Distinction #1 Average Guys are quick to give up. While SG Guys are…

Hello my friend…

I hope you find the information in this report valuable. It really can be life-changing. I remember hearing someone say:

You don’t really know something until you have actually DONE IT!


I was blown away…

In other words, if you think you know what it takes to build a bird house (because you’ve read instructions)(or because you’ve seen a video on how to do it), then you DON’T really know how to do it…until you have actually done it.

Simple concept.

Yet, powerful.

After being exposed to concept, I immediately started to pay attention to it in every aspect of my life. And wouldn’t you know it: I found that there were many things that I thought I knew something, but I didn’t. But it didn’t stop there… I started to notice how often people talked about what they knew even though they have never done it before.

I would talk to a guy about his relationship problem and he would complain about not getting enough sex and then at some point, he would say: “Yeah I know I need to do XYZ, but can you help me get through this.”

It was like, he was ignoring the XYZ as if it was something that wasn’t going to hold him back.

It’s like someone saying: “Yeah I know I need to put tires on my car, but can you help me fix the engine so that I can drive to work.”

But in this case, he’s saying he knows the importance of XYZ even though he’s never done it before…

And that’s like saying:

“I now know how to put tires on my car because I’ve read your strategy for putting on tires, but can you help me fix the engine so that I can drive to work.”

The truth is he won’t know how to put tires on his car, until he’s DONE IT.

The truth he won’t know that I KNOW HOW until he follows my instructions until he’s DONE IT.

So there are two lessons:

Lesson #1: Become great at figuring out everything that’s causing the problem. If your car won’t drive, don’t assume that one problem will fix everything. If the tires are missing and the engine isn’t working. You need to fix both!

Lesson #2: You don’t know how to do something until you’ve actually done it. If you’ve never fixed an engine before, then you don’t know how to do it until you’ve actually done it.

Let’s look at how ignoring these lessons create problems… In the case, the guy is assuming that the XYZ works. In other words, let’s say he owns a copy of Super Seduction Power and in there he reads about a technique designed to improve his sex life. It would be more beneficial for him to at least TRY IT and get a negative result, then to assume that it works for his situation without trying it.

Also: He’s not doing something that he believes works. It’s one thing to assume that something works, but to NOT DO what you believe works is a totally different problem.

I’m perfectly fine if someone says: ‘Your XYZ Technique didn’t work for me at all’ because at least I know that I’m talking to someone who is a DOER! (someone who tries things)(someone who isn’t just satisfied with reading and the ‘illusion of learning/improving’)… I’ve noticed that there are slight differences in the way some guys take action.

And these difference determine what kind of result the guy will get…

More specifically, I’ve noticed 10 key distinctions between guys who become super desirable with women and guys who are just average.

A simple formula for success (correction: a simple formula for “getting great results”) is:

Improve Your Strategy (what you actually do) + Improve Your Mind State (your philosophy & outlook)

You need both!

When you improve your mindset, you will end up making different decisions.

There are millions of “unique ways of thinking” that most guys don’t ever consider.

For example, a guy could say: I just want my wife to feel as though she’s in an amazing relationship where often times she thinks ‘this is too good to be true.’

Naturally this will affect how he treats her, the different decisions he makes, how he reacts to her, how forgiving he is, how he perceives her, etc.

And even though he’s “technically” making strategy adjustments, the emphasis is more on the new mindset that he’s operating with.

It’s always amazing to hear about someone who got amazing results with something… you know, someone who has made an amazing improvement using a particular strategy….

But here’s the deal…the truth is they probably have no idea how much of a factor their mind state was…

That’s because Super Desirable Guys (guys who are extremely desirable to women) don’t know what it’s like to NOT think the way they do.

To really put this in perspective, let’s go over a key distinction.

Distinction #1 Average Guys are quick to give up. Super Desirable Guys are Action-Based-Adjusters.

However, there is a little more to it than that… The only thing good about the Average Guy is that at least he’s trying. At least, he’s taking the time to read information to make some sort of improvement. You have to give your credit for that.

If we wanted, we could create a third group:

The Loser Guy (and you may know someone like this).

This would be someone who makes excuses for not learning – even though he knows he needs to improve.

So even though I try to encourage guys to take action on what they’ve just learned… you got some guys who won’t even take the time to learn. Yes. This kind of makes him a loser.

So getting back to first mistake of Average Guys, they tend to give up too quickly.

Their fuel tank only holds a half of gallon of gas.

