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Tell Sexy Stories 2.0 (2013 Upgrade Version)
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In October of 2011, I created a small report as a 'free bonus' for a new product that I released.

That free bonus was called 'Tell Sexy Stories'.

As you may know I generally make myself available for questions - and I even encourage it...

And it's simple: I generally WANT and LOVE to see 'people-who-think-like-me' succeed big time!

And the side-effect of doing that: I end up learning more about people's challenges, people's successes and other things that help me become better (and more helpful) in so many ways.

So it's something I take a lot of pride in...

At any rate, the small report "Tell Sexy Stories" was pretty much, a mini-PDF that was pretty much an extended answer to the following questions:

What is an easy way to tell a story as a way of getting a woman horny (without her realizing what you're doing)?

What are some new tips you have personally discovered for getting women horny using conversation based stories?

(These were GOOD questions that a lot of people wanted to know.)

Well...in order to ask those type of questions, you have to first realize that:

Telling Stories is a very powerful way
to get a woman to crave sex fast...


  • Because stories engage her mind.
  • They get her to experience a certain set of emotions.
  • They get her to imagine.
  • They get her to re-live experiences.

But here's the problem...

You can't just out-of-the-blue start feeding her mind dirty sex stories and expect her to get instantly horny.

In case you're not aware of it, it's in your best interest to realize that most women are processing a bunch of stuff at the same time.

So if you deliver the sexy story the wrong way, instead of her thinking "oh my god.... I LOVE how that feels when a guy does that to me, too!!!"

She instead is thinking stuff like:

How come he's talking about sex again (or something like that where she is so focused on other stuff that it messes everything up).

So that basically means that YOU will constantly become more NINJA SKILLED at using stories to get her horny:

The Better You Get At Picking The Right Story + The Better You Get At Smoothly Blending The Story Into The Conversation + The Better You Get At Predicting Her Likely Responses


The Better You Get At Getting Her Horny Using Stories.

It's that simple.

So what's new in the 2013 update?

There are more secrets and tips that have been injected.

And one of the coolest additions could be this little paragraph that was added that talks about adding a 'special tweak' to your story to magnify the impact. This will often take less than 2 minutes to say and yet (for me) the success rate is over 95%.

(However, I do combine it with other Non-story forms of sexual tension that you'll read about.)

Also, you'll see me prove to you that this 'extra step' is something that MOST WOMEN are very very very responsive to!!!

To be crystal clear: You'll first learn the formula for telling stories (The TP Smooth Method) along with lots of tips + You'll learn (in this New 2013 Update), an extra step to increase the response even more!

Does that make sense?

Background: I discovered it by accident when I noticed an interesting pattern involving "Round 2" sex. That's all I'm going to say. In other words. Any time I do something by accident (or I do it for one purpose and it has a BONUS arousing increasing effect)...

I --- WILL --- DO --- IT --- MORE --- OFTEN --- ON --- PURPOSE!

It's really that simple.

So anyway... you'll read about 'my accident' and 'discovery'... and HOPEFULLY it will inspire you to the same...

Hopefully, you'll ADD IT to your current arsenal of Seduction Weapons!

Getting back to the VERY BEGINNING to why this report ever got created.... It all started when I read or heard about dozens and dozens of cases where women ended up reading an erotic story that resulted in her having a full blown orgasm, I started thinking maybe (just maybe) it makes sense for us guys to SHARPEN our understanding of using stories strategically.

Let's face it, if she reads a story about Humpty Dumpty (for example)...

She would also get the same impact of that story, as you telling her the Humpty Dumpty story (instead of her reading it).

If she started thinking about a sexual scenario and it ended up making her insanely wet.

She could also get the same impact of that story if you told it to her (instead of her thinking about it).

It's about focusing on the Super Obvious.

Again: YOU will constantly become more NINJA SKILLED at using stories to get her horny:

The Better You Get At Picking The Right Story + The Better You Get At Smoothly Blending The Story Into The Conversation + The Better You Get At Predicting Her Likely Responses


The Better You Get At Getting Her Wet & Horny Using Stories.


And she won't even realize that you planned it!

