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Q&A Report: Sept 19, 2016

I massively modified (improved) my original answers to the questions.

But more than that, you’ll learn some “specific strategies” on
how to get a woman turned on.

You’ll see that they are “very advanced” strategies.

In fact, I plan on covering some of them in a future paid report.

If you end up getting your lady turned on (by any of the concepts introduced),
send me a quick email and let me know how you applied it.

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Take care

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CR James


The RPE Way Of Keeping Her Talking

With this report, we’ll talk about a method for keeping someone talking.

It’s an interesting conversation trick that you’ll love.

You’ll see that there are simple and clear examples.

But if you have questions, let me know.


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CR James

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Talking Endlessly: Volume 2




Talking Endless Volume 2

A Super Genius Way To
Keep The Conversation Going + 
I  Share My Results

Two years ago, I went over my uncle’s house who was having a party.

There were a lot of people there.

And at some point he started talking to everyone who was in the living room (including me and my wife).

After awhile, I realized that he was doing something “conversationally” that was pretty interesting.

I remember being so impressed that I went to the bathroom and took some notes on my iphone.

I share the details + more in this new 93 page report.


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Here’s what makes the tactics in “Talking Endlessly Volume 2″ so great.

  • You can practice on male friends, female friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members, etc.
  • It’s much different than the Volume 1 tactics.
  • You could use these methods every time or as a “back up strategy” for keeping the conversation going on days when you’re not in a super talkative mood.
  • For the T-wheel concept, you can use a stopwatch to put it to the test. (You’ll have to download something first)
  • You’ll learn the brilliant SOFT Method (inspired by my uncle)
  • It’s a 93 page instant downloadable ebook (start reading seconds from now)

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[PDF] 2 Things That Always Make Sex Better

Inside of the blog report, I share 2 websites that are useful
for enhancing your sex life.

The second website (imo) is much more valuable.

And even though the “lesson” is pretty obvious, I still share the
“unique way” that I use the website.

And you can follow “my approach” if you want.


#1. I don’t know who runs the site.

#2. There’s nothing you have to buy.

Just follow the “2 steps” (mentioned in the blog report) and you’re
almost guaranteed to give your lady an ”amazingly explosive” experience
in the bedroom.


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CR James

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Super Elite Charisma

Below is a new report titled:

Super Elite Charisma

It’s based on a special type of Charisma.

Basically, I met a few people who have what I now refer to as
Super Elite Charisma.


This report discusses this concept + how to have it + the real purpose of having it.

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CR James


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Q&A Report: The “May 24, 2016″ Issue

I’ve mentioned this concept in a few reports.

This is probably one of the simplest ways I’ve explained it. Although I didn’t go into too much detail.

For some it’s a great “Oh yeah!!” reminder…

…for others it will change their approach + make it easier to get her turned on using
“super obvious logic” that is under the noses of most guys.

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Take care

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CR James

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Q&A Report: The “May 11, 2016″ Issue

This one features “one question”.

Something no one asked before…

I’ll give you my take. You let me know if you agree.

I think 90% of guys are in this situation right now
(or they will be in the future).

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Q & A Report: March 7, 2016

This Q & A report features some answers to a few questions.

I think you’ll enjoy it because it features what I call the “super likable formula” among other things.

My younger brother recently (as in Feb 2016) told me a story about this woman. It turns out, he used the “super likable formula” on her without realizing it.

She was flirting with him big time.


  • Some guys focus too much of “trying to MAKE a woman attracted to them”, it doesn’t work that way….as you probably already know.
  • The best approach is to be the best version of yourself via: “the decisions that you make”, “what you say”, “psychological impact” + “being likable”.
  • In addition to that someone asked a question regarding “hypnosis-ish” tactics.

We’ll talk about a guy named “Mr. Perfect” that proves that many “hypnosis-ish” tactics are over-rated.

He’s a cool “nice guy” who teaches one the MOST POWERFUL lessons you can ever learn in terms of the “fast way” of making a woman have a “natural addiction” to you.


Warmest Regards.

