.

  • Email #16: Another guy who used them in a chat and saw PROOF that it took things to a new level.

  • Email #19: This guy used it to build massive sexual value quickly. He actually gives the back and forth conversation. What he said. What she said. What he said.

    Another thing that it's funny, is he just walks up to this new attractive girl in one of his college classes and immediately starts the smiley game 4 seconds after introducing himself. lol.

    You'll read: How he introduced himself to her. How she responded. What he said next. What she said next. What he said next. What she said next. etc.

  • Email #21: This guy built sexual tension. Got his wife nice and horny. And then did something cool.

I think you'll enjoy these emails because it shows how fun and easy it is. One particular Smiley Face Student (in 2012) brilliantly turned a woman's "slightly negative reaction"
to the fun attraction game into even more fuel.

That was never taught in the "old version". So it was so smart and intuitive.

You'll read the email.

And I love it when people add their own special twist because that's what you should do. In his case:

It was so silky smooth and brilliant that I busted out laughing.

He brilliantly turned a woman's "slightly negative reaction" into even more fuel.

At any rate, you'll enjoy reading these emails.

  • They provide inspiration
  • Some of them operate as examples which helps with learning a concept even deeper
  • They provide extra lessons/tips/secrets
  • Some of them demonstrate how fast it worked and how fun it was.
  • You will read how some of them talk about how SUPER HORNY the target woman became.
  • It can be done via texting, email, IM chat, in person. (These emails PROVE that.)

However, I didn't stop there. I ended up adding more secrets and tips to make this fun psychological game even more powerful.

And to give another reason....

If you look closely, "the basic smiley face system" is somewhat of a microcosm to having success with women.

It forces you to keep going even though she might not be on board right away.

It builds sexual attraction + sexual tension.

It's playful and fun (so it provides emotional pleasure)

If the old version worked for you in the past, you're definitely going to love the new version!


One Smiley Face Student
Sent This Email:

(Inside the report: You'll read the uncensored COMPLETE version.)


Another Smiley Face Student
sent this email:

(Inside the report: You'll read the uncensored COMPLETE version.)



Another Smiley Face Student
sent this email:

"...bend herself over the arm of [couch] while I then have my way with her!"


I am absolutely hooked on your stuff.

<< a portion of the email removed >>

...she dragged me into the bedroom and gave me a blow job ....Races off to the bedroom again and comes back with a pair of red high-heeled shoes.

She puts these on as then that makes her the perfect height for her to bend herself over the arm of [couch] while I then have my way with her!

After all that I [did the smiley face technique again].

Lets say I'm now looking forward to the weekend.


This 2014 Update is 5x as powerful!
(You will be glad you have this in your collection.)



(Inside the report: You'll read the uncensored COMPLETE version.)


Here's Another Special Bonus!

Secret Bonus Report #1

The Journey of Jim Report (PDF)

(Previously: This unique report has only been offered
to 'email coaching' clients.)

What is the Journey of Jim Report?

Answer: Awhile back a guy asked if he could buy every report I ever created + coach him via email for several months. I agreed and arrangements were made to allow this to happen.

He wanted to use my techniques and formulas as a single guy.

The Journey of Jim report is basically a cut and paste of many of our back and forth emails that went on for months (in one HUGE 50 page report).

I decided to add this as a bonus because it fits with the "sub-theme" of learning from 'emails and questions'.

Why should you care about this report?

Answer: He [Jim] asks a lot of good questions. And he talks about successes, failures, strategies and more.


  • He talked about how he thinks he might have a stalker. This is where he was finally putting himself out there and getting a taste of success.

    Before: He asked a bunch of "nervous questions" and "clarity-based questions". He was just getting out of a divorce and he was concerned and he seemed really scared.
  • On page 21 he makes a comment about his progress (journey) so far and you'll read him say:

    "I just kept on going out on dates and rereading the earlier reports and haphazardly applying the information and am happy to report that I am currently moving thru the report and digging it a lot!!! thanks again CR!!!" (June 2, 2012)
  • Two days later (June 6), he says:

    "when I go out in the social arena I now have young girls creaming over me" (keep in mind, he's in his 50's)
  • This is an inspirational report for guys of any age.
  • On page 23: He talks about using a particular report on a woman and how she was ready to drop her panties
  • On page 31: he says:

    "Nice C, this report [a new report that he just read] is an even better way of [a particular strategy] ...it uses [something] and [does something powerful], this is great for me...

    ... btw I fucked a new girl last night after hours of meeting her. I did this by [something he did]. I've had no trouble with her and I also really pounded into her mind I was [a particular SV trait] as it seems that a lot of girls I'm meeting [an observation he made]....
  • On page 41, you'll read:

    C, I used the [?????] concept with a girl and she loved it! my first tactic was intentionally doing [????] stuff and it worked great, i fucked her on the same night...and she was really horny and she wants more! I think the [????] done with [???] could work great.... I also used the [????? ST Tactic] and that worked great. Also the [????] tactic via [???]... any way thanks!

    << You'll read the COMPLETE uncensored version >>

  • And then shortly after that he tells a story about another woman he had sex with (one that was trying to give him a blow job day ago but he turned her down) .

  • At some point, I'm going to have to change the name of the report because "Journey of Jim" kind of sounds like a boring novel about a guy sailing across the world in a slightly undersized boat eating "bags of tuna fish sandwiches" all day long.

