10 Ways To Increase Sexual Tension

Here is a short list of ways to increase sexual tension tactics (as suggested in another report), you want to create a growing list of CORE sexual tension tactics.

You should create a long list (as humanly possible) of different things that has worked for you or has worked for other guys.

The idea is to increase her arousal a little bit, then do something else to increase it some more, then do something to increase it some even more…


That’s a much better approach (in terms of success rate) than just ‘asking for it’ without knowing her mood and/or mindset.

In fact, here’s an analogy….

For most women, “getting orally pleasured” provides the easiest means for orgasm. And yet, there isn’t ONE MAGIC LICK you could do that would make it so that she would instantly reach orgasm.

Instead, (in terms of a ‘reasonable’ chance of success) you would want to give her a “sequence of licks” if you wanted the ORGASMIC tension to build.

It works the same way with building SEXUAL tension. So it’s to your benefit to “create a list of ST Tactics” (which is a football coach’s playbook) then from there — in the future — when you’re looking to score, you can use some sort of sequence/combination of ST tactics to get her turned on…

It’s a no-lose strategy that always works.

If you’re really skilled and ninja-like effective, then you’ll be able to do this pretty quickly (compared to the average guy).

If you’re not skilled (or very below average) don’t worry, you WILL STILL BE EFFECTIVE, you’ll just need to do a longer sequence.

It’s kind of like if two people were trying to memorize the number 3941935945448920403.4301.

Someone who is really skilled at ‘memory techniques’ and they are ninja-like effective, will be able to do memorize the number – pretty quickly (compared to the average guy). And what they would really be doing is going through a process to IMPACT THEIR BRAIN the right way so that the number sticks.

Someone who is NOT skilled at memorizing (or very below average) WILL STILL BE EFFECTIVE. It’s just he’ll have to spend more time until it has the right IMPACT ON HIS BRAIN so that the number sticks.

Do you want another analogy?

It’s kind of like a woman giving blow jobs.

A woman who is good/skilled will drain you in minutes before your brain has processed what happen. They’re like ‘ninja aliens’. They can’t be human. You end up with the ‘cartoon swirly eyes’ and the dumb smiling look.

On the flipside, some women are the total opposite. There was this one girl I knew (years ago)(it was one of my first BJs) where we arrived at a moment in time & space in this amazing universe where I was on the bed smiling waiting for her to make her way down there. Let’s just say, it wasn’t really the best.

But I DID eventually arrived at ‘happyland’.

Point being: If you’re not skilled (or very below average) at building sexual tension don’t worry, you WILL STILL BE EFFECTIVE, you’ll just need to do a longer sequence.

And the good news is most women tend to be responsive gradual approaches any way.

With all of that in mind, here’s a list to start with (fill free to add to it).

As you can see, I didn’t limit it to ‘conversation tactics’ or anything like that…

You see, the way it works is… ANYTHING (whether it’s a short-term tactic or long-term tactic) that moves her closer to desiring sex is a sexual tension tactic…or anything that has the potential to do so…

Although most of what we’ll cover are short-term tactics. In other words, if you’re successful, you would have moved her closer to wanting sex soon (that same day or the next day or two).

Encouraging Her To Work Out (if necessary) – This is more of a long-term tactic because it could be months before you see the ‘increased arousal’ benefits. Keep in mind, not everyone is into exercising. And there are plenty of women who have no problem getting turned on who don’t exercise. Also, if you’re pressuring her to do it, you’ll probably experience a decrease in sexual tension. However, I’m listed this as one of the tactics because like I said, ANYTHING that ends up getting a woman to want sex in that moment – or more often in the future – is a sexual tension tactic. Working out builds sexual tension in several ways.

She ends up feeling sexier + her biological processes will speed up + she could end up feeling good about herself because she’s exercising consistently + healthier brain processing + better well-being + etc.

That’s why it’s listed. However, its not an essential ‘having sex’ ingredient.

(Special Note: An essential ‘having sex’ ingredient is something that HAS TO be in place in order for her to want sex with a guy. Examples: (1) ‘her idea of the right sexual partner’ + (2) ‘comfortable time/place to have sex’ + (3) her ‘ideal situation/context. Regardless of how skilled/effective/ninja-like a guy is with building sexual tension, those are examples of essential ‘having sex’ ingredients that MUST be in place. If a woman is super-crazy horny, but she thinks the guy is disgusting/creepy she’s not going to have sex with him. And even if she’s super-crazy horny and she’s with the man of her dreams, she may not be willing to have sex in the middle of the grocery store. Yes, she’s horny, but it’s not an ‘ideal place to have sex according to her’. As far as ‘ideal context’ – for some woman, having sex on the first day of knowing the guy is out of the question – even if she’s the horniest she’s ever been in her life. Some guys think (probably as a result of advice from so-called gurus/experts) that if a woman is horny enough then they’ll ALWAYS have sex with the guy under any condition – even if she thinks he’s the creepiest guy she’s ever met – even if it’s in a car with her younger sister in the backseat – even if it’s in the cereal aisle in Walmart – even if she’s only known the guy for 3 minutes.)