Talk soon,
CR James

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Super Mind Map: Use The K.I.M. Formula & Thank me later :)

Today I have a very special treat for you.

I hope you get a lot out of it.

I can’t believe I’m giving this away for free. But I am. At least for now.

I’ve been working on it (on and off) since the end of 2015.

And it’s finally done!

It’s basically a Super Mind Map that features a series of checklists + a whole more.

As a bonus: You’ll read some stories, lessons I discovered (that you might be able to use)
and some “new things that I discovered that work great”.

It could end up answering the following questions:

  • I feel like I’m doing things right with my target woman, what am I missing?
  • I’m getting great results, how do I take things to the next level?

For now, it’s 100% free. No strings.

My way of saying, thanks for being a great subscriber, customer, and friend.

It’s a mind map report, a checklist report, a strategy report, a case study report all wrapped up into one.


If you have any questions, let me know.



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CR James

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She was “addicted” to love-making

Learn How To Seduce Your Wife The Right Way

Hello CR

I was wondering if you would help me with a idea. Let me try to explain. I know you take pride in your problem solving ability….I started reading sociology and psychology books for more understanding of human nature. I was reading a paragraph about how senses trigger memory and there was this side note about a woman who got car sick when she was a kid.

Her mom would give her a handkerchief with perfume on it to hopefully distract her from being sick. The side note went on to say that every time the now grown woman smelled certain perfumes she got sick.

Damn it would be great to “condition” a women to want to have sex really bad when she smelled tasted seen or heard something.

So how do you do this (I hope I’m not barking up the wrong tree with this idea).

I can’t come up with any idea’s for executing some thing like this. Tell me what you think.. Is this why you should make a woman feel good about her self after sex. Damn I thought sex was a reward. LOL



Hey Jack

First of all, you are correct.

In most relationships, the man and woman naturally (without trying) condition each other to crave sex in a variety of ways.

Any sort of sensory trigger (visual, touch, smell, sound, etc.) can activate sexual arousal, but that’s only “part” of the formula that gets her to desire sex.

The same applies to men.

For example, let’s say a guy is at a social gathering. And while he’s attempting to find the bathroom, he accidently walks into a room where there are two naked women kissing and apparently getting ready to have sex.

And let’s just say, one of them walks towards him and grabs his hand and whispers, “would you please join us”.

We all know that there would be a large percentage of guys who would strip down naked and join in without thinking.

However, there’s a large percentage of guys would tell them no (even the he’s “technically” sexually aroused).

Many guys would decline for a variety of reasons (because on a basic level, they know that there’s a chance that something bad could result during or after sex).

One guy might decline because he’s loyal. And he would feel bad cheating on his lady.

One guy might decline because he thinks there’s a strong chance that one of them has an STD.

One guy might decline because he thinks it’s a set up (i.e. a prank, a robbery tactic, etc.)

One guy might decline because he’s not that experienced and wouldn’t want to embarrass himself.

The point is, all of these guys could have been “sexually aroused” based on multiple  ”sensory-based conditioning” happening at the same time.

And yet they still said ‘no’.

In other words…

1. The “smell” (aroma) of being near two sexually aroused naked women.
2. The “sight” of seeing two naked beautiful women who are kissing and being naughty.
3. The “touch” of a woman’s soft hand on his hand.
4. The “sound” of hearing their sexy voices asking him to join in.

But the point is….just because the “arousal triggers” were effective, it doesn’t mean it’s enough.

As far as making a woman feel good after sex, that’s one of those natural things that a loving guy will do that ends up benefiting him in the future (in terms of conditioning).

So if at some point in the future, she ends up being “effectively triggered” (via fantasizing about sex or watching a movie where a couple made love very passionately or via smelling a “sexy handkerchief”) she’s going to decide to have sex because of two factors: (1) The conditioning + (2) She knows nothing bad is going to happen. (He’s not a stranger. She knows he doesn’t have an STD. She knows he’s not going to harm her physically afterwards. Etc.)

And even better than that, she “expects” to experience even more pleasure AFTER sex in the form of cuddling and feeling loved.

