How To Turn A
Woman Into A Nympho?


Today, I'm releasing an updated version of a report I released last year.

Basically...last year, I created a mini-report called 'The Nympho Effect' (it was about 19 pages) ...

It was one of the most unique reports I ever created. It went in a totally different direction.

The report basically answered the question:

"What would a guy need to do if (for whatever reason) he wanted to turn a woman into a nympho?"

A pretty bold question.

So the mini-report did a great job at putting it out there because YES it's possible to turn a woman into a nympho.

YES it happens.

It you look at it logically - it's just based on a "habit of perceiving" something a certain way.

** UPDATE: I decided that it was time to 'make the report' available again. And in the process of re-reading it, I realized that I was holding back a little bit. It was like I was scared to offend on some level. It needed to be updated. So I did. This time, I don't care if this report offends or angers someone, because there is nothing wrong with two people enjoying sex.

It's now fully unlocked and uncensored! (It's now a meaty 73 pages of pure attitude!)

It answers the question COMPLETELY!!!

You're going to get a step-by-step game plan like you've never seen before. It's not just my theory or my's my commitment to YOU to share 'stuff that works'.

The cool part is this. It's technically 5 ways to create a nympho based on my interpretation of 'actual real life stories' (stories I never shared before).

And all 5 are crammed in one report - so it's kind of like...

The Frankenstein Blueprint For Creating A Super Nympho!!!

Not exactly for people with weak stomachs. lol.

(And there are 'hidden factors' -- I mean DEEPLY hidden factors that most people will never understand.)

Let's break it down.

In terms of making a woman crave sex more often, my traditional approach is something I still believe in. And that is to Increase Sexual Value + Increase Sexual Tension (In other words, become more attractive + get better at turning her on.)

The Nympho Tactics operate a little differently. The best way to understand it is to look at the following crazy example.

Imagine that it is your goal to 'build tension' in a woman so that she ends up masturbating. I know it sounds weird, but it's the best way to explain the difference between Increasing Sexual Tension and Using Nympho Tactics.

Now, let's switch gears.

Now, I want you to imagine a woman who use to play with herself once every two weeks, but now she is doing it twice a day.

Keep in mind, in general, the pleasure from the activity [masturbation] is pretty much the same. Right?

(In fact, you could even make the case that 'doing it once per day' is relatively less pleasurable on a session-level than 'once per 2 weeks')

The point is:

The strategy for increasing frequency IS NOT exactly the same as increasing desire for a single event.

Although (if you're a guy who likes sex) you want to get good at doing both.

But on this page, we're going to just talk about The Nympho Tactics.

And it all started with a research project...

Basically, I did something that you (or any guy) could do.

Here's where it gets fun...

Basically I went online to various social networking sites (except for ones that require you to add the person as a friend like Facebook and a few others) and collected profiles of women.

If she referred to herself as a nympho, I would copy it on to a word file. If she didn't, I would move on to the next profile.

It was exhausting.

This was suppose to be completed in one day, but after several hours of searching, I didn't have '1 nympho profile'. I quickly realized it was going to take a lot longer than I expected.

It turns that most women aren't quick to reveal publicly that they are nymphos. And many of the ones who did were obvious phony profiles (who do they think they're fooling. lol)

But I decided to stick with it. Instead of it being a 1 day project, it ended being an 'on and off' thing for about a year!!!

Then the magic day came when I decided to read all of them at once looking for patterns. (Again, this is something you can do).

And guess what?

I did see a pattern!

It was 3 key things.

Technically, there were more than that, but these 3 really stood out, because you could instantly see how they could be used to make any woman hyper-sexual.

You see, I started with the idea that a nympho (or a woman who labels herself as a nympho) isn't different than any other woman.

It's not like she has 5 vaginas.
It's not like she has 10x as many nerve endings 'down there'.

She's no different than any other woman!

She's just a woman who thinks about herself differently + thinks about sex differently.

That's it.

No magic potions.
No magic pills.

From that perspective, every woman is capable of becoming a nympho.

But the truth is: That's not your goal.

You don't need your woman to label herself as a nympho.
You just need to know how to get her to THINK like one when the time is right.

(That's what this approach is all about.)(Actually, it's about something else, too.)

Once you understand what drives the process (on a sensible level), then you can get excited...

Let's get to it:

Secret #1

Because I will say this...and I think of myself as an ultra un-dramatic person (for the most part)...

However when I was writing about this, I was convinced that it could end up being:

The Most Powerful Seduction Tactic Ever!

Because of how easy it is to do...

But I'm not done.

Secret #1 kind of exploits the human mind in an interesting way. I hate to sound like an evil psychological scientist but for me 'this concept' has been the greatest thing that has ever worked for me (hands down)!

