How To Create Re-Attraction:
This Report Answers The Question: "What Would Be A
Very Advanced Way of Getting A Woman Back or Getting Her Attracted To You Again?"

The Definition of Re-Attraction: The process of doing something that makes a woman go from 'being distant' to liking you again.

1. Whether it's a woman you're in a relationship with, an ex, or a female friend.

2. This is something I've done for myself and others.

3. But you have to do things a CERTAIN WAY.

From: CR James
Subject: The Best Way To Get Her Attracted To You Again.


The new approach to creating re-attraction is something I personally couldn't have created a year ago, simply because I noticed a new pattern recently -- or rather I observed something VERY IMPORTANT a lot closer -- and it explains why 'attraction' often fades after awhile.

And it has nothing to do with a decrease in sexual value.

It's so critically important, that if you're in a situation where you need to create re-attraction AND you get it wrong, you'll fail miserably...


It's like cooking a Puffer Fish. If you handle it the right way, you're in for a tasty
and delicious treat. If done the wrong way, it's going to lead to a disaster.


Let's break everything down from the 'raw beginning' so that you can do this the right way.

Step 1: Understand the Relationship "Ghost" Stages.

As you may know women see the stages of relationships (male-female interactions)
much differently that we do.

For us, it's:

  • Dating
  • Relationship

For women it's something like:

  • Newly Dating
  • Ongoing Dating
  • Seriously dating
  • Pre-relationship
  • Relationship
  • Seriously Relationship
  • Really Seriously Relationship
  • Engaged
  • Married

Chances are, you're already aware of these stages (and the unofficial "ghost" stages). In fact, you may be familiar with the infamous 'pre-relationship'.'s kind of like a relationship (you talk frequently, there's conflicting messages about being faithful, there are intimate activities, or talks of being intimate, etc.)...'s kind of like a relationship, but you're not in a quote-unquote "relationship".

Typically when things go wrong in these stages, the solution isn't too clear.

A guy will be getting along great with a new woman and then BAM out of no where she doesn't want to hear from him anymore.

A lot of times, shifts in these stages create new expectations. Sometimes, the 'loss of attraction' is a result of something else.

It's best to focus on creating re-attraction (whether you are dating, in a relationship or something else)...

Obviously, your ability to get her to be attracted to you (like she was before) has to do with your actions.

The 4 Types of Actions

In general, there are 4 Types of Actions that take place the moment the guy observes a decrease in attraction.

A Type-1 Action: Denial

This is where the guy tries to convince himself that there isn't problem.

The issue with this is that in the real world, "massive decreases in attraction" is based on something.

It's better to be the guy who isn't fooling himself about an 'obvious' drop in attraction, because at least he can do something about it.

A Type-2 Action: Move On

This is where the guy notices a drop in attraction and decides to move on. I confess that this is the approach that I always took when I was younger. The way I saw it was "If she doesn't want me. Oh well. I'll just move on".

This approach is often driven by either an excessive amount of pride, clueless to what's really going on, belief that it's going to be a massive amount of work to fix things or a combination of these things.

In other words, when people think something is going to be a lot of effort (or impossible) they get frustrated and they give up way too soon.

It's kind of like watching a small child try to frustratingly push the square-cube into the "triangle hole". He keeps trying and trying and trying until finally he bursts out into tears and screams "it will never work!!!"

In life, we often have to take a deep breath --> realize that it's possible --> and then create a new approach.

A Type-3 Action: The Obvious Observation

This is where the guy notices a drop in attraction and then decides to TELL HER that he notices that she isn't attracted to him anymore.

He decides to TELL HER (out loud) things like:

"I noticed that you don't call anymore."
"I noticed that you're not crazy about me anymore."
"I noticed that you don't text me back as quickly as you use to."
"I noticed that you're not affectionate anymore."
"I noticed that you're never in the mood."

These are actually correct (spot on) observations...

The only problem with the "obvious observation"...aside from it not being a reasonable way of correcting the that the awkwardness of
stating the obvious
makes things worse.

A Type-4 Action: The Adjuster

This is the guy who makes some sort of adjustment, which means he has a clear perspective on what's possible.

He knows that her CURRENT LEVEL of "attraction" to him (good, bad or average) is just based on his PAST actions/decisions/tactics/interactions.

On the bright side...

He also knows that her FUTURE LEVEL of "attraction" to him will be based on CURRENT & FUTURE actions/decisions/tactics/interactions.

That's the reason why he tries to make an adjustment.

He knows that if he changes what he does, it has a direct impact on how she'll perceive him.

This doesn't guarantee that he'll use a good strategy, but at least he has a concept that it's possible to create re-attraction....

And he's obviously right, but just like a Puffer Fish, it has to be handled the right way.