    Instead this dude is a 5 star master student - sitting in front of the class constantly "raising his hand" and taking notes with 2 redbull energy drinks on his desk!

  • On page 46, he says:

    C, boy its been a strange week, things are coming together even more!

    whats interesting about your style is that you don't deviate from your original reports, so if you keep at it on both theory and practical the picture and pattern does emerge and the puzzle starts to take shape... my game is pretty fucking tite now!!

  • It's a HUGE 50 page report. So this is just scratching the surface.

    Warning: The report is in raw 'email to email' format so I didn't do spell check or grammar check. It's not a novel. It's in raw format, but you'll be able to understand it.



And keep in mind, the Smiley Face Tactic is FUN FUN FUN to do...

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CR James

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P.S. This will be a very wise decision. Everything is laid out. You can
do it today. And if you ever need any help, please email me.

This advice I pass on is based on what I actually do and succeed with
and what I help others with. I have confidence and stand proudly behind
what I teach.

And by the way, these are just 'small portion' of all of the smiley face success stories.

Enjoy this special offer. You've made a very wise decision.



Here is a Small Portion of Some Emails
From Happy Customers
of Other CR James Reports


I just finished reading one of your reports.

I must tell you I was impressed with your explanations of the aspects involved with these actions and the curious way the female minds works (sometimes).

I have a B.S. degree in Psychology and Management (it's a dangerous combination) but I get more from your articles than I ever did from sitting in college classes.

I would rate your writings on these subjects that many men and women alike don't have a clue about, as extraordinarily far above the crowds.

You are truly a Master Craftsman,  Great job!

Give us MORE Boss !!!


Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer


Hi I bought a few of Your books a while ago ……… and I haven't ever told you how good they are an how I think its a HONOR TO KNOW YOU.. and to have the luck of coming across ……your books and buying them…….

I have had a lot of trouble taking every detail in to real life out of the book ………

i have had to read thing many many times……

know that you must be really busy and I really appreciate you time and THINK YOU ARE A SUPER PERSON THAT IS HONESTLY CHANGING THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER


Hi CR,

I've purchased many of your books and have read and re read them many times. Thank you so much for your insight and thoughtfulness in writing these, they have been truly helpful.

I am a christian man who has a loving wife who is my best friend and 3 great kids.

Dove right into this one, thanks for clearing up .....
it seems every pua is getting it wrong but not us!

thanks, I actually used [a technique] and got her going.

Really Great Stuff!

Seriously, you have given me so much already that my head is buzzing with it all. I have always been very cynical of self help and 'you can change things' type of books, but seeing definite and subtle changes in just 48 hours by simply, [doing a bunch of easy to do tactics] is overwhelming!

I have felt a little guilty, almost under hand, but have been able to justify it to myself very easily,
if everyone is much happier, whats to feel guilty about.


Thanks CR,

Your information has been very useful.  Went from having sex 3 times in the previous 6 months to 3 times in the last month.  Plus our relationship is the best it has been in years.

Thanks again,



I want to report a success story.

...I gained confidence over time through seeing the change in her reaction
and seeing my success with other women, and eventually came through with this most difficult challenge.  

I have to careful though, because I really do think she's
among the top 2-3 women I 've ever been attracted to, and it's easy to
put her on a pedestal above any other potential mate, which would not
be productive for SV.

It's knowing better how attraction works in the female brain.  

After reading enough of your stuff, I am able to interpret particular situations
and know how to spin them to gain SV,
or know what kind of situations to get into that will help, rather
than needing to study and apply particular techniques.

I don't know where this relationship will go, but as of right now,
I've won back the woman I lost--something that felt like the biggest
loss of my life.  That's fantastic, and knowing that I could do that
will give me hugely improved confidence wherever I go from here.

Thanks tremendously.


Let me start by saying YOU DA MAN.

I am forty years old and have been married for twenty years and because of you, I now know what the problem was. I started using your techniques and
saw results in a week. And when I say results, I mean I could predict her reactions and even almost control them.

The one and the only amazing CR James, man I never get tired of reading your stuff.

Your last report was really amazing good stuff good stuff, I just put it to work. Last time my 19 year old girlfriend and me were having WILD sex each and every time I read your work and put it into action so lets see if I can effectively put it into action this time wish me luck!

Sincerely Best Wishes,

Hey man seriously you are an outstanding individual...

I'm not an ass kisser or anything but you are the coolest buisness man I've ever dealt with.

You answer quickly and really know what your talking about I'm actually trying to pursure a career in the internet field and I truly look up to you and how you conduct your buisness.

I've never met any so called guru of anything that has responded so quickly to a customer, it's unbelivevable..


Hi Cr.

I just wanted to tell you that all you teached me is so effective that my
girl friend asked me last night what was the "black magic"
I applied on her
... She is so much in love with me. We are so happy.

Thank you so much.



Hi CR,

Ive bought your SSP and also the Secret Pattern.

Your breakdown and strategies for communicating with wife is brilliant! As a former NLP trainer(10yrs ago), it didn't occur to me that it could be use in this way to turn my wife on.

Wanted to thank u for your book and emails a few weeks ago. Looks like things have turned around. I have upped my sexual value--if you don't remember I was the guy who was trying to seduce the polish girl who married a loser (not my words..her girlfriends words) to stay in the country--and its gone from me having to ask her 3 times to hang out to her now asking ME to hang out!

In fact she just for the very first time asked me to have lunch friday!!!!!


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