(You'll read the story.)

And no one got hurt. (In fact, just the opposite.)

And when I first discovered this concept, I mentioned it in another report.

So this is a new version of a concept I taught before - except this version is easier to do PLUS it's more powerful...

And for the first time, I'm teaching how you can do this. It's so simple any guy can do it.

You'll see what I mean.

But there's no way I could have made this variation without discovering something interesting about "women who label themselves nymphos".

Once I discovered this 'interesting thing', I created a step by step system that's so $%&$# easy to follow, it's not even funny...

It kind of reads like an evil psychological experiment, but the truth is two loving couples having sex all the time is a good thing - even if it meant the guy had to learn a few things about the female mind.

Oh yeah, we're not done...

When I said that this could be:

The Most Powerful Seduction Tactic Ever!

I was just referring to Secret #1. (And there are a total of 5)

When I said...for me....this was the greatest thing that ever worked, again I'm referring to Secret Technique #1...

Not the whole report (all 5 techniques). So let's get to the next one...

Secret #2

The next technique has to do with something I learned in a book. This is not a relationship book. This is not a sex book. It's about something else. It's a New York Times Bestseller and I have never referenced this book before. It was partially the inspiration behind a Nympho Tactic mentioned in another report I created.

This book is filled with interesting case studies.

The point is there is a key tip in that book that I ended up using for seduction purposes.

Here's a hint...better yet, here's a Life Lesson (that I hope you will always remember)...

Any time you read about a woman who has gone through a dramatic transformation in her outlook, there was some sort of process involved. Right? Does that make sense?

Ok...Well, the process of going from a woman who sees herself as 'dumb/lazy/worthless' to 'Super Achiever' who now takes care of herself and is highly motivation is simply amazing! (Btw, I'm a big fan of inspirational stories. I love them!)

Well, that same process can be used to UPGRADE her Sexual Identity. In other words, making her go from 'regular woman' to 'Hyper-Sexual' (where she sees herself as sexy, seductive, etc.).

If she sees herself in a more sexual way, her behavior will be dramatically affected.

This is exactly how it works.
This is exactly how it works.
This is exactly how it works.

In fact, I've been teaching guys to do this before I ever heard of the book. The book (that I reference) just gives non-sexual case studies - which makes it great for skeptics and slow-starters.

If you already understand this 'trick' about how the female mind works, then I'm just preaching to the choir.

And if that's the case, you can start immediately because I'm revealing (for the first time) a new way of doing this. Specifically, five ways of doing it.

And you're going to see how easy it is to do...

Let's move on...

Secret #3

Most guys do this by accident.

In some ways it could require a lot of sexual value. In some ways it could require none.

In fact, I'm convinced you've done the 'baby version' on accident (in a good way).

That's why I don't consider it a tactic until you are able to take it to the next level.

That's part of the problem. Most people don't try to take things to the next level.

Doesn't matter. I'm going to [ethically] force you to take it to the next level!

The way I see it, if you're getting her to want sex just a little bit more doing 'this' why not, do 'this' a whole lot more to get her to crave sex a lot more!

By the way, that's just a universal life lesson.

If something works, keep doing it. (And then take it to the next level.)
Do it more and get better results.

And the KEY (again) is to take it to another level. Here's an email where a guy did just that (in a unique way).

Inside the report you can read the complete (uncensored) version of the email.

I also 'cut and pasted' my reply to him (which contains the raw psychological structure for doing this).

Anyone who sees what's going on will realize that 'my response' reveals a earth-shattering tactic that I hope you take advantage (I plan on creating a report on this at some point, but for now just enjoy it as a "Secret Bonus")

The goal is ALWAYS to give yourself flexibility. Yeah, it's cool to get her horny...obviously... but what really impresses me is when a guy can have this sort of affect on his wife (girlfriend, female friend) over and over and over again!

To me, that proves that you know how to trigger her buttons.

By the way, there are over 100 ways you can do just that ONE TACTIC!

Keep in mind, that's just a sub-tactic for Secret #3!

So that's what the Nympho Effect is all about...


The Nympho Effect: Uncensored
5 Secrets To Bringing Out Her Inner-Nympho



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P.S. Good Luck!

You're going to learn...

1. How to get women in the mood without her realizing what happened
2. How to train her to become hyper-sexual (new stuff)


Secret Technique #1: It could be the greatest seduction tactic ever!

Secret Technique #2: Supported by a concept mentioned in a book (New Your Times Bestseller)

Secret Technique #3: Based on a simple concept that most guys have done (You'll read the uncensored email).


Secret Technique #4: ??????


Secret Technique #5: ??????


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