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CR James

hat's the real difference between a guy with Sexual Value and a guy with no Sexual Value?

The (new) more advanced way of answering this question takes place within this bizarre analogy...

If a woman loves cheesecake, yet she hasn't had it in 7 months, it's not because she doesn't love it.

It just means her brain hasn't been exposed to any signals that engineer the craving for eating the tasty dessert... put it in technical terms.

Here's the bizarre analogy:

Let's say two guys were in a contest...

One is a master 'woman-eating-cheesecake' seducer - which means he's one of the greatest in the world at saying things to a woman that will make her crave eating a piece of cheesecake.

Not really a useful skill, but he's good at it.

That means one minute the woman is not even thinking about cheesecake...but after he unleashes his magical word play, her mouth is dripping wet!!!!

Her fists are clenched and her breathing is very deep and rapid...

The other guy (who is competing with him) is a snot-nose cheesecake rookie.

Here's the crazy contest:
These two guys have to compete to see who can make their randomly selected woman crave a piece of cheesecake the fastest!

The date is set.

There is no backing out!

And while these women are blind-folded at opposite ends up a dining room table (which is positioned in the middle of basketball court). The arena is packed!

People are cheering. These two are guys are standing behind their 'selected women' whispering "sugary comments" in their ears trying to them to crave it so badly that she can't take it no more.

Quiz: Who would win?
Answer: Obviously, the Cheesecake Genius Seducer would win.


...but what if we changed the rules.

What if there was a rematch a week later.

This time we gave the rookie 2 days (or 5 days) to think about what he would say to his woman ahead of time.

With 2 days to prepare, he would be able to win the rematch with no problem!


We'll explain why in a second just in case it's not obvious...

Here's an easier quiz.

Quiz #2: Who would win a 100 meter foot race between an Olympic track star and a sumo wrestler?
Answer: The track star

...but what if we changed the rules.

What if there was a rematch a week later.

What if we gave the sumo wrestler a huge "95 meter" head start?

Question: Who would win the re-match?
Answer: The sumo wrestler would win because he has a Giggling Head Start...

A Giggling Head Start is where the advantage is tipped so far in your favor, that you can't help but giggle at the superior position that you're in...

T.R.U.E. Story

I remember talking to a guy who said that he understands the concepts in one of my reports. And he even recalled a time (years ago) when he used a variation of the technique with amazing success.

This was before he read the report.

He recalled a time when a woman was so horny for him it wasn't even funny.

In other words, (for him) the technique didn't really teach him something he's never done before.

It merely explained why a past experience worked so well.

He then he ended up revealing that is his success is pretty much inconsistent.

He notices that sometimes when he's in the moment he doesn't always recall what to do...


Every guy has been there!

In fact, when you think about it, this is something that everyone is faced with - in many areas of life.

I remember taken exams in school where as soon as I'm done the 'correct answers' suddenly just popped in my head.

It's that feeling of "I should have done this", but it's too late.

In Life, The Advantage Really Goes To Those Who Can Access
Answers/Tactics/Solutions The Fastest...

...and in certain situations, when you'

But that's only half of the solution.

Let's talk about the other half - the real solution.

Going back to the cheesecake analogy...

Let's say that it takes a woman 10 Super Signals [via dialogues, stories, compliments, etc.] to go from no desire for it to craving it...

Does that make sense?

(Please re-read that if you have to.)


You see, the (real) reason why the cheesecake genius gets his girl to crave it faster is because he sends out a higher concentration/density of (attraction-building) signals per unit of time!

That's it.

The Real Difference

He gets the girl to shove the sweet treat in her mouth in 2 minutes,
while it takes the rookie 20 minutes.

If we do the math....

The genius is sending 5 Super Signals per minute.
And the rookie is sending 0.5 Super Signal per minute...

Do you see how the genius is sending a greater DENSITY (higher concentration) of Super Signals per unit of time...

Here's the shocking part: That's EXACTLY how it works in real life when it comes to:

  • Building Attraction (Sexual Value)
  • Building Sexual Urges (Sexual Tension)

If we go back to the first question on this page:

W hat's the real difference between a guy with Sexual Value and a guy with no Sexual Value?

Answer: Guys with lots of Sexual Value send a greater DENSITY (higher concentration) of Super Signals per unit of time...

That's it.

Every guy sends Super (Attraction-Building) Signals!!
Every guy sends Super (Attraction-Building) Signals!!
Every guy sends Super (Attraction-Building) Signals!!

The best example of this is an experience that we all have had..


Do You Know Someone Who Had A Girl Like Him And Then Suddenly She Lost Interest Because He Moved Soooooooooo Slowly?


He may not have known what happened, but it was EXACTLY the result of weak/limp/low/soft density of Super Signals!