On the other hand (and this is common), if a woman is in a relationship with a guy and typically during sex and/or after sex, he conditions her to feel bad in some way, then it will affect her “decisions” in the future…

** Some guys establish a pattern of pressuring the woman to “do stuff” during sex that she doesn’t want to do.

** Some guys establish a pattern of pressuring her to “go again” when she doesn’t have any more energy.

** Some guys establish a pattern of turning on the TV (sports) immediately afterwards, instead of cuddling.

** Some guys establish a pattern of treating her like a porn star during times when she’s craving intimacy, connection, eye contact, smiles, etc.

** Some guys establish a pattern of not mixing it up.

And depending on the woman (her emotion needs, her need for variety, her expectations, her preferences) when she “imagines the idea of having sex with the guy” it is LINKED with negative emotions such as:

** Feeling like she’s a sexual failure
** Feeling guilty (as if she’s not good enough in bed)
** Feeling used (and object of his pleasure)
** Feeling bored and misunderstand

Whether it’s true or not… based on his pattern (or her perception of what will happen during or after sex), she could (in a logical way) end up being REPULSED by sex… even if she’s sexually aroused…. even if the sex is normally pretty good.  

If every time you had sex with a woman, your experienced an extreme amount of pain in your penis for an hour, you might decline having sex with her in the future, even if the “sex part” was amazing.

Some people (including many experts) actually believe (or they try to get you to believe) that giving a woman a great sexual experience (or a certain type of orgasm) will make her addicted to sex.

It doesn’t work that way.

In the real world (reality)(planet earth) a guy could give a woman a clitoral orgasm + a G-spot (via oral sex or penetration sex). And then the next day or a few days later, he could ask her if she wanted to do it again and there’s a strong chance she’ll say “no”.

That’s because she has to be triggered via something that works for her (whether it’s a special handkerchief, a massage, a romantic dinner, a psychological impression, strategic conversations, or a combination, etc.)

The good news is…if he cuddles her (or provides her preferred “post sex” experience)…the next time she is PROPERLY TRIGGERED, then there won’t be any resistance (or fear of something bad happening).

While we’re on the subject, in terms of properly triggering a woman, normally it’s best to focus on “psychological triggers” compared to sensory triggers.

Men tend to be more responsive to “sensory-based” triggers…(i.e. the aroma of an aroused vagina, the sight of a woman in lingerie, being touched the right way, etc.).

Women tend to be more responsive to “psychological-emotional triggers” (i.e. having make up sex, romantic themes, “new combinations of emotions”, “unfamiliar psychological triggers”.)

For example, a friend of mine (he’s kinda nerdy) met this super hot woman years ago.

He showed me her photos on his cell phone.

She was kind like his business partner. (He started out editing her short stories. And then they eventually started writing novels together and going to writing conferences.)

Then he told me stories of the wild sexual adventures.

(In fact, I mentioned him on the page:

At any rate, he gave her “the tingles” and triggered sexual arousal via a “psychological-emotional trigger” (NOT sensory). That was the first part.

And more importantly, at some point he made her feel comfortable that nothing bad would happen after/during. That’s the second part.

He did both.

Most guys focus on one.

When it comes to conditioning a woman to want sex more often, the first goal MUST INVOLVE doing both conditional factors.

Overall Lesson: You should focus on two things at all times: (Conditional Factor #1) Providing her preferred post-sex experience (cuddling, talking, napping, kissing, etc) + (Conditional Factor #2) Triggering sexual response.

Keep in mind The Sub Void is only one way to do it.

More than likely, you’ve triggered sexual arousal before.

The main thing is don’t assume that “seeing a naked body” or “being kissed passionately” (sensory based factors) is going to trigger her arousal, just because those things work on you.

A good way to discover “brilliant” tips/ideas is to study patterns, emotional themes (romance themes), her past patterns, times when you (or a friend) did something effective, unusual psychological themes that break the rules, etc.

Take Care.

I hope that helps.

CR James

Q & A Report: November 2, 2015

This Q&A report features some answers to common questions. And they’re universal so that any guy can start applying these “tips” immediately.

