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Q&A Report: Sept 19, 2016

I massively modified (improved) my original answers to the questions.

But more than that, you’ll learn some “specific strategies” on
how to get a woman turned on.

You’ll see that they are “very advanced” strategies.

In fact, I plan on covering some of them in a future paid report.

If you end up getting your lady turned on (by any of the concepts introduced),
send me a quick email and let me know how you applied it.

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Take care

Best Regards,
CR James


Super Elite Charisma

Below is a new report titled:

Super Elite Charisma

It’s based on a special type of Charisma.

Basically, I met a few people who have what I now refer to as
Super Elite Charisma.


This report discusses this concept + how to have it + the real purpose of having it.

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CR James


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Q&A Report: The “May 24, 2016” Issue

I’ve mentioned this concept in a few reports.

This is probably one of the simplest ways I’ve explained it. Although I didn’t go into too much detail.

For some it’s a great “Oh yeah!!” reminder…

…for others it will change their approach + make it easier to get her turned on using
“super obvious logic” that is under the noses of most guys.

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Q&A Report: The “May 11, 2016” Issue

This one features “one question”.

Something no one asked before…

I’ll give you my take. You let me know if you agree.

I think 90% of guys are in this situation right now
(or they will be in the future).

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CR James

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Q & A Report: March 7, 2016

This Q & A report features some answers to a few questions.

I think you’ll enjoy it because it features what I call the “super likable formula” among other things.

My younger brother recently (as in Feb 2016) told me a story about this woman. It turns out, he used the “super likable formula” on her without realizing it.

She was flirting with him big time.


  • Some guys focus too much of “trying to MAKE a woman attracted to them”, it doesn’t work that way….as you probably already know.
  • The best approach is to be the best version of yourself via: “the decisions that you make”, “what you say”, “psychological impact” + “being likable”.
  • In addition to that someone asked a question regarding “hypnosis-ish” tactics.

We’ll talk about a guy named “Mr. Perfect” that proves that many “hypnosis-ish” tactics are over-rated.

He’s a cool “nice guy” who teaches one the MOST POWERFUL lessons you can ever learn in terms of the “fast way” of making a woman have a “natural addiction” to you.


Warmest Regards.

Talk soon,
CR James

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Too Much Sexual Value???

I just got an email from a guy who is in a weird situation, he’s been meeting a few girls
and now things are getting out of hand.

But first, I’m deciding to reveal:

24 Ways To Start A Conversation With A Woman

I’ve had a lot of people ask me this question so I decided to give away page 30 of

my 77 page report “Super Approach Power” which shows the 24 ways to start a conversation.


Entry Points

There are 4 easy ways to start any conversation:
[Conversation Starters]

1. State your opinion
2. State a fact
3. Ask for her opinion
4. Ask her about a fact

And with that there are 6 basic topics
[Basic Topics]

A. You
B. Her
C. Someone Else
D. Something
E. The Situation
F. The Environment

So with these 4 Conversation Starters and these 6 Basic Topics, you can easily form:
24 Ways To Get Her Attention: In other words, you can create 24 Entry Points.

1. State your opinion about You
2. State your opinion about Her
3. State your opinion about Someone Else
4. State your opinion about Something
5. State your opinion about The Situation
6. State your opinion about The Environment
7. State a fact about about You
8. State a fact about about Her
9. State a fact about about Someone Else
10. State a fact about about Something
11. State a fact about about The Situation
12. State a fact about about The Environment
13. Ask for her opinion about You
14. Ask for her opinion about Her
15. Ask for her opinion about Someone Else
16. Ask for her opinion about Something
17. Ask for her opinion about The Situation
18. Ask for her opinion about The Environment
19. Ask her about a fact about You
20. Ask her about a fact about Her
21. Ask her about a fact about Someone Else
22. Ask her about a fact about Something
23. Ask her about a fact about The Situation
24. Ask her about a fact about The Environment

If you like this, you’ll also want to check out another FREE report (no need to sign up)

The 4 FG Types (all women can fall in one of these 4 types – and you’ll understand why that’s important to know)
Also, there was one guy who emailed me stating that he
keeps getting “turned down” for adult activities as a result of

(what he believes is) having TOO MUCH Sexual Value???

