16 Anti-Seductive Traits

This is the current anti-seductive checklist.

If your sexual value (attraction level) starts to fade, look at this list to make sure you’re not doing any (or too much of) these things.

  1. Being Forceful (Pressuring)
  1. Being too emotional too soon
  1. Being overly expressive of emotions (in a way that is too much for her)
  1. Sending a high volume of expressive emotions (in a way that is too much for her)
  1. Being too needy
  1. Complaining a lot
  1. Talking excessively about negative topics
  1. Begging. It sends the wrong messages (i.e. not caring about her preferences, being selfish, etc.)
  1. Being the guy who doesn’t ‘get it’ (i.e. she frustratingly repeats herself a lot)
  1. Being excessively available (it’s not always a problem, but it could be)
  1. Allowing one sided behavior (Sometimes it hurts you. Sometimes it doesn’t.)
  1. Having behaviors that represent lack of control (Normally you’ll give off a vibe that you lack control over your urges.)
  1. Being too focused on the negative side of things
  1. Talking about how things aren’t fair
  1. She gets the impression that you want others to feel sorry for you
  1. Excessively talking about fears, worries and worse case scenarios

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