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A while back, I created a free report on Sexual Value (SV).

(If you didn't get it, let me know, I'll send it to you.)

The report (The 3 Categories of SV) talked about becoming desirable to women by simultaneously looking at the process from 3 different perspectives.

Base Value Tactics

Interaction Value Tactics

Psychological SV Tactics

You see, when you do this, it forces you to have 3 simple strategies.

And it forces you to rapidly build your sexual value in a very easy (logical) way.

It's as simple as:

Base Value: Being 100% comfortable being yourself. Feeling amazing about yourself.

Interaction Value: Making her laugh, having fun with her, making her feel good about herself and things like that.

Psychological SV: Doing things that connect with how she processes information.

The last one (Psychological SV) has to do with understanding that women process information differently.

An obvious example is if a guy begs his ex-girlfriend to take him back and she says 'no'. Chances are she's going to get even more turned off, because she processed the action/conversation as:

He's a guy who begs. And begging is a turn off.
Plus, there are other things about him that are a "turn off".

However, from the guy's perspective, he just wants to show her that he cares. The problem is, the process of displaying a caring attitude in that situation isn't likely to send off an SV Signal.

(Put simply: He needs to send SV Signals.)

The Ninja Skill (if we call it that) of
Getting Her Attracted/Addicted To You... any situation: (getting her back, getting her to crave sex more, getting her to see you as a sexual option)

....has to do with understanding how she processes information in combination with knowing how to project Powerful SV Signals.

It's not Rocket Science.

In fact, it's fun.

You may already be aware of this. That's fine.
I just want to make sure every one is on the same page.

So I decided to create a new report that focuses strictly on (#3) Psychological Tactics For Becoming Desirable.

(Do you see the red oval below? That's our focus for the report that is being offered on this page.)

Except, instead of two things, you'll learn 13 tactics!

Just so we're crystal clear...

You'll Learn 13 Psychological Tactics
For Becoming Desirable.

You'll learn:

1. The Value-of-Parts Tactic

2. The Revealing-Hidden-Value Tactic

3. ????

4. ????

5. ????

6. ????

7. ????

8. ????

9. ????

10. ????

11. ????

12. ????

13. ????

Again: You'll Learn 13 Psychological Tactics
For Becoming Desirable.

If a guy is extremely skeptical, extremely angry or extremely neutral...

It doesn't change the fact that in order to Become More Desirable (with any woman) he has to
Do More of The Things That She Finds Attractive.


And here's a cool secret....

Much of building attraction starts with how you represent it in your mind.

I'll explain.

First, forget everything you know about this.

In other words, if you look at it mathematically, all you have to do to Become More Irresistibly Magnetic is increase the rate of your SV Signals.

You see...

Every guy sends some SV signals! (every guy!)

However, not every guy sends Powerful SV signals - very frequently!

That's the difference.

Ok...Let's really break it down...

When you build attraction (the right way), all you're doing is calmly sending a higher density of Powerful SV Signals.

The operative word being Powerful.

Some guys are constantly saying things like:

I just want her to like me as much as I like her.
I just want her to admire me as if I was her hero.
I just want her to want me like she did in the past.
I just want her to crave sex with me as much as I crave it with her.

He doesn't need to send SV signals to change things. He's already sending (some) SV signals.

He needs to send Powerful SV signals - very frequently!

It's really that simple.

That's the strategy part.

Remember: In life, you can dramatically improve anything with...

The Right Strategy + The Right Mindset

Going back to the guy who begs (and sends other anti-SV Signals) he needs to flip the switch in his mindset.... that he goes from 'doing things that seem like the right thing to do' (crying, begging, pleading, unknown turn-offs) to doing things that are in harmony with....

...'how she processes information' (The 13 Tactics).

It doesn't matter if the woman is your wife, girlfriend, co-worker, ex-girlfriend, neighbor, someone you see on a regular basis, a friend's sister, whatever...!

You need to send Very Powerful SV signals - very frequently!

You MUST know the Psychology of Creating Value.

There's no shortcut.

That's why I created a Sexual Value Report from the perspective of Psychological Value Creation.

Luckily, you do not need to figure this out on your own.

When You Combine The Right Guy With The Right System,
He Becomes Unstoppable


Meet "Kevin"

There was a guy (let's call him "Kevin") who for the first time in life was excited about the idea of getting married. In fact, he told me that this girl was his soulmate.

(And yes, I started gagging!)

Things were amazing in the beginning and life was perfect.