The epiphany hit me like a load of bricks because I'm (personally) in a unique position.

It has nothing to do with me being smart or anything like that.

I believe that anyone who talks to lots of guys year after year about relationships - studies previous successes and failures with girls - reads a bunch of related books - and stuff like that will eventually (at some point) notice how skilled/smart guys could be doing better than they should if they focused on 2 simple things:

Tip #1. Knowing (poweful) attraction signals.
Tip #2: And accelerating the density of those signals.

To use a sex analogy, some guys have made the decision to give the woman 1 stroke per 5 hours!

And then he spends his whole life on a quest for the 'perfect stroke' ...

Question: Why are some boxers so dominant?

Anwer: Because they (consistently) throw a bunch of Power Punches per round!

It's. That. Simple.

Let's take it another level...

First of all...

You've been in a situation where a woman was extremely horny for you before...and chances are you weren't giving her 1 Super Signal per month...

It was more like 7 Super Signals in a matter of 25 minutes!!! (whether you realized it or not)

Here's the deal, the average guy is horrible at charging up his Sexual Value and it's getting worse.

It's never been so easy to stand out.

In today's world it's much easier.

You can send Super Signals in person.
You can send Super Signals via text message.
You can send Super Signals via email.
You can send Super Signals via social network.

You have access to her brain at all times.

Single guys have a huge advange because it's so easy to stand out. If her ex-boyfriend was Anti-Seductive, he was probably bombared her with ant-seductive messages in person, via text, email, etc.

When you come along and hit her with Super Signals, it feels so freshing. It's like you're an amazing guy. Yet, all you're really doing is understanding her 10x better, giving her good feelings 10x better -- and in the back of your mind you're thinking:

It Can't Be This $%&@$ Easy!!!

Some many guys just simply DO NOT like learning...

And that's what makes it so easy...

As far as relationships...

Some guys go their whole lives rarely having sex with their wives because she requires 12 Super Signals to get horny and he gives up at 9.

Today I'm introducing one of the most unique reports I've ever created:

It's called:

The Giggling Head Start: The Acceleration of Super Signals

89 Super Signals That Makes You Sexually Desirable Fast


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Here's how it works: Basically I extracted dialogue examples and stories from several reports and bundled them a massive 85 page book.

It's a huge report that is just full of example dialogue and stories. 100% meat!

Then, I took it a step further and I labeled each dialogue example and story in terms of its
Emotional Impact.

You see, your goal is to impact in 3 ways:

Affecting her feelings and/or perceptions about:

  • You
  • Herself
  • Something Else (i.e. sex, an aspect of sex, relationship, and more)

Just so we're clear, here's one of the entries from the report...

Do you see how simple that it?

In Super Signals, You will Get 89 of these Dialogues and Stories

As you can see, each signal has 4 basic parts:

Part 1: The Signal Number (Signal 39)
Part 2: The report that it originates from & page number (SSUx: 70)
Part 3: The Signal (Dialogue or Story)
Part 4: The Goal (Emotional/Psychological Impact)

Each Signal should be looked at as a template for you to customize and get ideas from.

In this example, the primary goal (for this one signal) is to make her feel good about her future and make her feel good about what she is capable of.

I hope that it makes sense?

Because if it's clear, then you WILL see this working for you...

But It Gets Better!

Bonus #1

(Boxing Style) Giggling Head Start Worksheets

This is more of a motivational tool to provide structure and make things fun.

You'll get blank worksheets marked off by round along with special instructions and tips.

The idea is to not wait until you're in the moment to try to remember the hundreds and hundreds of pages you have read over the years.

Take 2 minutes (while giggling) to refer to the main manual and fill out your Boxing Worksheet to give yourself a head start.

For example:

Round1 [8:00 - 8:15]

Signal 4 - Blah blah blah

Signal 77 - Blah blah blah

Signal 12 - Blah blah blah

Round2 [8:15 - 8:30]

Signal 2 - Blah blah blah

Signal 17 - Blah blah blah

Signal 5 - Blah blah blah

Round3 [8:30 - 8:45]

Signal 2 (again)- Blah blah blah

Signal 51- Blah blah blah

Signal 44 - Blah blah blah

It's that's simple.

And when it works, there's no need to create an H-file.

Have fun. And see if you can knock her out in 2 rounds! (metaphorically, of course)!!!

Bonus #2



Super Compliments

As a special bonus, you will get a free copy of the 100+ page report:
Super Compliments.

Since it's a report filled with 40 Dialogue examples, you now have a total of 129 Super Signals.

A Super Compliment = A very powerful Super Signal.

I've talked to several guys who have used 'baby version' Super Compliments to achieve one punch knockouts.