(Just mentally pat yourself on the back! LOL)

So in this report we'll talk about clever (un-guessable) advanced ways of using stories, because Average Guys think that they can find the right story that she is likely to respond to and they've done 90% of the work.


He's only done 10% of the work.

It's all about understanding that a story can be used to accelerate & magnify her:

1. Emotions
2. Perceptions

And when you do things the right way, those 2 things (along with other tips) directly affect her Desire, Cravings and Her Deep Lust for sex!

And that's just scratching the surface because in this New 2013 Update, there is now 50 meaty pages. It's no longer a mini-PDF...

We're going to talk about:

  • The simple structure for stories.
  • 6 Easy Ways To Start A Sexy Story - Starting the stories is the key. Some guys are really good at knowing exactly what story they're going to use. However, they fail at starting the story. Hopefully, you'll benefit from using this approach.
  • 6 ways to blend the story - This is an art. You might already be pretty good at this, but here you'll learn some alternative ways to smoothly transitioning the story into the current dialogue.
  • Tactics for adding details - This is where a lot of the success takes place. This is often the FUEL of the story.
  • Lots of Story Tricks
  • The 3 biggest factors for secretly magnifying the impact of a story.
  • How to trigger a sexual memory the right way
  • [Very Powerful] The 30 Types of Sexy Stories - I created this long list based on a conversation I had with this guy --- and he basically was sharing with me the type of story that works great on his wife (you'll read about it) and the type that NEVER works (although it works great for me!) You with this list of 30 Types, it helps you to realize that if a particular story doesn't work, you might discover a SWEET SPOT just by picking the right story type. And if you 'really know your wife/girlfriend/target-woman', you might be able to figure out HER TYPE before you actually test it.... And yes, her SWEET SPOT Story Type is something you'll want to add to your Seductive Ninja Weapon Room!
  • Oh yeah, I almost forget: NEW to the 2013 Update: You'll learn my new STORY sub-strategy (I haven't named it yet) that I currently use that takes less than 2 minutes (in most cases) and it gets her to crave sex within 40 minutes and get this ==> the success rate is close to 100% (Trust me: You REALLY WANT to do this on your target woman some time this week.)
  • Plus there is more stuff!

Who is this report for:

It's NOT for a guy who thinks telling stories is evil.

It's NOT for guys who find it hard to believe that women get horny reading erotic stories. Some guys are somewhat sheltered when it comes to REAL LIFE horny triggers.

It's FOR THE GUY, who NOT ONLY realizes that women get horny reading (certain) erotic stories....

He also realizes that if reading a story can get her horny then he also has the ability to conversationally use the same ingredients to get her wet and horny, but just in a slightly different way...


Realize that women get women when they read erotic stories

♦ Step 1: Get her to crave sex using the TP Smooth Story Method (It has the Brain Effect of her reading a sexy story).

Step 2:
Smile to yourself when you notice that she's getting horny.

Step 3: Make passionate love to her.

4: Giggle to yourself when it's over...

(because most guys don't understand that women can get horny fast by reading/hearing erotic stories)


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I recenty purchased SSP. Let me start by saying YOU DA MAN. I am forty years old and have been married for twenty years and because of you, I now know what the problem was. I started using your techniques and saw results in a week. And when I say results, I mean I could predict her reactions and even almost control them.

Dude, you were right about the [removed].

I tested it the next time she did it and that is definitely her form of initiation. Thanks for the excellent advise. I'm not easily impressed, but you impress the hell out of me.

Thanks for your writing's man, I dare not
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Your's sincerely,


I am a huge fan of yours.

Your information is really great. I actually purchased some of your materials a while back.

The book was downloaded and stored to the hard drive on my laptop.     

I'm also interested in additional materials that I can read to improve my skills even more.

Thanks to you I am in a relationship with a smart, beautiful nurse.    
Keep up the great work.


Hi CR,

Ive bought your SSP and also the Secret Pattern.

Your breakdown and strategies for communicating with wife is brilliant! As a former NLP trainer (10yrs ago), it didn't occur to me that it could be use in this way to turn my wife on.



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