They gave each other nicknames.
They fed each other fruit.
Colorful birds flew over their heads.

Fast forward 3 months in the future: Everything had changed. He described a particular situation and I told him he BETTER make a certain adjustment NOW!!

(Note: I'm not a 'tell you how to live your life kinda guy', but I did spot something that was beyond the scope of what Kevin currently understood.)

So I told him do not play around with this. He replied: I can't see how that would fix things.

I said, you could be right but just try it (even though I knew it would solve his problem).

Keep in mind that I've heard hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of relationship scenarios. I've also read hundreds of book/journals on the subject - and related subjects. Outside of that (for fun) I enjoy learning about human decision-making, persuasion, attraction, psychology and the triggering of emotions.

And in the past, I explained to "Kevin" my process for building value as a tire salesman that allowed me to become the #1 guy in the country. And even if you threw all of that out of the window, I've have the experience (not theory) in my relationship of doing things one way and getting no results and doing things another way and having it work for me amazingly.

I don't know everything, but I had a little more insight into this dynamic than he did and I really wanted to help him.

So I wasn't speaking from a 'theory' perspective.

I was trying to passionately help him.

He refused.
He kept refusing.

And like clockwork.

Step 1: His Sexual Value disappeared to zero.
Step 2: She lost complete interest in sex and she left him.
Step 3: He enbded it up being angry and confused.

It could have been avoided.

But at the same time it supports the reality that most people don't fully understand the power of their decisions.

We Live On a Planet Where The
People Who Make Adjustments Win!

It's that simple.

We live on a planet where the people who keep learning win!

We DO NOT live on a planet where the people who keep learning win and the people who don't make adjustments win, too!

That doesn't even sound right!

My approach is different.

I think the best approach is to give people extreme clarity on how things work.

You see, I believe that you have to start at the Very ROOT and you have to keep things simple.

Do what her brain responds to (even if you can't understand why she responds that way)
Do what her brain responds to (even if it feels awkward at first)
Do what her brain responds to (because it makes sense)

If we look at "the guy who begs" and "Kevin", we see that they represent guys who only do what they've done in the past (even though it doesn't work).

Here's The Extremely Scary Part...

Hopefully, this doesn't apply to you!

There are some guys who only do what is comfortable because doing something different makes them feel weird.

In other words...

If "Robert" grew up in a household with an anti-seductive dad and he unconsciously picked up those Anti-SV behaviors....and as a result, he does them around women (and he doesn't realize it)...which of course is in anti-harmony with How She Becomes Addicted To A Guy (....on a neuro-chemical level)...and his response to doing things differently is "I don't want to do that because it feels weird"...well, to put it mildly...

He Could Be Cursed For Life!

...unless he learns that 'doing things differently' is suppose to feel weird at first. Our brains create neural paths based on repeated actions. If you do something for the 1000th time it's suppose to feel more comfortable than when you did it for the first time.

The first time you do something differently, it should feel weird.

Surprisingly, a large percentage of the population don't understand this.

Instead, they frame the 'new experience' as: It didn't feel right. My gut (instinct) told me this wasn't the right thing to do.

I hope this makes, because this is something I'm passionate about. That's why...

You'll Learn 13 Psychological Tactics
For Becoming Desirable

In this report: We'll get to the good stuff. And we'll get to it fast.

These are tactics are in harmony with how her brain processes information.

In fact, (technically) they are in alignment with how "people" process information (which means a woman you know may have unknowingly done these tactics on you in the past).

Do you know a woman who you weren't too crazy about at first, but then out of nowhere you became extremely attracted to her?

She triggered value in your mind because it works both ways.

This report is complete.

It gives you 13 weapons of value-creation that you can use (whenever you need to).

Whether you want to keep yourself sharp (kind of like fit-people who continue to work out)
Whether it's to have a SV correction guide (the philosophy of making corrections the moment things start to dip)
Whether it's to do a major repair on your 'whole outlook' (the total transformation approach). In other words, read the report 4 times back to back - at a minimum.

What Will I Learn?

When this report was completed, I realized it was something special because the tactics are easy to follow and they're powerful.

I've never re-read a report over and over again like I've done with this one. This is my baby.

That probably doesn't mean much, but I wanted it to be perfect.

Just when I was ready to release it to the public, I decided to make one final tweak and that was to make it even easier to understand (extreme clarity).

That wasn't enough.

I wasn't done tweaking.