That means:

No affectionate backrubs (jabs)
No sexual mental journeys (stomach punches)

Just one sweet Super Compliment (Power Punch on the jaw) in the first %$&$ round!!!

This report is over 100+ pages of meaty signals designed to have a powerful effect on her.

Bonus #3


The Vault of Motivational Quotes

This is included because a key factor that determines the IMPACT of a message (SS) is timing.

If a woman is feeling bad about herself, then a compliment, a quote, a story could create the Right IMPACT to make her feel good.

Even for non-seductive purposes, it always feels good to know that you can use Super Signals to cheer up friends, family, give kids confidence and so on...

For seduction purposes, if a woman is feeling bad about finances, herself, her job, your 'getting her to crave love-making' routine should account for the current situation.

That means you need to spend a few rounds getting her happy, inspired, giggling, playful and Super Flirty...

That's why I felt this bonus report would be useful. It's loaded and packed with quotes.

  • 400 Inspirational Quotes For A Better Outlook
  • 300 Quotes From Inspirational Leaders
  • Financial Motivational Quotes
  • Quotes For A Healthier Living
  • Quotes For Love
  • Quotes For Relationships
Bonus #4


New: The 5th Super Compliment [Never before released]

Oh yeah, it gets better!

Never released before until now. The mini-sequel to Super Compliments, The 5th Super Compliment is being given away as a bonus for the first 100 who orders.

With the secrets that are shared in this report (that you won't find anywhere else), this could easily sell for $49.

It's a short report that talks about a New SC along with 10 dialogue examples!

Remember, anything (and I mean 'anything') that you can say that creates a positive emotional/psychological Signal.

This is great bonus - wait until you discover these powerful examples.

Not to sound like a broken record, but I'm passionate and serious about geting my customers results...providing logical solultions that make sense...
If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask my friend...

So that's what this is all about... If you're interested order now.





The Giggling Head Start:
The Acceleration of Super Signals

Use 89 Super Signals To Create FAST Sexual Urges


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Instructor CR James
Sexual Relationship Strategist

Author of Super Seduction Power

P.S. Much Success!!

You're going to learn...

1. A meaty 85 page short-cut guide loaded with Super Signals. (One of the most unique

reports I've ever created for guys who want success in the moment)

2. You'll also get Super Compliments, The 5th Super Compliment (10 new examples) and more!

Read Some Emails From Happy Customers
of Previous CR James Reports

Hey CR.. I'm writing you because I truly believe you're one of the best in the business

Hey CR

The next time I saw her she admitted she couldn't stop thinking
about me
, even while she was on holiday. I'm gonna re-read all your reports now, also, can you give any extra tips...

I honestly cannot thank you enough, you are a genius!

If anyone has any doubts about your work, they need their head testing!!!!

Hey CR,

I love your style of writing...

When I started reading your new report yesterday it increased my happiness level by ca. 3 levels instantly...

After that I could not behave myself and  had to laugh pretty loudly while I was sitting on a plane...

The young lady sitting next to me wanted to know what that was all about and after she had asked 3 or 4 times I showed her the Brazilian lady masturbation story...

That lead to a story I told my wife at home and so came one thing to the next...

I am slightly addicted to your stuff...

Coming back to the latest reportů

It is great to work with, helps getting better at making her wanting it and saves a lot of time for preparation which leaves more time for execution.

Loving it!

Take care & all the best,


Hi cr

I have a success story for you.

My wife always sa
ys that sex was just for the man and she did it only for me.

I always asked for it and started to believe it, untill I found your books.

After reading them I stopped asking and started
[focusing on sending Super Signals]

She did not know what I was doing so it was fun to do.

After 2 days the results started to show.

I said

The next day she started to trick me into having sex
....she was wearing sexy clothing or started hugging and kissing me.

That night she finally gave in and she was all over me. It was great and now she initiates all the time.

I can now tease her with the things she said before, like sex is only for the man (hahahahaha what a joke).

Well thanks for your wonderfull work

I am a huge fan of yours.

Your information is really great. I actually purchased some of your materials a while back.

The book was downloaded and stored to the hard drive on my laptop.     

I'm also interested in additional materials that I can read to improve my skills even more.

Thanks to you I am in a relationship with a smart, beautiful nurse.    
Keep up the great work.


Hi Cr. 

I just wanted to tell you that all you teached me is so effective that my girl friend asked me last night
what was the "black magic" I applied on her...

She is so much in love with me. We are so happy. Thank you so much.



Hey CR;

what the f#%*$K ??!!!

Are you nuts?

What you want to keep your customers happy? Never in all my years have i ever did business and had this kind of service and attention to detail!!! Even with my screw-up ,you went way beyond the call!!! Thank you for your kindness and generosity! 

You gained a customer for life !(unless one of us dies anyway!) well onward to victory and bliss..



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