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As I mentioned before, I believe that having better success with women is a result of:

Being Yourself + Getting new information in your brain + Creating game plans based on that information.

So I decided to make this easier since a lot of people have requested this...

My guess is that if some people are requesting to get everything, then there are others who might want the same deal.

If you're familiar with my approach (that has worked for me and many others), then you know that I don't believe you have to be a jerk, wanna-be tough guy or disrespectful to women in order to have success.

In fact, it's bad advice for several reasons.

I'm living proof (and many others are, too) that you can be yourself + apply 'powerful psychological strategies' + be a respectful guy ==> and get your special woman addicted and 'turned on' frequently!

The more 'psychological weapons' you have in your arsenal (inside of your brain), the more effective you'll be.

It's that simple.

I discover 'unique weapons' and then I share them.

And you get these 'psychological weapons' by (A) thinking and trying stuff out OR (B) leveraging the time/reseaching/thinking of others OR both.

This could save you months, years or decades.

It all comes down to embracing who you are + doing logical things that a lot of people aren't aware of and enjoying life.

There are so many benefits & rewards (in terms of happiness, health and fun) to having lots of steamy sex that the list is endless.


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