Become Super Desirable To A Woman Using Her HIPS

“There are topics you can talk about that is guaranteed to make her feel good.”

Strategically, your game plan should involve “methods” to make her feel good.

But first you need to understand what that means…

There are 3 “super ingredients” to being the most desirable guy she has ever experienced…

Your ability to make her feel good (is ONE of them) and it’s based on:

1. Your knowledge of what makes MOST WOMEN feel good (i.e. female behavior/psychology)

2. Applying that knowledge

3. Your ability to get information about making TARGET WOMAN feel good (i.e women you meet while shopping at Target)

4. Applying that “specific” knowledge

That’s basically it.

If that makes sense to you, then you will be one of the “few guys” who will quickly
become A Master At Making Women Feel Good. (emotionally)

‘Making a woman feel good’ is ONE of The 3 “Addiction Ingredients”…

Let’s now look at 5 specific ways to ‘make a women feel good’, because the idea
is to master all 3 ingredients…

The feeling that she is valued & important
The feeling that she is unique
The feeling that she is supported
The feeling that she is powerful

Do you see how this works?

You should get out a piece of paper (or open up a Word file) and write down
different ways ton do each of those things…

For example:

Think about about what could you DO to make her feel VALUED
Think about about what could you SAY to make her feel VALUED
Think about about what HAVE DONE IN THE PAST to make her feel VALUED
Think about about WAYS TO ASK HER (overtly or covertly) that would get her
to reveal ways to make her feel VALUED…

Does this make sense?

Increasing your “Addiction Power” is easy as pie!

Everything is going to come down to your ability to GET POWERFUL INFORMATION and APPLY POWERFUL INFORMATION ….

All you have to do is “listen” (when she PROVIDING information) and “do things”…

Imagine talking to a woman, and at some point she started saying things like my exboyfriend would never let me blah blah blah…

At that point, you would say to yourself “hmmmmm…so he made her feel powerless.”

That’s “specific information” that applies to HER (the target woman)…

It’s important to use “information” and “reverse information”…

-So if she HATES feeling “powerless”.
-She’s going to LOVE feeling “powerful.”

Extremely wealthy people HATE the idea of “not having enough money”…
Extremely wealthy people LOVE the idea of “having enough money”…

It’s that simple.

So once you GET THAT POWERFUL INFORMATION, you are going to use it….

For example, later on you could compliment her on being a Powerful Woman…

But don’t just say:

You: Hi Mary. You are a Powerful Woman. Goodbye.

You have to do it the right way…

(Let’s face it, you know for a fact that “feeling powerful” is something that she craves – but more importantly, she is currently craving it more so than normal, because it’s the “thing” that is in her “current awareness”….

Think about that…

There’s 3 “keys to life” that I like to pass on…

1) Look both ways before crossing the street.
2) Don’t eat bread when it has green fur on it.
3) If you are trying to “get her aroused” pay attention to the information that is in her current awareness, because it is the CURRENT VERSION of her that matters. (Note: It’s a good idea to think of her as being a totally different woman – every 10 minutes. And each “woman” has different desires, fears, triggers, etc.

Let’s move on…

Make her feel good using her H.I.P.S.

I’ll explain:

Her Hobbies
Her Interests
Her Passions
Her Spare time activities

Let’s go through an example of making her feel good about one of her Passions:

For example, you can do the CUP technique. [Completely Understanding her Passions]

Tactic #1 – Making it out to be more than it is. As humans we want others to appreciate the unique things about:

-who we are
-what we enjoy doing

You can do this by showing an appreciation on a level that she’s never experienced before. (That’s going to be your “secret mission”)

When you do that, it forces her to see you as someone who understands her passion on a deeper level.

The purpose is to get her to experience the powerful feeling of “finally someone understands me!!!”

If you really do a great job, you’ll get the “raised eyebrow’ effect…

Keep your eyes on her eyebrows.

Let’s give a crystal clear example of how this works.

[Let’s say she enjoys tennis]

Her: I really enjoy tennis.
You: Cool. You know I’ve always thought tennis was a pretty interesting sport. Tennis is an art form. I always thought it was much more than a sport, because it’s the little things like reaching out for the ball. In life you have to reach for the things if you want to succeed.

You want to connect her Hobbies/Passions/Etc with the “essence of life”…

Good Luck… let me know how it goes…

Oh yeah, what did you think about the Violent Orgasm Technique? (let me know)

CR James
(If you have a BURNING question about
being desirable to women and/or getting women turned on,
don’t hesistate)

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  1. Luigi | Reply

    The HL swing report is f**in genius!!! Wow… CR has done it again. I am using it to be the biggest bone headed flake to my girlfriend, so much so that when I ask her to marry me, the swing is going to be so wild, she is going to go over the bar. It’s risky though, because she is getting so tired of my apathy, but goog plan. I was going to be super nice and sweet leading up to that point, but I have changed my strategy. The swing is king! Pardon the pun.

  2. G | Reply

    CR — it’s me again; the woman who reads your instructions in order to defend myself against predatory men.
    I remember when I fell for the mind-games that you have instructed, but I was as naive, innocent, & trusting as a girl can get back then. But even then I live by the code “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” & I’ve never allowed a man to play me again —- & I can see that type of man coming a mile away, now. And when I get those alarms & red lights going off like New York City on fire when some man starts playing me, I pay attention to them …. although I usually don’t let on that I saw him & his shenanigans coming a mile away (although there have been times that I have openly confronted him head on, too).
    Do you know what I find most attractive about a man?; it is the type of person that he is: if he is just, honest, has high ethics, high respect for all people (including women), who doesn’t bully, use or play people, who is strong & secure enough within himself to be caring & compassionate (not having to prove “how much of a man he is” to other men & being macho), who does not intentionally harm other people & stops hurting someone when he discovers that he has, who doesn’t use women as warm bodies to masturbate with & would even respect, honor, & not use a prostitute … the kind of person that anyone could implicitly trust not to pull the trigger of a loaded & cocked rifle that was pointed at his/her head.
    My father was one of these types of men; during his duty in WW2 in France: he had the guts put up with his “buddies” teasing him because he wouldn’t use the French women for sex like they did — & he had the guts to stay celibate until he married my mother.
    Another man that I deeply respect for the type of person that he is is Chuck Norris — but there are others.
    For myself & many women, sexual attraction/value starts & stops with who the man is as a person & his character, not whether or not he can play us.
    I don’t know if this input will help you & your readers at all — most of what I’d advise a man is for him to respect himself & other people & to treat all people the way he’d want to be treated if he were in their situation. If a woman isn’t attracted to you then, continue on until you find the woman who is attracted to you — ALL of who you are, body, soul, & spirit.



  3. Instructor CR James | Reply

    Thanks for the comment Luigi…

    lol @ the “swing is king”


  4. Instructor CR James | Reply

    Hi G

    I appreciate your comments.

    I agree 100% Your definition of a “quality/sexy man” could not be stated any

    Become the guy who REALLY is/has:

    – honest
    – high ethics
    – high respect for all people (including women)
    – who doesn’t bully
    – strong & secure enough within himself to be caring & compassionate
    – who does not intentionally harm other people
    – ETC.

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