About Me

Hello my name is Charles (or CR James).

I’m not a sexual therapist.

I’m not a relationship expert.

I’m a former Signal Processing Engineering Specialist for the US Army, and  I had the task of figuring out “information” within signals.

At the same time, I was struggling with getting my wife to consistently want sex. Basically, I wanted her to be just as excited about it as I was…

I kept hearing “excuse” after “excuse”. It was like she was calling out of work…

So I became Mad-Scientist-Obsessed with figuring out ways to increase her sex drive…

And I started to see that her desire was based on the signals that I was sending out…

I realized that these signals:

Were based on what I did
Were based on I said
Shaped my perception
Determined my desirability

But that’s not the interesting part…

You see, I never realized it was me, because it just FELT like:

She had lost interest in sex.

When I realized I could increase my Sexual Value, I was itching to find ONE PERSON out there who solved this problem because I wanted to learn from him.

I couldn’t find no one.

I read lots of books by so-called relationship experts who had PhDs, Best-Selling Book awards, but no one who was saying:

“My sex life use to suck. Now it’s great. Here’s what I did.”

Personally: I would rather learn from a McDonald’s janitor than a relationship expert…if he (the janitor) actually solved this type of problem…

So one day I started obsessively learning 2 types of information.

Type #1: COOL STUFF about the Female Brain, Sexual Arousal, Biology, Human Decision Making, The Nervous System, Persuasion, Neuroscience, etc…

Just about everything…that I thought was related to getting better at understanding WHY women get aroused…

Type #2: I thought about times in the past when she was aroused with me. And not to sound like a geeky science nerd, but I wanted to analyze the conditions when she was horny to determine ‘what elements are present in those cases’ VS ‘when she’s not in the mood (and making up excuses to avoid sex)…

That would prove to be a VERY POWERFUL 2-prong approach that started a wave of discoveries…

(Stuff that no one was talking about…)

Based on what I was learning I started to do things differently.

My mindset was different.

In many cases, I was doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the experts were teaching…

And any time I did something that worked, I gave myself permission to put it in my “secret diary” (my secret “collection” of what works for me)…

<< I would highly advise you do the same – unless you have a perfect memory where information never dissolves from your mind. >>

My plan was simple.

Do more of what works.
And stop doing stuff that doesn’t work.

I strongly encourage you to adopt this philosophy.

This approach worked 100 times better than I ever expected!!

In fact it worked so great that I thought:

What if I released and shared my “secret notes” with other guys?

At first it was kind of like a joke because I never enjoyed writing. In fact, even today I don’t consider myself a great writer – in fact,I really don’t care about being grammatically flawless.

I’ve had a few people tell me that I need to be more professional and polished with my writing, but I don’t care too much about that to be honest.

I pride myself in the fact that I care deeply about helping others and I’m constantly striving to be better at teaching ( “transferring knowledge into someone’s else brain in a way that inspires that person to change their lives)…

That matters to me more so than being a Grammatical Perfectionist.

You see, after awhile, it was no longer a joke or a wacky idea.

Me (the guy who once hated writing)(the guy who failed English twice in college because of a fear of writing papers)(the guy who never walked across the stage at graduation in high school because he had to take English in summer school) was now in front of a shitty insanely slow “Gateway” computer passionately typing up my notes so that I could share them with other guys who experienced what I experienced…

I really just wanted one person (or maybe two) say that ‘my wacky advice’ actually helped them, too!

So I created my first report (which I still currently update on a regular basis) called Super Seduction Power – it was a pretty cool collection of tactics that were a result of:

  • Trying new things
  • Purposely replicating stuff I unknowingly did that worked
  • And making philosophical shifts in thinking (as it related to getting women horny)

You see, I kept reading so much theory-based stuff that I got really good at quickly figuring out if an expert was teaching theory (or untested tactics)…

However – My “secret success diary” was based on THINGS THAT HAD WORKED FOR ME.

I then expanded it and converted it into an ebook: “Super Seduction Power

I was shaking in my boots when I first released it because I’ve always been a very private person, but at the same time I was very confident that it would work for other guys….

The results have been pretty good so far.

I encourage you to click here to read a few of the reviews from happy customers, because I plan on sharing new & cool information on this blog.

And I would be honored to have your trust…

I’m very passionate about sharing tactics that are unique and effective. I don’t hold anything back. I’m not a theory guy.  And if you want to learn the SSP Method to getting your woman to want sex just as much as you do, I sincerely want to help you…

Take care & enjoy your day…

If you have any questions, just email me at crjames100@gmail.com.

I do have social accounts (Facebook, Twitter and a few others) out there, but as of today, I barely log in and check messages. So good ‘ole email is the best way to reach me.

CR James

Creator of Super Seduction Power (an ebook that teaches the SSP Method for getting your partner to crave sex more often)