Is this possible?

In fact, he gives 4 exact quotes from 4 different women
which is how he arrived at this “theory”…

Let me know what you think…

(Maybe you or someone you know have been in this situation before.)

Let me know what you think? (email me at crjames100@gmail)

Here’s the email he sent me:

Hey CR,

Luis here… first of all I would like to say thanks on behalf of all the guys your efforts help to get whatever they want (girlfriend, get laid, etc) and dude, just the fact that you answer most emails with not only like a friend but also with total seriousness, it puts you on another level (compared to other “gurus” out there).

Now with the question at hand. Here’s something that a happened to me last weekend:

For the first time, I went out with a good family friend (the daughter of my mother’s best friend to be specific), after some drinks at a bar I took her back home and as we barely entered and she jumped on me and pretty much dragged me to her bed. To keep it short (and censored), by the time I got inside she pushed me back and pretty much begged me to stop because she said:

– “I know myself and if we continue tonight I’ll fall for you [in love] and you are leaving in a couple of days”

The week before another girl told me at a bar:

– “I dunno what I’m gonna do without you”

BTW, it was just the second time I saw her.

Another friend, already in bed… I was making her cum like crazy when all of a sudden she stopped and ran away.

Another one told me: “You know.. I’ve meet many assholes in my life and you’re totally different. You’re the kind not only for bed, you’re a real man.. one a woman marries”

And another one said: “I’m not enough for you..”

And so on…

I think I have lot of value as a person, but I’m still a regular guy in the process of learning and self improving. Although I try to keep myself fit, I’m no Brad Pitt at all. I don’t have money, neither come from a powerful family or whatever. So this is shocking me lately… My sex life is being troubled by my perceived serious partner/boyfriend/husband potential!

So in a few words…

Am I “too good” for my own good?

Has this happen to anyone else? Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

Again, let me know what you think (crjames100@gmail or post)

  • Does he have too much value?
  • Have you (or someone you know) been in that situation before?
  • What can he do?

Also, if you plan on using the 24 ways to start a conversation, you’ll also want to check out another FREE report (no need to sign up)

CLICK HERE – To get the 4 FG Types (all women can fall in one of these 4 types – and you’ll understand why that’s important to know)

She’s only nice to him when she wants sex…


I need your help…

Your insight is needed because I’ve never
been in this situation before..

To make a long story short a guy emailed me
about a situation that he’s going through
with his young wife…

He’s 50.
She’s 27. She’s attractive.

“this guy’s weird situation”

Here you go, if you have an answer to his question just send me an email (…
What advice would you give him?

His Wife’s Facebook Prank Backfired (now she’s in “heat”)

I had to send this out immediately, I’m just hearing about this myself…

Recently I’ve been a little paranoid about a secret government facility that’s
breeding “low SV guys” like it ain’t funny…

They’re multiplying like %&$&$ gremlins!

I’m getting nervous…I think they’re planning something big..

The other day an angry guy (full of rage) emailed me DEMANDING that I remove
a particular book…. He wanted me to change a few things on
some websites…He was really demanding…

According to him, if I did those things, THEEEEN he would consider
buying this particular book.

He accused me of contributing to the downfall of the world.

Episode #3: Should He Wait or Run?!

Hey boys and girls…


I’m still waiting for someone to be like: “Oh yeah. I met her when she was a virgin BLAH BLAH BLAH; the relationship is incredible!”

I’m sure that’s the case for some guys.

In this day and age, more women need to have respect for their bodies…

Is He A Pedophile or Romeo?

This guy is definitely in a unique situation and I believe
he is sincere about wanting help…

He has a few questions that need answering.

And I think it would be *better* if someone
help him because maybe you know someone who is dealing
with what he is dealing with…

So email me back ( — or comment — and let me know what you think.

