The VIPER Method:

Increasing Your Confidence

By Focusing On Applying 2 Simple Habits
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BTW, before you learn what this report is all about,
let's immediately discuss why it's called the
The VIPER Method...

Title: Increase Your Confidence Using The VIPER Method
Author: CR James

Increasing Your Confidence in a Unique Way

From: Instructor CR James
Date: May 19, 2015

Hi Friend,

Here's a easy way to increase your confidence with women.

I'm an introvert by nature and I know what it's like to not have confidence talking to women.

It sucks! It sucks! It sucks!

With all due respect to the many confidence building programs out there, the VIPER Method takes a different approach...

Let's first talk about vipers...

  • Vipers attack with precision
  • Vipers attack with speed

That's what they're known for...

Also, vipers are one of the few venomous snakes that can control how much venom they can inject, which means….

Vipers attack efficiently!

(You have to admit, that's pretty cool! That basically means, they can control how much POWER they're going to use - based on what the situation is...)

When it comes to building confidence there are 2 phases that are critical.

A lot of confidence programs focus on just one of these phases (or neither)...

It's critically important that you do both!

Phase 1: Tapping into your "inner viper"

(or getting to that point where you are fired up to take action)

Most people are generally good at realizing that they need more confidence. In most cases, they need the right perspective first.

There are a lot of programs out there on various subjects (whether confidence is needed) that twist people's thinking in subtle (but hypnotically powerful) ways...and people lose sight of a CLEAR PLAN (that's going to truly help them).

And often times, they ended up getting further away from success!

Here's an example.

I know of two guys who are almost identical in many ways (smart, witty, pretty funny, respectful/descent) but if you told them to go to a bar or club and pick up a woman, they would get nervous. They would be scared and uncomfortable because they're out of their element.

Here's the deal: One doesn't drink. And the other one just doesn't like going to bars/clubs anymore.

So here the secret reality of their current situation: One is super smooth at building attraction in female co-workers and online friends. The other one is great at meeting women out and about (in stores, bookstores, etc.).

Conclusion: As far as I'm concerned, they don't EVER need to learn how to get good at mastering the art of "bar/club pickup".

So that's what I mean by a CLEAR PLAN

1. Focus on your goal
(...and the elements of it that represent YOUR PREFERENCE)


2. Tap into your Inner Viper

(In other words, increasing your confidence isn't about trying to be like someone else [that's the slow, low-risk method], it has more to do with STRIKING FAST (in other words, "tapping into your unlimited potential" which is the FAST APPROACH)

Phase 2: Having a mindset of being Unstoppable

When you have this mindset you're not trying to be perfect/flawless.

You're trying to be unstoppable.

Scratch that... You're not trying. You are BECOMING unstoppable!

It's kind of like a boxer who gets knocked down and then gets back up and destroys his opponent!

A lot of people can project confidence in short durations, but the moment something doesn't go their way, they crumble. They get knocked down and they let the ref count them out.

Here's the 2 step plan for being unstoppable (this is just for the Phase 2 section)...

The Two-Step Plan

Step 1: Embrace the Experience – Most people do not have the “habit” of seeing value in situations that cause emotional pain.

So life (or some woman wearing a sexy summer dress) just hit you with a sick 3-punch combo and now you're laying on the canvas trying to put the mouth-piece back in.

You have 3 options.

Option #1: Complain or just lay on the mat and give up.
Option #2: Get up with a strong determination to win (this is better than Option #1)
Option #3:
Get up with a strong determination to win PLUS think about why you get hit and how to avoid it in the future! (this is better than Option #2)

That's what Step 2 is about...

Step 2: Quickly Get into the Confident Mindset

If you want to increase your confidence (The FAST and COMPLETE way) – and skyrocket it to new levels – you must become equipped with the ability to see “value” in all situations (especially the bad ones).

So it's a matter of asking yourself:

  • How can I learn from this experience?
  • How can this situation make me a better person?

What else will I Learn?

That's a good question...

You will learn:

  • The 2 Steps to increasing your confidence (quickly)

  • The 2 Types of Confidence - This is not like anything you've ever seen. No one else will teach you this. And this the SECRET to why people that you may have known in the past where about to QUICKLY increase their confidence!

  • The Strategy of U-Factors [The Secret Loophole] - Your jaw is going to drop when you read this because no one is talking about this. And if you don't mind me saying this my friend, "I'm very proud I pick up on this" because once you have your eyes open, you'll realize that it's happening everyday in life. Even right now!

    It's one of the most interesting concepts out there in terms of increasing your confidence FAST. (the keyword is: FAST!) And you can prove it to yourself. In fact, (as a bonus) I'll teach you how to PROVE that this "little known" concept works. And it's the reason why you will be able to talk to ANY WOMAN with confidence


I'm going to get to the point and tell you what
will happen after you read your
secret copy of VIPER Confidence.


  • From now on: You will talk to women with 1600% more confidence!

  • From now on: You will be itching to talk to women and other aspects of taking action in life

  • From now on: You will laugh at guys who don't know these EASY tactics
    (because The Man With Confidence WINS - when you understand 2 simple laws, you're life will be changed forever)

    Law #1: The Man With Confidence WINS (for whatever reason, nature/universe is set up in a way where The Man With Confidence WINS!

    Law #2: Any Person Can UNLOCK a "Super Unstoppably Confident" Mindset. (Every person has done this before in some area of life, the key is to increase the Intensity of it! And also to increase the Density of it...

    In other words: Instead of feeling "Super Unstoppably Confident" at a Level 6 for an average of 2 hours per month (without a CLEAR PLAN based on your preferences)

    Do things to improve that to: Feeling "Super Unstoppably Confident" at a Level 9 for an average of 300 hours per month (with a CLEAR PLAN based on your preferences)

BTW, there are some more tips, tricks, and confidence loopholes you will learn so get started today.

Don't be a limp worm who goes through life being stepped on!

Become a VIPER!

This report is for:

  • Guys who have had never had any confidence
  • Guys who have lost their confidence (and now they hesitate with every decision in life)
  • Guys who are pretty much confident (guys who act fast), but are interested in learning a tip or two to help them "increase their confidence even more" and/or "stay confident much longer"


The Super Confidence Guarantee

Oh yeah... I almost forgot...

How can honorable teach you confidence if I don't demonstrate it in a powerful way...So here's my guarantee to you...

If you're not happy with the report for any reason...

I'll give you a 5 year money back guarantee. Yes, you read that correctly.

That's the longest and boldest guarantee you'll ever see...

Is that fair or what?


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