Sexual Matching. This works purely on her ability to detect the pattern – even if she’s not consciously aware of it. If every time she has sex, it’s an incredibly/great experience, it’s a tension builder for wanting it more in the future. People like doing things that are fun/pleasurable. Taking it a step further, if she wants hug-like soft sex and you want to bang it silly every single time, that’s NOT sexual matching. Sexual Matching is all about identifying what type of sex she wants at the moment and giving it to her.

Some guys are overly obsessed with performance, orgasms and the mechanics that they lose sight her real ‘in the moment’ expectations. Could you imagine if a woman just wanted a warm loving hug (but she didn’t really want sex), but yet her idiot boyfriend was trying to figure out a way to ‘hug her so perfectly’ that she had the biggest orgasm of her life… or she just wanted to give him 3 playful pecks back to back. And then he decided that he was going to rapidly peck her over and over again (like a crazy smiling woodpecker) as fast and hard as humanly possible.

Sexual Matching is all about creating the habit of ‘giving her the type of sex that she wants.

Touching and Caressing. 
If you’ve been in a relationship before, then you’ve probably created sexual tension by this method. When done the right way (and the relationship is healthy) it’s one of the easiest ways to get a woman turned on. It may take awhile, though. And just like the any sexual tension tactic, it’s best if it’s combined with other effective methods.

Fantasizing about sex. Thinking about sexual fantasies. Thinking of past sexual memories. Thinking of future sexual encounters. Thinking of a time when she ‘watched sex’ – either on TV or live. At the right time + done in a creative way, it can heat things up really fast.

Increasing Metabolism. Doesn’t apply to all women. But in general, the metabolic rate has to do with the speed of internal processes. Most people associate metabolism strictly with ‘losing weight’ (the rate of burning calories). It’s more than that. If you understand the true definition, then you realize that it also applies to speed of arousal (in terms of biological processes). As you may know, sexual arousal happens as a result of a chain of chemical processes that take place in the body. So simple terms: If you do something that leads to her speeding up her metabolism, then (as a long-term tactic) she’s going to be capable of getting horny faster and more often.

Gradual Affection. If you ever cuddled and caressed a woman over a few hours, and all of a sudden she wanted to have sex, then it’s because you slowly increased the sexual tension via gradual affection. It’s not limited to actual touching. It could include gradual compliments (verbal caressing), physical rubbing or a combination of both.

On and Off Methods. This is much of a general structure (or Urge Pattern). It’s one of the most basic forms of creating tension (sexual tension or orgasmic tension) Adding pleasure. Taking it away. Adding more pleasure. Taking it away. The best way to understand this is to NOT look at sex as a series of penis thrusts, but rather a series of ‘putting it in’ (adding pleasure) and taking it away (removing pleasure). This sort of pattern can be applied to building sexual tension in so many ways.

Hate/Love Swing (Emotional Swings). This is the more descriptive version of make up sex – emphasizing the transition (swing) from ‘hate/anger’ to ‘love/happiness’. Although ‘make-up sex’ is a concept for most people, technically there are other ‘swings’ that happen that create sexual tension. For example, a jealousy-reassurance swing would be a woman who is super jealousy (whether it’s justified or self-inflicted) and then she ends up ‘via some conversation’ feeling reassured and it ends up creating this massive emotional impact that could create a lot of sexual tension. And sometimes the reverse happens (reassurance/comfort ==> massive jealousy = Intense sexual tension effect).

Dramatic Increase in Sexual Value. This is somewhat of a ‘swing’ technique as well. Instead of building tension via ‘hate/anger’ ==>‘love/happiness’, the guy goes from ‘no/little value’ to ‘having lots of sexual value’.

The interesting thing to realize is when you have ‘zero value’ in your relationship, it could often have the impact as if she doesn’t have a man in her life. And with new relationships (situations where she really didn’t have a man), the woman often becomes ‘hyper sexual’ (with little effort) because it’s really a ‘natural swing’ at work. she’s going from ‘no-man/loneliness’ to ‘having a guy who cares about her’.

So, increasing your sexual value (especially, dramatically) can have a similar effect of her falling in love for the first time all over again. Although if you currently have sexual value, I wouldn’t advise ‘reducing it’ for the sake of using this type of sexual tension tactic.

Eliminating turn offs. The idea is to identify things that turn her off and stop doing them. A lot of common turn offs are mentioned in SSP. You can go beyond that by figuring out her personal turn offs. Although, it’s technically not a direct tension builder (in most cases), you should still treat it as such.

So there you go, I would strongly advise you to slowly add things based on your observations with your current woman (or thinking back to experiences of women from your past).

Also, if you want a complete MEGA list, check out 154 Ways to Increase Sexual Tension

In fact, these 10 were taken directly from that report. So you would end up with 144 more ways to build sexual tension – and an infinite amount of combinations & sequences that you could ‘customize and craft’.

As a rule, in the meantime focus on doing it as long as it takes to get her sexually aroused. Look for signs. Record/remember/write-down the stuff that works the best – that way you’ll end up with the ‘power tactics’ that work great for YOU and YOUR situation/woman.

Take Care!

Talk Soon,
CR James

154 Ways to Increase Sexual Tension
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24 Urge Patterns (i.e. 24 ‘Pleasure-Focused’ Sexual Tension Structures)


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