6 Skills For Increasing Sexual Tension [Issue #021]

Inside this issue:

  • 6 Skills For Increasing Sexual Tension
  • The ‘Limiting Interactions’ Myth
  • Why increasing your sexual value may not work for some women

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CR James

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  2. CR,

    If I do think of any suggestions I will pass it on but, quite frankly, your material is like a Master’s guide.

    You have said take every one’s advice but, after reading your material, I have yet to find a lot of worthy advice. I have even read some material on some [other] sites and some of them are just starting to scratch the surface of what you already know. And besides, their approaches don’t work well in marriages when you don’t have a lot of mystery (just by the shear fact the woman doesn’t know you) or unknown factors working in your favor. These guys date for a few months and move on before the woman gets to know all of their frailties and weaknesses. Also, they believe once a woman has changed you it’s game over. You’re like a [Seduction Master] on steroids and you have the added bonus of making it work in a marriage. These guys are amateurs on long term relationships. I recently read an advertisement for [an expert] and he believes he has revolutionized reading and understanding women.

    He was just starting to touch some of your concepts. I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details. I have gleamed so much knowledge from you that I feel like a master theoretician. Of course, I am still working on the applied side of the theory. Awesome work!

    Happy New Year,

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    I wish I would have thought of it a lot sooner. I’ve made that a New Year’s Resolution to think of ways to be more helpful and more clear and that’s when the 6 tools came to me…

    Based on your suggestion about inserting it into SSP, I’m going to do that for the next version.

    In fact just before reading your email I was thinking at some point going through all of my reports and looking for more skills.. along with adding a better description of each one with resources…once I complete that, I will add it (and pass it on to customers)

    If you have any other suggestions, let me know..


  4. CR,

    You must have read my mind. I literally took everything I learned from your reports and reduced it down to the 6 skills you were describing.

    I wrote it down as 3 steps with the first explaining to myself how to create sexual value through my stories and actions. That 1st step was subdivided as a reminder to myself that I needed to gather more information to know how to become a desirable character to her.

    I even used your language about the “emotional fireman” or the MFM. Then my second step was how to create sexual tension through 3rd person stories or even 1st person stories through memories of my wife and I in intimate settings. Then of course, the final product. Initiating and delivering.

    It took me months to reduce your reports down to a simple explanation for myself and 1 week after I did it, you release this report. I still had this written down on my phone (virtual notepad) just yesterday then I converted it over to a Word Document on a flash drive (My wife knows I take notes about things on my phone, luckily she’s pretty cool and respects my privacy but, I didn’t want to leave my playbook lying around just in case).

    Honestly, I think this should be one of the first things, if not the first, you should put in your SSP book then proceed to explain what these skills are or how to develop them.

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