As you already know, erotic stories have the ability to get a woman turned on pretty fast.

There are two basic ways to use them.

Way #1: Convince her to read them.
Way #2: Re-tell the story (or part of the story).

The point is: I have said it multiple times (even though it's pretty obvious), it's in a guy's best interest to constantly get better at telling stories that have an erotic theme.

It can have the same effect as a woman reading an erotic story (or watching a sex scene).

(In those situations: She's going to imagine/observe a sex scene + think about what that would be like + remember a time when she experienced something similiar + other factors.)

It's really her own thinking that gets her turned on.

It's no different than if she decided to imagine a sexual fantasy.
Again: It's really her own thinking that gets her turned on.

So when it comes to the skill of getting a woman aroused...

Engaging her imagination in a sexual way
is one of the most important skills

you can learn/master!

Tip #1: If you're going to use stories in some sort of strategic way, I urge you to follow my advice (it won't fail you) and make it a point to filter for the right type of story!

Overall, THE BEST STORIES (for our tactical purposes) are the ones that have 3 key elements:

Element # 1: The Sex Scene

In other words, the details of the sexual act (as a tool for engaging her mind) so that she can experience what the woman is experiencing and/or imagine watching a steamy sexual adventure (full of intense pleasure).

Element #2: Effective Sexual Tension

Obviously, every (100%) erotic story will have a sex scene (Element #1).

But it's rare for an erotic story to feature 'effective sexual tension' elements.

Obviously, they're not really designed for that, because it's fantasy.

In other words, the hairy plumber knocks on the door. The babysitter tells him to come in while she is masturbating on the couch. And she says something like 'how about I fix your leaky pipe' (or something so corny and loosely connected that it barely qualifies as a sexual innuendo) and then they start having sex like animals. It's fantasy. It's not based on what a plumber/stranger would really have to do to get a young woman turned on.

Element #3: Secret Lessons

If you think finding an erotic story with Element #2 was hard to find.

It's pretty much impossible to find one loaded with secret messages/lessons that re-shape a woman's perspective in a way that is related to getting her turned on.

If you're like me (and other guys) who have effectively helped a woman see things in a different way, then you know the best way to do that is through a story.

In fact, let's say you wanted your woman to be neater and more organized, what do you think would work better?

  • Approach A - "When are you ever going to start picking up behind yourself?"
  • Approach B - "I heard that [famous person she admires] use to be really messy. She said it was because she has an active mind. Then she decided to blah blah blah (i.e. read a book called XYZ, use her creativity to turn cleaning into a game, etc.)

Hopefully, you realize that Approach B is light-years more effective in terms of likelihood of success. Sometimes it will take one good message.

The point is, most guys complain to her XYZ behavior, when it's a better (way more effective) approach to calmly "inject" strategic stories/messages that get her to look at things differently without making her feel bad/broken/dumb/etc.

Sometimes it will take a series of these messages.

The point is: It's a great skill. I've used this approach to help my wife (repeatedly) and my son in many different ways.

And once you take this approach, a whole new world opens up!

Instead of complaining or having boring discussions with her about XYZ...

  • You'll suggest (in a clever way) that she check out a particular book.
  • You'll suggest (in a clever way) that she check out a particular article/video/website.
  • You'll tell her a story (in a clever way) that "injects" a strategic message ("I heard about this story about a guy who met a woman in the grocery store. And when they started dating, the woman would always blah blah blah...")

In the case with these Super Erotic Stories, you don't have to tell her that you heard the story about the guy who met the woman in the grocery store from an 'erotic short story'..

A story is a story.

One good message/conversation could be life-changing.

I was talking to an elderly gentlement in my early 20's when I worked as a salesman about the world ending. It was somewhat of a mini-phobia that I had at the time.

The man told me that it's all nonsense. And that when he was a little boy, his grandfather told him that there will be always a 'end of the world' date popping up. This must have been a 5 minute conversation, and it literally reshaped my beliefs/thinking. And a couple of years ago, I actually told my son that story about the conversation I had with the elderly gentlemen when he was worried about 2012. I could see how the story relieved him and changed his perspective.

However, although that happened to be a true story that I experienced...

If I had read about an elderly man having a conversation with another guy about the world ending (with the same theme) in a fictional book, I could have still sent the same message [with the same objective] strategically to have the same effect. I just would have set it up differently.

A story is a story.

  • If you have teenagers, tell them strategic stories that have a "powerful message"
  • If you have very young kids, read them funny stories that have a "moral/lesson" to reshape their perspective.
  • If you have a woman who has a certain belief that affects her attraction to you and sexual desire, tell her strategic stories.

The "strategic lessons" that you'll read about in these fictional Super Erotic Stories are actually based on what I have personally used in real life (and had success with). And that's why I choose those particular lessons/secret-messages.

When it comes to having success with women, I've talked about this a thousand times, a very important skill to have is the ability to tell stories that feature (behavior-changing) lessons.

(...which is the best strategy you can ever learn for long-term strategies)

Point being, it's extremely rare to find an erotic story with the right strategic messages.