……………………………. << the email is below >> ………………………….

Hey cr

I am having a really rough time. I was 16 when I got a girl who was 12 years old. I know it is stupid, but I did not know her age until I knew her already for 3 months. She looks a lot older.

Well I had a relationship with her and I am still having it. I am 19 years old right now. She is 15. But there is a problem.

Will his bizzare methods backfire?

You tell me.

There was a guy who emailed me recently about something bizarre that he does with his wife.

I got chills when he told me what he does with her!!

(I will say that it’s “original”)

The interesting thing is he actually asked me in so
many words:

“When I do [the thing that he does] will it make
her cheat?”


Here’s his email:

Hi James,

Yesterday evening I dived into your essay regarding the seduction of married women

I need your help (question about herpes)

A couple of weeks ago, someone asked an interesting

BTW, it’s possible that you may know someone
in this situation… Maybe you’ve helped someone with “this
sort of problem”…

[Busted] Did his girlfriend cross the line?

I need your intellectual assistance…
(if you don’t mind)

This guy emailed me about a *UNIQUE* problem
that he is having with his Girlfriend…

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before
(I don’t know)…

Let me know how HE should handle this.

What Is Her FG Type?

I think you’re going to love this.

Here’s something that you’ll notice – there are 4 FG “feel good” types of women.
And we’ll get to them in a second, because once you are able to identify a
woman’s “feel good” type, you’ll have her secret code for making her feel
incredible whenever you want.

Virgin Girl Raped!

Talk about a tough situation.

This guy’s situation is:

* tough
* heart-breaking
* extremely bizarre

Read what happened:


Hi There CR,

I got a very big problem I want you to know about,
remember the virgin chick I told you about who I wanted
to know if it was right about expressing my feelings to her,
of which you said I should as long as she is trust worthy,
well I did, well that’s not the problem.


[Video] Is this going TOO FAR?

The video will begin with a quit smoking ad.

This will give you time to go to the bathroom,
fix a cold glass of water, fix a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich or grab a cigarette…

(Ok Seriously)

After you watch the video (which will reveal
a NEW DISCOVERY in field of neuroscience)
think about:

1. Would YOU use this new technology to

seduce a woman?

2. Or is it going TOO FAR?

Let me know (send me your response =>
I would love to hear your thoughts…

(Because according to the scientist in the video, this
may actually be available in 5 – 10 years!!!)

(Send me your response =>
I would love to hear your thoughts…

Become Super Desirable To A Woman Using Her HIPS

“There are topics you can talk about that is guaranteed to make her feel good.”

Strategically, your game plan should involve “methods” to make her feel good.

But first you need to understand what that means…

There are 3 “super ingredients” to being the most desirable guy she has ever experienced…

Your ability to make her feel good (is ONE of them) and it’s based on:

1. Your knowledge of what makes MOST WOMEN feel good (i.e. female behavior/psychology)

2. Applying that knowledge

3. Your ability to get information about making TARGET WOMAN feel good (i.e women you meet while shopping at Target)

4. Applying that “specific” knowledge

That’s basically it.

If that makes sense to you, then you will be one of the “few guys” who will quickly
become A Master At Making Women Feel Good. (emotionally)

‘Making a woman feel good’ is ONE of The 3 “Addiction Ingredients”…

Let’s now look at 5 specific ways to ‘make a women feel good’, because the idea
is to master all 3 ingredients…

The feeling that she is valued & important
The feeling that she is unique
The feeling that she is supported
The feeling that she is powerful

Do you see how this works?

You should get out a piece of paper (or open up a Word file) and write down
different ways ton do each of those things…

For example:

Think about about what could you DO to make her feel VALUED
Think about about what could you SAY to make her feel VALUED
Think about about what HAVE DONE IN THE PAST to make her feel VALUED
Think about about WAYS TO ASK HER (overtly or covertly) that would get her
to reveal ways to make her feel VALUED…

Does this make sense?

Increasing your “Addiction Power” is easy as pie!