A good example of this ‘mindset’ (in a non-relationship situation) is a guy I know who told me about a new business idea he had.

He came up with the product idea. He had the product created. He contacted a few trade shows. And bought a booth.

I thought ‘Ok cool. Let me know how it goes.’

Saturday came, and that’s exactly what he did.

But afterwards, he called me up complaining that it didn’t work.

I said: What didn’t work?

He said: I didn’t sell one product. I’m never going back again.

I said: Where was your booth? Do you think that the location of your booth matters? (He was all the way in the back) Do you think you could adjust the product? Do you think that your booth presentation matters? Do you think that how you interact with potential buyers matter? Do you think that price matters? Do you think….

As you can imagine, he never asked himself questions like that.

In his mind, you would think that he convinced himself that people don’t buy at trade shows.

And get this: After accusing me of being an asshole for asking him this series of questions, he confessed that at some point during his extremely short-lived trade show career that he ended up talking to several guys who have been selling the exact same product for over 5 years!


Here’s the point. Actually I have 2 points:

Point #1: You should be able to see how he’s never going to improve with his current style of thinking.

Point #2: If you apply my friend’s trade show style of thinking to your relationship, not only will it stop you from taking things to the next level, but even worse, you could end up convincing yourself that ‘something’ doesn’t work when it actually has the potential to work…simply because you refused to ask yourself ‘adjustment’ questions….

(( Note: I could create an entire report talking about how DANGEROUS it is to convince yourself that something doesn’t work when it actually has the potential to work amazingly. ))

Instead of saying: It doesn’t work.

You could say: It didn’t work this time. Maybe I can make some adjustments.

Maybe there’s things I can do to increase my sexual value. Maybe I can do things to affect her beliefs about me, herself, sex and relationships. Maybe she really was tired. Maybe she prefers to have sex when she’s energetic. Maybe I initiated too quickly. Maybe…

I find “average guys” to be amazing times.

If I wanted to learn how to build a bird house.

And I found someone who was willing to teach me (because he’s built a lot bird houses) + he’s taught others to successfully build bird houses, then I would just follow his instructions.

I wouldn’t give him reasons why I haven’t taken the time to follow the instructions.

I wouldn’t (at the last minute) complain about how birds don’t technique deserve the bird house.

I wouldn’t complain about the number of steps involved. If it takes 3 steps to do it, ok. If it takes 300 steps, that’s fine too.

That’s one distinction.

The key is knowing that you can always improve at this “mindset distinction”.

So if someone took the “Super Desirable Guy” approach to have better results at the next tradeshow by asking himself the question:

How can I get a better booth location?

He could take it to another level, by asking three more questions.

He could take it to another level, by asking ten more questions.

Average guys are quick to give up. So out of one hundred guys who were in a similar situation, let’s say that 70 of these would have given up and never came back.

Within the thirty that are levels. SDG think in terms of levels. Ten would make three adjustments. Another ten would make six adjustments. Another ten would make twelve adjustments.

It’s kind of like how a person either goes to the gym or not.

And of the people who work out, some go twice a month, some go once a week and some go every other day.

That’s what I mean by ‘with action takers’ there are levels of improvements.

When it comes to ten people who want to build a bird house, seven will not do anything.

One will skim a book.
Another will read it slowly and take notes.
Another will read it slowly multiple times + take notes.

There are people who have never read a nonfiction book multiple times or ‘re-read a chapter’ to fully engrain the concept.

The idea is to (#1) adopt the mindset of an action-adjuster by asking questions and (#2) continue to think of ways to be MORE of an action-adjuster.

If you want to take it to another level, check out the report “10 Distinctions Between Average Guys and Super Desirable Guys. And the idea is to make sure you’re doing all 10 while at the same time, thinking of how you can take each of the ten to the next level.

If I ever decide to add more distinctions to that POWER LIST, I would include

Distinction #11: Average Guys focus on trying to convince her to do XYZ. Super Desirable Guys focus on the mindset of giving her an amazing experience.

I know guys who were super focused on learning new skills to get their ladies turned on (which is great). However, it was “tweaks” in their mindset that lead to the BULK of their improved sex lives.

For example, having the mindset of “giving her a great experience in the relationship so that she thinks ‘Wow! This guy really makes me feel amazing’ will automatically lead to many decisions that will (1) get her turned on (2) make her happier in the relationship  (3) make it easier for her to get turned on and (4) many other things.

If you can see how making ‘over night’ SHIFTS in mindset can have a huge (life changing) impact on your lady, then click the link below and order today.



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