*Real* Stories of Great Sex

Have you ever heard a woman say something like:

>> “My ex-boyfriend Jimmy was the only guy who would give me orgasms every time we had sex. I would always cum so hard!” 

And then you ask her…

>> “What EXACTLY did Jimmy do?”

And then she responds something like:

>> “I don’t know. He was just amazing. He just knew what he was doing, I guess.”

If you like stories where women areactually explaining “the reasons” or “the ingredients” that made sex great with a particular guy, then….


It’s called “The Super Eye Opener: Real Stories of Great Sex and Orgasms” 


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  • BAD SEX ALERT: A woman tells a story about how she orgasmed with her ex-boyfriend a lot — but NEVER with her husband. You’ll want to read the 4 things the husband does wrong. Page 17
  • Story #144 – She talks about how her boyfriend put her in a particular sex position + did things a certain way and
    she came extremely hard in just two minutes!! Page 118
  • Story #160 is a great story because the guy is a combination of “extremely bold” + “highly creative”. The woman said it was the BEST SEX she ever experienced! It’s very possible he’s the only guy in the history of the world to do these things to a woman he just met hours ago. Page 130

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