In this report, we’ll talk about:

  • 15 Compliment Tactics
  • The difference between the two C-signals
  • Two game plans for more sex (do both at the same time)


Warmest Regards.

Talk soon,
CR James

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CR James


Warm Milk Strategy: 3 Simple Exercises To Increase Her Desire + Your Confidence

To set the stage, this strategy is complete.

Everything is explained in this ONE report.

I excited to share this and can’t wait to hear your feedback and how you used it.

I think this is one of the best blog reports I created in a long time.

The Warm Milk strategy works for a lot of areas (i.e. getting a woman more attracted to you, increasing her desire to have sex with you when she currently doesn’t seem too excited, turning a friend to a lover, etc.).

It also doubles as a quick way of triggering Super Unstoppable Confidence.

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3 Supplements For Firmer Erections [FREE Gift]

PLEASE READ: This is for any guy who wants to take a natural approach to firmer “rock hard” erections.

Inside of this FREE report, there’s a screen shot of a post where a guy tells the story of how he took “2 of the 3 ingredients”.

Note:  The screen shot is NOT an email to me. It’s a POST than I saw on another website. It caught my eye because it was 2-thirds of the formula that is inside of the report below. The ingredients are natural and safe.

PROOF that you don’t have to take the “drug” approach.

He even says that he’s getting the same quality of erections that he had when he was 18.

How’s that for inspiration?

Since the title of this post says it all…

[3 Supplements For Firmer Erections (PDF)]

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CR James

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Mind Map: Talking Endlessly Part 1

When you first start reading the report, you might not see how it works as another way to  ”talk endlessly” and “keep the conversation going”…

But then it will click.

The official name of this PDF Report is: The 3 Streams Conversational Mind Map.

It makes more sense to cover the “Strategic” part of talking endlessly as Part 1…

…because if you’re going to “Talk Endlessly”, you should do talk  strategically…

Note: I do have a report called ”How To Talk Endlessly” this is NOT based on that concept. This is different. This is another layer to add to it or to start with.


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CR James

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The CP Thread: It Explains “Aggressive Attraction” + More…

This report features what I refer to as the “CP Thread“.

It explains just about every situation where a woman gets sexually aggressive with a guy
she has rejected dozens of times in the past.


Important: Before you look at the mindmap, read the first 5 pages, because it sets it up by explaining the reason (and the lesson) why the woman wanted the guy so badly (even though she rejected him multiple times in the past).


Click Here To Download The Report

CR James

Check out 33 Strategies All Men Must Know

The discount copies will be SOLD OUT on October 9th.




Sexual Mindmap [2 page PDF]

Q: What’s the first thing to focus on?

For guys in relationships; If you’re rebuilding the sexual relationship focus on everything on the mindmap + do things to improve the relationship.

If you’re trying to inspire sexual arousal for the short-term (getting her to want sex tonight)  first pay attention to the yellow highlighted branches .


Download Here [PDF]
Best Regards,
CR James


Too Much Sexual Value???

I just got an email from a guy who is in a weird situation, he’s been meeting a few girls
and now things are getting out of hand.

But first, I’m deciding to reveal:

24 Ways To Start A Conversation With A Woman

I’ve had a lot of people ask me this question so I decided to give away page 30 of

my 77 page report “Super Approach Power” which shows the 24 ways to start a conversation.


Entry Points

There are 4 easy ways to start any conversation:
[Conversation Starters]

1. State your opinion
2. State a fact
3. Ask for her opinion
4. Ask her about a fact

And with that there are 6 basic topics
[Basic Topics]

A. You
B. Her
C. Someone Else
D. Something
E. The Situation
F. The Environment

So with these 4 Conversation Starters and these 6 Basic Topics, you can easily form:
24 Ways To Get Her Attention: In other words, you can create 24 Entry Points.