Everything is going to come down to your ability to GET POWERFUL INFORMATION and APPLY POWERFUL INFORMATION ….

All you have to do is “listen” (when she PROVIDING information) and “do things”…

Imagine talking to a woman, and at some point she started saying things like my exboyfriend would never let me blah blah blah…

At that point, you would say to yourself “hmmmmm…so he made her feel powerless.”

That’s “specific information” that applies to HER (the target woman)…

It’s important to use “information” and “reverse information”…

-So if she HATES feeling “powerless”.
-She’s going to LOVE feeling “powerful.”

Extremely wealthy people HATE the idea of “not having enough money”…
Extremely wealthy people LOVE the idea of “having enough money”…

It’s that simple.

So once you GET THAT POWERFUL INFORMATION, you are going to use it….

For example, later on you could compliment her on being a Powerful Woman…

But don’t just say:

You: Hi Mary. You are a Powerful Woman. Goodbye.

You have to do it the right way…

(Let’s face it, you know for a fact that “feeling powerful” is something that she craves – but more importantly, she is currently craving it more so than normal, because it’s the “thing” that is in her “current awareness”….

Think about that…

There’s 3 “keys to life” that I like to pass on…

1) Look both ways before crossing the street.
2) Don’t eat bread when it has green fur on it.
3) If you are trying to “get her aroused” pay attention to the information that is in her current awareness, because it is the CURRENT VERSION of her that matters. (Note: It’s a good idea to think of her as being a totally different woman – every 10 minutes. And each “woman” has different desires, fears, triggers, etc.

Let’s move on…

Make her feel good using her H.I.P.S.

I’ll explain:

Her Hobbies
Her Interests
Her Passions
Her Spare time activities

Let’s go through an example of making her feel good about one of her Passions:

For example, you can do the CUP technique. [Completely Understanding her Passions]

Tactic #1 – Making it out to be more than it is. As humans we want others to appreciate the unique things about:

-who we are
-what we enjoy doing

You can do this by showing an appreciation on a level that she’s never experienced before. (That’s going to be your “secret mission”)

When you do that, it forces her to see you as someone who understands her passion on a deeper level.

The purpose is to get her to experience the powerful feeling of “finally someone understands me!!!”

If you really do a great job, you’ll get the “raised eyebrow’ effect…

Keep your eyes on her eyebrows.

Let’s give a crystal clear example of how this works.

[Let’s say she enjoys tennis]

Her: I really enjoy tennis.
You: Cool. You know I’ve always thought tennis was a pretty interesting sport. Tennis is an art form. I always thought it was much more than a sport, because it’s the little things like reaching out for the ball. In life you have to reach for the things if you want to succeed.

You want to connect her Hobbies/Passions/Etc with the “essence of life”…

Good Luck… let me know how it goes…

Oh yeah, what did you think about the Violent Orgasm Technique? (let me know)

CR James
(If you have a BURNING question about
being desirable to women and/or getting women turned on,
don’t hesistate)

Dumb Easy Oral Tactic

A friend of mine told me about an
incredibly embarrassing event.

I think it’s funny.
He thinks it’s embarrassing. lol.

In a way it could be thought of as a
pretty cool “oral” technique.

(Hint: This is NOT the alien oral sex technique
mentioned at
but you could combined it with the “alien oral
sex technique” to make it 10 times more

So listen up, you can learn from “my buddy’s
embarrassment” to eat her amazingly…


You can also use it to “train your girlfriend”
to give you a “rollercoaster-face” blowjob!

Here’s what happened.

One Saturday night he got *wasted* at a party.

There were some hot girls at the party,
but none of them gave him the time of day.

But there was this 350lb girl who had a crush
on him for years…

So he decided to leave the party and go back
to her place.

To make a long story short, they ended up
“getting busy”.

I wish I could tell the story like he did,
because it’s funny the way he tells it…

But then, he gets serious as if he is about to
Tell a campfire “ghost story”…

He proceeds to discuss what he considered to
Be the highlight of the night…

“the blow job she gave him”

He said this “blow job” was
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than
anything he has ever experienced….