Although I successfully made it crystal clear so that any guy (with an IQ over 60) could follow it...

As a final step, I added 3 examples for each tactic!!! (with the exception of two). With 3 examples of each tactic, it's even more crystal clear!

Not everyone needs examples, but some people learn better that way.

If you want to skip over the examples, you can.

Either way, you are sure to fully understand what's going on.

But it gets better!

You will also learn:

  • The Fringe Tactic (optional) - This is a creative and bizarre way of doing Tactic #4. This is a new way of creating Super Aura that you've never seen before.

    For me, it worked twice in under 10 minutes and it has an effect on women that will make you giggle. Warning: If this optional tactic sounds too weird, skip it. It's not for everyone.

  • Tactic #8 - is a shortcut to creating value fast - conversationally. Recommendation: Combine this with Tactic #3. (Write that down because that suggestion is not in the report. So read the report completely. Then when you're done, remember that I suggested to combine Tactic 8 and Tactic 3 - everything will click and you'll understand why.)

  • Tactic #11 - is one of my favorites even though it normally backfires the first time you do it. One guy did a variation of this and in under 3 days he unleashed his wife's inner slut.

    Now, I know most people don't report back with success stories. That's fine, but based on what I've seen first hand (from reported success stories), this is one of the quickest ways guys have built sexual value fast. That's why I had to include an evolved version.

    There's normally a steamy sex scene mentioned even though it's not designed to get her horny. It's really designed to make her "super attracted to you" for a short period of time.

    She's not likely to say: "Oh. You did a brilliant SV Tactic on me." That's because she can't retrace what happened. The only thing she FEELS is:

    Being more attracted to you
    An increased desire to be in your presence.
    A new/increased desired to have steamy sex (the operative word is 'steamy')

  • Tactic #6 ????? - This is probably responsible for more accidental SV increases than any other tactic. That means you (or someone you know) have done this in the past to increase SV without realizing that it was the cause.

    In other words, she wanted to be around you more. She wanted to hear from you more. She liked you a lot more. She could have had an increased desire to have sex. All because you did something that pressed a button in her brain - without realizing it.

    Even though you didn't realize you brilliantly pressed a power button, that doesn't change the fact that YOU DID....and as a result, the soft tender smiling woman was being aggressive with your belt bucket!

Are you sure it's going to work for me?

I can't really say.

I CAN say that....

The 2 biggest reasons why a guy fails to
get a woman attracted to him is:

Reason #1: He doesn't believe he is capable of doing it.

  • He doesn't visualize himself succeeding.
  • He doesn't take the time to feel amazing about himself.
  • He doesn't take the time to realize he can achieve anything.

Reason #2: He doesn't have a good game plan (or he doesn't believe a game plan exists.)

  • Bad Game Plan: Someone tells him to keep begging to get the girl back
  • Bad Game Plan: Someone tells him to do XYZ (which isn't in alignment with how her brain processes information)
  • Bad Game Plan: Someone tells him that it's impossible to increase the value of something

I CAN say that these 13 tactics were designed to get you results because they're based on PROVEN laws of value.

That's the best way to create Sexual Value fast!

They were also designed to be fun because I noticed a pattern of people getting the best results with Fun Tactics.

Plus, I noticed that guys like tactics that they can practice on other people.

Meaning, you can practice any of these 13 tactics on any woman (sister, co-worker, female friend) to PROVE that it works.

Remember, your goal is to get her to see you in a different way.

So I want you to put it to the test in a way that you're comfortable.

In this day and age, you have 'product creators' who hide behind unanswered support tickets. They don't show you respect. They're unbelievably arrogant.

It's pathetic.

People should have the confidence to stand behind their work.

When you put in a lot of hard work to create something that will get people results, you want guys to put it to the test.

This is designed to be your Secret SV Reference Guide.

Try it out. Put it to the test.

You can practice any of these 13 tactics on any woman (sister, co-worker, female friend) to PROVE that it works.

Try it out and start reading seconds from now.

Hopefully you realize that your Sexual Value is The Most Important Ingredient for:

  • Getting a woman turned on
  • Getting her to want you back
  • Getting her to see you as a 'sexual option' instead of puppy dog friend

That's it.

I believe this report is the best solution for increasing your sexual value fast.

If you have questions, email me. If you want to share a success story, email me.