1. State your opinion about You
2. State your opinion about Her
3. State your opinion about Someone Else
4. State your opinion about Something
5. State your opinion about The Situation
6. State your opinion about The Environment
7. State a fact about about You
8. State a fact about about Her
9. State a fact about about Someone Else
10. State a fact about about Something
11. State a fact about about The Situation
12. State a fact about about The Environment
13. Ask for her opinion about You
14. Ask for her opinion about Her
15. Ask for her opinion about Someone Else
16. Ask for her opinion about Something
17. Ask for her opinion about The Situation
18. Ask for her opinion about The Environment
19. Ask her about a fact about You
20. Ask her about a fact about Her
21. Ask her about a fact about Someone Else
22. Ask her about a fact about Something
23. Ask her about a fact about The Situation
24. Ask her about a fact about The Environment

If you like this, you’ll also want to check out another FREE report (no need to sign up)

The 4 FG Types (all women can fall in one of these 4 types – and you’ll understand why that’s important to know)
Also, there was one guy who emailed me stating that he
keeps getting “turned down” for adult activities as a result of

(what he believes is) having TOO MUCH Sexual Value???

Is this possible?

In fact, he gives 4 exact quotes from 4 different women
which is how he arrived at this “theory”…

Let me know what you think…

(Maybe you or someone you know have been in this situation before.)

Let me know what you think? (email me at crjames100@gmail)

Here’s the email he sent me:

Hey CR,

Luis here… first of all I would like to say thanks on behalf of all the guys your efforts help to get whatever they want (girlfriend, get laid, etc) and dude, just the fact that you answer most emails with not only like a friend but also with total seriousness, it puts you on another level (compared to other “gurus” out there).

Now with the question at hand. Here’s something that a happened to me last weekend:

For the first time, I went out with a good family friend (the daughter of my mother’s best friend to be specific), after some drinks at a bar I took her back home and as we barely entered and she jumped on me and pretty much dragged me to her bed. To keep it short (and censored), by the time I got inside she pushed me back and pretty much begged me to stop because she said:

- “I know myself and if we continue tonight I’ll fall for you [in love] and you are leaving in a couple of days”

The week before another girl told me at a bar:

- “I dunno what I’m gonna do without you”

BTW, it was just the second time I saw her.

Another friend, already in bed… I was making her cum like crazy when all of a sudden she stopped and ran away.

Another one told me: “You know.. I’ve meet many assholes in my life and you’re totally different. You’re the kind not only for bed, you’re a real man.. one a woman marries”

And another one said: “I’m not enough for you..”

And so on…

I think I have lot of value as a person, but I’m still a regular guy in the process of learning and self improving. Although I try to keep myself fit, I’m no Brad Pitt at all. I don’t have money, neither come from a powerful family or whatever. So this is shocking me lately… My sex life is being troubled by my perceived serious partner/boyfriend/husband potential!

So in a few words…

Am I “too good” for my own good?

Has this happen to anyone else? Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

Again, let me know what you think (crjames100@gmail or post)

  • Does he have too much value?
  • Have you (or someone you know) been in that situation before?
  • What can he do?

Also, if you plan on using the 24 ways to start a conversation, you’ll also want to check out another FREE report (no need to sign up)

CLICK HERE – To get the 4 FG Types (all women can fall in one of these 4 types – and you’ll understand why that’s important to know)

She’s only nice to him when she wants sex…


I need your help…

Your insight is needed because I’ve never
been in this situation before..

To make a long story short a guy emailed me
about a situation that he’s going through
with his young wife…

He’s 50.
She’s 27. She’s attractive.

“this guy’s weird situation”

Here you go, if you have an answer to his question just send me an email (…
What advice would you give him?

His Wife’s Facebook Prank Backfired (now she’s in “heat”)

I had to send this out immediately, I’m just hearing about this myself…

Recently I’ve been a little paranoid about a secret government facility that’s
breeding “low SV guys” like it ain’t funny…

They’re multiplying like %&$&$ gremlins!

I’m getting nervous…I think they’re planning something big..

The other day an angry guy (full of rage) emailed me DEMANDING that I remove
a particular book…. He wanted me to change a few things on
some websites…He was really demanding…

According to him, if I did those things, THEEEEN he would consider
buying this particular book.

He accused me of contributing to the downfall of the world.