So I asked him: “What made it so good?”

He said: Don’t laugh!

I said: OK (but I was prepared to laugh, because
that’s what I do when someone tells me ‘Don’t

He said: I think it had to do with her mouth
being “slippery and hot” because her technique
(i.e. mouth movements) weren’t that different
that anything I had before…

It was like she just got finsihed eating a
bucket of fried chicken while having a fever!

Although that was mildly humorous and
quasi-offensive, I could see how that would make
the blow job better…

In other words: It makes sense.

(Slippery + Hot)

It’s not really rocket science.

So how could you use this information…

The next time you are performing oral on
(preferably, using the “Alien Oral
Technique”) do this:

STEP 1: Discreetly have some hot tea nearby
in a thermos (to keep it hot)

Also, keep some flaxseed oil nearby. (You can
Get it at any vitamin store.

STEP 2: Perform any oral routine on her that
you normally do.

STEP 3: When she is getting ready to reach orgasm,
take a few sips of the tea – hold it in you mouth for a
while to heat it up. Then take a tablespoon or
two of flaxseed oil.

Swallow just enough of the flax oil so that your
mouth is fairly oily.

(and still hot from the tea)

STEP 4: Proceed to engage in the oral activities.

That’s pretty much it.

In general, it’s all about contrast (Temperature, Pressure,
Speed and “Tongue Geometry”) and a few other things…

CR James

P.S. If you want more oral tips, read

The 2 Things To Get Her Back

Hey bro my name is “Jack” and I’ve been a loyal customer for some time now and I appreciate what you are doing for us men.

(Not to be a kiss ass lol).

Look i just really need your help in a situation.

I just bout your red bubbles e-book an hour ago and carefully read the whole thing because im currently talking to an ex girlfriend.

The other day she told me she loves me and she wants to be with me but she isnt sure she does and she doesnt know what to do,we’ve been talking for a week.

Now from what i read in your book the exact thing you said happened,she told me the reason why she isn’t sure is because when we were going out about the beginning of college(15 month program and today wuz our last day,we’ve been in the same class together throughout the course) i wuz a jealous person and i recognize that is my main bubble in her mind rite now.I beg you to please help me understand how i can convince her that has changed and how i can use the thank you technique for helping me change.


Hey Jack

I’m going to help you out my friend…

If jealousy was the issue, then you MUST do something to send the message that you are different. totally different… and you’re going to have to ‘shock her’…

(In many cases, the greater the ‘shock’, the more INSTANT the perception change.)

In your case, you should work on sending 2 key signals (messages).

Signal #1: You are NOT worried about her being with someone else…

Since she currently believes that ‘another guy’ would bother you, you need
to send a conflicting message so that it collapses the current belief.

Here’s an example of what you could do:

Tell her that you know someone who would make a good boyfriend for her. Obviously, this is not your REAL intention, but you want to CONVINCE HER that you really believe you are looking out for her. This ‘person’ doesn’t have to really exist. You just want to frame it is as you “care about her” but don’t worried…

Signal #2: You are NOT too focused on her

Here’s an example of what you could do:

Tell her about a girl you are seeing.

And really build her up. Review the section in Red Bubbles that talks about this process. It’s actually more beneficial to actually meet someone and then exaggerate (if necc.) her qualities and how much she is into you…

Say things in a way that forces her to VISUALIZE the other girl flirting with you…

And then at that point, you want to thank her. and so on…

If you send those 2 signals, she HAS no choice but to see you differently & for the better (and that just be your objective)

The real purpose is to ‘something’ (either the things that I suggested, or anything else that sends those messages) that FORCES HER to no longer view you as being ‘jealous’ simply because you have SAID SOMETHING (or DONE SOMETHING) that describes the behavior of someone who is NOT JEALOUS.

CR James

P.S. For a more structured (and advanced) method of getting her back, click here to use
Red Bubbles