The Green (Control) Button:
13 Psychological SV Tactics

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CR James
Sexual Relationship Strategist
Creator: Super Seduction Power™

You will learn:

  • The Fringe Tactic (optional) a.k.a Super Aura!
  • Tactic #8 - is a shortcut way of creating value fast conversationally.
  • Tactic #11 - is one of my favorites even though it normally backfires the first time you do it. One guy did a variation of this and in under 3 days he unleashed his wife's inner slut.
  • Tactic #6 ????? - This is probably responsible for more accidental SV increases than any other tactic.

Just try it out

Read Some Emails From Happy Customers
of Previous CR James Reports


I want to report a success story. You'll see below a message a wrote
you last May, reporting that I'd started dating both of the women who
dumped me back when I was doing everything wrong, having not read any
of your stuff and having undermined my SV.  

Two women who were dreams come true in my mind.

Well, now I want to report that I 've slept with both of them, and the
the one that I had gone further wrong with is now sexually and
romantically pursuing me.  

A complete reversal from before I read your stuff.  

...I gained confidence over time through seeing the change in her reaction
and seeing my success with other women, and eventually came through with this most difficult challenge.   I have to careful though, because I really do think she's
among the top 2-3 women I 've ever been attracted to, and it's easy to
put her on a pedestal above any other potential mate, which would not
be productive for SV.

It's knowing better how attraction works in the
female brain.  

After reading enough of your stuff, I am able to interpret particular situations
and know how to spin them to gain SV,
or know what kind of situations to get into that will help, rather
than needing to study and apply particular techniques.

I don't know where this relationship will go, but as of right now,
I 've won back the woman I lost--something that felt like the biggest
loss of my life.  That's fantastic, and knowing that I could do that
will give me hugely improved confidence wherever I go from here.

Thanks tremendously.


Hey CR;

what the f#%*$K ??!!!

Are you nuts?

What you want to keep your customers happy? Never in all my years have i ever did business and had this kind of service and attention to detail!!! Even with my screw-up ,you went way beyond the call!!! Thank you for your kindness and generosity! 

Just this one act alone you proved to me that you believe in customer service and your products! Out bloody standing!!!

You gained a customer for life !(unless one of us dies anyway!) well onward to victory and bliss..


I am a huge fan of yours.

Your information is really great. I actually purchased some of your materials a while back.

The book was downloaded and stored to the hard drive on my laptop.     

I'm also interested in additional materials that I can read to improve my skills even more.

Thanks to you I am in a relationship with a smart, beautiful nurse.    
Keep up the great work.


Your customer service and prolific writing continue to amaze me.

I am now using your writings to reestablish
a dynamic sexual relationship with my wife. Thanks!

The Lord works in mysterious ways.


Hi CR,

Thank you for the generous gift of your book.

As an active bisexual, I incorporate your strategies into my sexual interactions with both men and women -- and quite successfully I must say (without bragging).

Sexual confidence truly is the key!

You are a very gifted writer, able to express truths in a down-to-earth-no-bullshit way.  I like that very much, and encourage you to continue telling it like it is.


Hey man seriously you are an outstanding individual...

I'm not an ass kisser or anything but you are the coolest buisness man I've ever dealt with.

You answer quickly and really know what your talking about I'm actually trying to pursure a career in the internet field and I truly look up to you and how you conduct your buisness.

I've never met any so called guru of anything that has responded so quickly to a customer, it's unbelivevable..

You are a good guy and I hope to do buisness with you in the near
future and I will get every product you come out with as long as I have money!

I thank you for all your help I honestly didn't expect nothing from you and you showed how much you are dedicated to helping others and that's more than I can say about any other guru.


Well Sincerely


CR, A complete turn-around of personality is not the easiest thing to accomplish; much like trying to quit smoking cold turkey. In the past 2 weeks since I have read your book I can tell a big difference in myself and the way I act.

I have reread your book 2 or 3 times now and I use it as a reference when I need reminding of proper ways to change. Now, as YOU were going through your transformation I'm sure that at least once you found yourself going back to your old "geeky" self (I think that's how you referred to it in your book).




CR James

Thank you for your material!

Your techniques have already given me amazing progress!

I actually have had two different girls (an 8 and a 9) come up to me and say there was something different they liked about me but didn't know what it was. If I wasn't using your material to try and save my marriage I would be out dating hot babes right now instead of emailing you.

Thank you for being one of the few guys out there that help men find the knowledge they really need to build a happy balanced relationship.

Your material more than pays for itself in the first day.

My self confidence has sky rocketed 200%!!!

You're a life saver,


Just try it out





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