A “Violent” Orgasm?

How’s everything going my friend…

I’m doing ok I guess…

A few years ago, an SSP customer sent me a very interesting email.

He explained to me what happened when he “tried” one of my techniques.

(It was an “old” and “dusty” technique that appeared on one of my first reports.)

To make a long story short, using the concept in that report, he made his wife have a “Violent Orgasm”.

His words.
Not mines.

I remember thinking:

“Wow. Interesting choice of words.”

According to the email, the crime scene took place in his kitchen. It didn’t take long for me to “visualize” what his facial expression must have looked like as he watched this take place…

It’s like hitting a Home Run and admiring the ball as it “missiles” out of the stadium.

Too bad there isn’t Instant Replay (slow motion style) for guys like us when we proudly hit the ball a little further than normal…

Those are proud moments, too!

There are moments that remind us that we are MEN who care about the pleasure of the ladies we care about.

Here’s the deal… In his email, he talked about AN IMPORTANT LESSON (aside from the details of the “Violent Orgasm”).

It’s a message that SOME MEN reeeeeallly need to hear…

98% of guys do not “understand” how important this lesson is!

You can read the Violent Climax Story @ SuperMakeUpSex.com

Oh yeah, I went back and re-read the ancient 2004 report that contained the technique. And I noticed the same thing I notice anytime I re-read a report that I wrote.

The grammer sucks.
The spelling sucks.
And I see “many ways” to make the technique/lesson BETTER!

If you gave me permission to brag a little – just for 10 secondsĀ  – and not a second longer – I would say that the NEW VERSION contains “added stuff” that makes it dangerously powerful!

(3 seconds to spare)


I’m no longer giving it away for FREE with Super Seduction Power…

In fact, it’s only available as a “separately sold” report…

It’s a must read for guys who are afraid to do the “forbidden” stuff…

If you want to read the 2009 Super Charged Version, go to SuperMakeUpSex.com


If you don’t want a copy and just want to read his email along with “the important lesson”, go to SuperMakeUpSex.com

Enjoy your holiday!

CR James

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