If done the wrong way, it's going to lead to a disaster.

If you do things the wrong way, you'll fail miserably... And I say that because there's a different between a strategy and a great strategy...

You see, creating re-attraction the right way is based on a combination of things.

1. Understanding The Reason Why The Attraction Faded (i.e. lack of sexual value, shift in her expectations, growth/shift in her perspective, untrue information about you, true/learned information about you, or a bunch of other reasons that's discussed exclusively in this new report that is finally available...)

2. A game plan based on the reason(s)

3. Plus 'other things' (that is inside of the "extra straw report") that would take too long to discuss on this page.


99.9999% of the time, a person trying to create re-attraction isn't using a SOLID foundation (i.e. the 3 things above).

As a hint, the game plan in this new report. It shows you EXACTLY (step-by-step) how to craft the right other words...

You understand 5 key components to
create the EXACT dialogue that you need to have... order to start the process.

Then it shows you how to craft message #2 (if that's neccesary)

It also reveals the BEST strategy for ongoing messages (if that's neccesary)

This could be used for getting a girl back, getting a woman in a pre-relationship to be attracted to you again, making up with a partner (sometimes a relationship can get so bad that it's best to use a powerful 'get her back' strategy)...

This is pretty much like a 'get her back'
(or how to create re-attraction) strategy on steroids!!

The truth is you can get a partner back by begging, ignoring her, stating the obvious ("you rarely return my calls anymore."), using bad strategies or having awkward discussions...

Yes. You read that correctly... those methods COULD work!

The problem is that the probability of success is 'insanely low'...

The intelligent way of going about it involves using a strategy that has a:


That's what you want...

This can be used to:

  • Re-attract a woman you were dating seriously
  • Making up with a partner (when things are seriously bad)
  • Get back with a partner (recent split up)
  • Get back with a partner (that broke up with you years ago)

I've never released this report before until now. If you think that you can benefit from this strategy, get it the report once, twice or even 3 times!

The Right Psychological Impact = Re-Attraction

It was created because I enjoy helping - especially people who are willing to do the stuff that makes sense.

In fact...for the past year, I've had intelligent guys ask good questions about "re-attraction" (although they're not calling it that) and they are willing to learn and make an adjustment.

I respect that a lot!

In some cases, they'll ask a question like "should I buy your XYZ report on increasing sexual value because a new girl I've been dating doesn't seem as interested as she was in the past".

In many cases (after finding out what the problem is) I found myself telling the guy "No. You should NOT be spending any time on increasing your sexual value."

For example, let's look at things in reverse. If you were dating an attractive woman and you broke up with her because she stole your watch, money and other valuables, you're probably not going to be interested in returning her phone calls.

If you somehow ran into her at the store a month later, imagine seeing an obvious attempt on her part at trying to show off that she's slightly more attractive. She then says: "How come you don't call me anymore? Don't you like what you see?"

If your standards are more than just how a woman looks, then she's operating with a bad strategy --- in order to create re-attraction with you --- because she's focusing all of her energy on increasing sexual value.

I hope that make sense. You need to have the right psychological impact.

Remember, your goal is to create a strategy that sends 'new signals' about you (new information) to her brain...

The Right Psychological Impact = Re-Attraction

Again, I've been getting lots of emails from guys who want to create re-attraction. So I decided to put together a system that is not like anything else out there.

In some cases, you may need to create sexual value.
In some cases, you may need to focus on something else.

I love to hear stories of people succeeding at something. I love to hear stories of people getting the girl they want...

In my opinion, it's not terribly difficult to be the most amazing guy she's ever experience - simply because the average guy (as you know) doesn't take the time to use a 'high powered' strategy based on psychological factors and perception-based factors.

I can boldly say that this could be The Best System for creating re-attraction out there.


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The Extra Straw:
The Strategy of Re-Attraction



Instructor CR James
Sexual Relationship Strategist

Author of Super Seduction Power
(if you have any questions)

P.S. As a recap: You'll gonna learn the best way to create re-attraction.

You'll learn:

  • Women usually lose attraction based on 2 things (page 7)
  • The best ways to figure out the reason why the attraction declined.
  • The 5 questions that you must answer before you create a strategy. (page 12)
  • The Attraction Decrease Checklist. There are 34 "possible reasons" listed! Study it carefully and check all that applies. (Page 16)
  • This report may help you understand why a woman in your past just suddenly lost interest.







Here are some emails from guys who took
Type-4 Action in various aspects of
having success with women.

Dude, you were right about the [removed]. I tested it the next time she did it and that is definitely her form of initiation. Thanks for the excellent advise. I'm not easily impressed, but you impress the hell out of me.