Here's Where It Gets Exciting...

After I ran into this problem of not being able to find an erotic story that had good sexual tension building and the right strategic messages, I was a little bummed out.

I wasted a lot of time searching and trying to find the 'right stories'.

So I had an idea!

I wanted to first find a top erotic author. I did that.

And then I wanted her to ghostwrite erotic stories for me based on my story specifications.

She did. And we came together to create Super Erotic Stories.

It's a great partnership and for my custom-built stories, she's secretly referred to as "Miss X Power".

Although they appear to be just like regular stories, they are MUCH different because in addition to the interesting story and sex scene, they also contain sexual tension (based on tactics that have worked for me) and strategic messages (that I have used in real life).

Again, these stories are much different. And you can use them strategically in many different ways.

What's in the new 2014 Update:

These stories were first introduced in 2011. They now have been updated.

They still have all 3 elements.

  • Element #1: Sex Scene (just like 100% of all erotic stories)
  • Element #2: (You rarely ever see this.) The characters performing sexual tension.
    In this case, they're performing sexual tension tactics taught in several of my reports.
  • Element #3: (This is even more rare.) They have Strategic Lessons/Messages (for women).

The point is: To the naked eye, it reads just like the average erotic story.

Back them I just released these Super Erotic Stories and never actually mentioned exactly where you can find Element #2 and Element #3.

Here's what's new in the 2014 Update:

New Thing #1:The stories have been changed and improved a little bit.

New Thing #2: I decided to create a separate version of each short story that has the "behind the scenes" details pointing out the sexual tension elements and the strategic messages (Element #2 factors and Element #3 factors).

Note: In the above image, you'll see the red arrow pointing out the sexual tension tactic that the character is performing - just in case you missed it or didn't realize it.

  • By point this out, it helps to remeber the tactics (it's easier to remember lessons in story form)
  • This also helps if you use it strategically (you would say to your target women something like, "...blah blah blah...I heard about this guy who XYZ with this woman he met... " [based on what the guy did in the story]

    Note: This is a simple sexual tension building tactic I've mentioned before... where all you do is simply talk about another guy performing sexual tension tactic.

    To make it even more clear, let's say you don't want to mention hardcore sex scene stuff... and you know that your target woman -- for whatever reason -- gets really horny when you rub her back...

    If you wanted to build sexual tension, you could simply talk about another guy rubbing a woman's back ("there was this guy who did this back rubbing technique where he would XYZ and the woman said she loooooooooved the way his hands felt on her back blah blah blah...")

It's that simple.

Bottom Line...

At any rate... the Super Erotic Stories are for:

  • Guys who understand the power of how stories enage a woman's mind.
  • Guys who have used stories before to get women horny.
  • Guys who believe there are a lot of useful tension tactics to remember (and how stories can make it easier to remember)
  • Guys who want to expose a woman to a story that 'just so happens' to feature a theme of a woman working hard to get the man's approval.
  • Guys who want to expose a woman to a story that makes it seem perfectly fine for a woman to behave in a horny way (without any negative attachment or labels).
  • Guys who want to expose a woman to a story that has a strategic message.

I hope that makes sense. That's what Super Erotic Stories are all about...

Keep in mind, there are a total of 5 Story Packs which is a total of 20 short stories and each short story contains a sequence of several mini-stories (or movie scenes).

Technically, there are over 100+ mini-stories (movie scenes) that you can use in some way.

And if you don't feel like being super creative, just stick with the basic template of:

You: I heard about this story where this woman (or guy) ended up blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

And all you're doing is exposing her mind to Element #1, Element #2 and/or Element #3.

So far there are 5 story packs.

Story Pack #1: Battle of Alexis




With Super Stories: Pack #1, You'll get a total of 5 short stories!

Battles of Alexis - Part 1
Battles of Alexis - Part 2
Battles of Alexis - Part 3
Battles of Alexis - Part 4
Battles of Alexis - Part 5



Story Pack #2: Young Jen

With Super Stories: Pack #2, You'll get a total of 4 short stories!

Jen - Part 1
Jen - Part 2
Jen - Part 3
Jen - Part 4


Story Pack #3: The Story of Ms. X



With Super Stories: Pack #3, You'll get 4 short stories.

Ms X: Releasing The Tiger - Part 1 [download free sample]
Ms X: Releasing The Tiger - Part 2
Ms X: Releasing The Tiger - Part 3
Ms X: Releasing The Tiger - Part 4




Story Pack #4: Ami (Am I) A Bad Girl?



With Super Stories: Pack #4, You'll get:

Ami (Am I) A Bad Girl - Part 1
Ami (Am I) A Bad Girl - Part 2
Ami (Am I) A Bad Girl - Part 3



Story Pack #5: Battle of Alexis (Pt6 - Pt9)



With Super Stories: Batch 5 , You'll get:

Battles of Alexis - Part 6
Battles of Alexis - Part 7
Battles of Alexis - Part 8
Battles of Alexis - Part 9



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