Hey CR I just completed reading and taking notes on [a few reports]. I have to tell you this stuff is awesome (conceptually) to me and since I have high intellectual flexibility I am definitely going to put this stuff to the test. This product package was insightful, eye opening, and definitely caused me to laugh out loud at times.

Your a genius!

Short story well sort of so sit back and deal with it.

...I have used your methods recently with great success, I have personaly emailed CR asking him how to handle the girlfriend that THINKS she wants to date again.

Well CR I did exactly as you suggested, She never brought it up but I did. Longer story shorter, well most cases she would call me ask me to come over and spend the night..

Just up date you and a Thanks for the advise the last time you gave me. sorry didn't update you on the results of it.

The advise you gave it really worked back in 2009 [to get back with my girlfriend], she called me up saying it was her insecurity that was holding her back from meeting me and wanted to meet me.

I was like "OMG am i dreaming" the relationship i had with her for that one year was really meaning full and i had learn alot from the report.

But just to move forward to 2011 just started to date again in may and met a girl who really showed me the problems that i have doing wrong in a relationship and wanted to have a month or 2 separation.

CR James: I just have to say that I think your article was ingenius. I just read it, but I instinctively know you are correct. I can't wait to start using this strategy with my girlfirend.

Thanks so much.

This report is brilliant.

So many of the points you make have been floating around my head in a haphazrd way for quite a while. The way you've brought everything together in the one report is so valuable. I really appreciated the points about: being *****, (something I've battled with myself in my shy, religious upbringing adolescence) prefacing questions with a compliment, but then upping the ante with the hybrid challenge, hyper explaining, how to deal with it, and [something else]

I've noticed that the most powerful people in interactions are the ones who combine the compliment with the ability to 'open' you up.

I'm thinking of the society hostess. Graceful, charming and effortlessly superior. Some people are more obviously alpha, but that doesn't make them necessarily more attractive.

There is so much to absorb in this report. I'll be rereading it many times and having a lot of fun implimenting it.

One of your best!

Thanks again Regards 



Thank you for the super fast response I have download everything.

I am going to read through everything thoroughly for the simple reason that I cannot believe the changes that I happening in my marriage in a matter of two weeks.

The effectiveness of your teachings really hit home with me last night when talking to my wife(extracting information and sending SV signals ).

She said the best trait that attracted her to me in the first place was [something interesting], she don’t really want to say what she disliked or hated but that will be revealed in time.

All she said was that she noticed that I am not engaging in behavior that annoyed or frustrated her as often in the last two weeks. She has no idea that I am reading your book but she noticed that I am eliminating anti-seductive behavior.

We had get sex after that conversation and I know that’s just the beginning.

Lastly , when I purchased you book it was about getting learn how to get better sex from my life, it’s now more than just better sex it has become about understanding myself and her better.

Thank you for your help, I will look out for more of your books and programs once done with this one.


Hey C,

the ********* is great, thank you, i could see straight away where you were going with it. I can see how it works and how successful it can be. My arsenal is growing by the day, along with my confidence, and willingness to push the boundaries of what I believe can work.

Seriously, you have given me so much already that my head is buzzing with it all. I have always been very cynical of self help and 'you can change things' type of books, but seeing definite and subtle changes in just 48 hours by simply, getting rid of the over signals, sensibly introducing the under signals, {and other stuff} is overwhelming!

I have felt a little guilty, almost under hand, but have been able to justify it to myself very easily, if everyone is much happier, whats to feel guilty about.


You'll see below a message a wrote you last May, reporting that I 'd started dating both of the women who dumped me back when I was doing everything wrong, having not read any of your stuff ...

Two women who were dreams come true in my mind.

Well, now I want to report that I've slept with both of them, and the
the one that I had gone further wrong with is now sexually and
romantically pursuing me.

A complete reversal from before I read your stuff.....I have to careful though, because I really do think she's among the top 2-3 women I 've ever been attracted to, and it's easy to put her on a pedestal...

I don't know where this relationship will go, but as of right now,
I 've won back the woman I lost--something that felt like the biggest
loss of my life. That's fantastic, and knowing that I could do that
will give me hugely improved confidence wherever I go from here.

Thanks tremendously.


Thanks for your writing's man, I dare not think where we would be without them. hope to speak again.

Your's sincerely,

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How To Create Re-Attraction:
This Report Answers The Question: "What Would Be A
Very Advanced Way of Getting A Woman Back or Getting Her Attracted To You Again?"

The Definition of Re-Attraction: The process of doing something that makes a woman go from 'being distant' to liking you again.

1. Whether it's a woman you're in a relationship with, an ex, or a female friend.

2. This is something I've done for myself and others.

3. But you have to do things a CERTAIN WAY.

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