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I created this post to showcase the emails of people who are pleased with the results they got from my advice. It always feels good to know that you are helping guys understand women better so they can have successful (top 1%) relationships or the confidence to meet new women…

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    CR, Thanks again for sending me these books. I have read through them and once again you are absolutely right on what you have written. I notice a few important parts in the new writings are reiterations of key points from “SSP”.

    Why I have not mentioned this before I don’t know, but I feel it is important to mention that your “Super Charisma” formula is more important than maybe even you might realize.

    That formula alone was the biggest piece of the puzzle to me in turning my life around. I did change internally like you said, but I now take that formula with me everywhere I go.

    Even though I am happily married to my dream woman…

    For instance, when I enter a bar (with or without my wife) I immediately pretend to be single (in my mind). I then refer back to your writings to try and test my sexual value on all of the women.

    Confidence, confidence, confidence!

    There is a reason that is the first componant of “Super Charisma”.

    I know the email is long, but I feel this all needed to be said. Thanks. again!


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    Thanx for the [customer-only special report]!

    You are so right! At one time I was so into analyzing what turned my wife on, that I would constantly be asking her what and how she wanted it. She couldn’t tell me! She didn’t have the means to communicate this to me… wonder I have been frustrated all these years!…in pursuit of some information she would never be able to give!

    It’s starting! I’m learning and my wife is starting to wake up from her “Husband induced Sexual Coma”. We are starting to have sex again!

    P.S. You have to love the look on my wife’s face when she is in the middle of her orgasms!

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    Hi Mr.James,

    I havent had time to study in detail and apply your material, but what I have had time to analyze/apply so far, works like magic, its awesome shit!! Not to metion all the free bonus stuff, I Love it! oh, yes, about the free bonuses, just a request if you have some time to do it for me.
    I received all the good free bonus stuff, except these two below because the links never worked, dont know why…and I really dont know what im missing, so please if you could take your time to send me a new link, or e-mail them or something.

    I really apreciate your material


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    Hi CR what’s up my friend. Your ???? report was the highlight of my week last week. It is THE BOMB!!
    I’m still digesting it because I think it has so much that I cannot get it all
    at once. I noticed though similarities with the NLP pattern of loops but in a
    different more covert way and in a way it has never been explained in NLP.

    Open loop of curiosity, and fill in the vacuum with information which otherwise
    may not be as accepted but this time it’s swallowed whole (no pun intended LOL)
    I’m writing also to ask about the Bracelet Report. I’m sure you out it in to
    get people’s attention and not forgotten it, since I never received it or saw
    it anywhere.

    Can I have it?? I’ll give you 250 seduction master points for it ;P

    I’ve had trouble with your material in terms of using it mostly because I
    haven’t digested it to a level where I can create my own seduction formulas. Do
    you think that if I wrote stuff down it would help me use it more?

    Thanks again.

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    Thank you very much CR James! Who would have ever figured out all the things I was doing wrong in my relationship with my wife! I had become the ultimate “man of desperation”! I had actually lost a part of my own identity trying to constantly please my wife! The first time I finally said “No” to her, she sat up and looked at me as if I was crazy for having said it! Now she is starting to take notice of me…now she is constantly holding onto my arm or holding hands with me when walking out in public!

    You have to understand, we were destined for divorce within another six months untill I started praticing your techniques. What a turn around my wife has done! She is actually starting to get aggressive with me sexually in bed at night! She will strip down and then demand I come to bed naked too! Then she starts to rub her naked body all over me, kissing me and telling me how much she loves me!

    I know I have alot to learn still and I have to make sure I don’t fall into any pitfalls, but if this is any indication of where we are going….then I had better hang on tight!

    Thankyou once again CR James without your techniques I doubt I would ever have enjoyed what my wife is giving me now! The proof is in the pudding! The attachment is just a little taste of my wife’s desert!


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    Yea. The funny thing is that it is coming out in my favor. She dresses more like a wife than a mom now. For Mother’s day she dressed relaxed and let me take the lead in the restaurant. I did ease up and I spent a few days being supportive. When the kids where out of the house this weekend, I used a funny sexy card she’d given me for our anniversary (from a previous year) to remind her of sex and then made the move in the kitchen. She was especially willing and giving.

    After the fact, she respects me and my space more. Although at the time of the jealousy technique she was furious. I believe she is more reseptive to me because of the technique. In a flash of inspiration, I suggested that the past anti-seductiveness has been solved when the doctor’s made their diagnosis on her.

    My wife has always prided herself on being hard to get and being above the cut. Since the kids, its been increasingly difficult for me to initiate sex. I like the idea of the points and the happiness of the smiley face technique. I think this is the future.

    She sees herself as the one with the goods and doesn’t want to appear cheap. I’ve had some success suggesting that she has to tell me what she wants and she seems open to this. I like the playfulness of having her beg for sex. It will take awhile to build to this point. It interfers with her self concept to beg for sex (or earn points). I’ve tried it and she gets turned off and says she isn’t that kind of girl (probably I’m not doing it right).

    The ???? based techniques have done wonders breaking down her resistance to sex. She is a very proud woman. I can see she is trying to do a really good job for me and is enjoying herself. I can only hope that I can stay confident and continue to eliminate anti-seductive behaviors so that our intimacy and connection can continue to increase.

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    Hello Mr. James, I purchased your “Super Seduction Power” and bonus e-books about one month ago and have been reading and reviewing its contents regularly. You have presented an interesting point of view.

    I have been applying the various techniques ….and have observed various levels of positive results from many different females.

    I have observed when I enter a place where many women are present, I am “noticed” by women who will turn around immediately and look directly at me and sometimes give me a smile when I am approaching or passing by them.

    I do not initiate any outright verbal commuication with them to attract their attention; only the ???? technique. At first I was surprised and thought it was random coincidences, but it is constantly occurring and is a predictable reaction from women.

    Specifically, last week I walked into a hardware store and overheard a young girl talking with teenage girl in a van. I didn’t pay any attention to their conversation since I was preoccuppied with locating several items in the store.

    I was startled and never thought this technique would cause a very young girl to react in this manner.

    I am looking forward to receiving additional updates and reports from you. This is very powerful stuff.


    L. S. Y.

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    Hi James, I have finished the book and I have to say it has been an awakening experience.

    Ive made modest changes in how I view things and I have seen modest changes in our relationship. I’m determined to make this work and become a better person in the process.

    Can you suggest more reading material? With authors that have the same heart and soul that you have.


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    C.R: Thank you for the information – very informative!

    I plan to read it carefully again.

    [Something interesting happened] and we had a really good ’round that morning’.

    When things were “not happening” for her a while back I suggested that she might consider finding a boyfriend and that I would be O.K.with that

    The only time she really has had a good orgasm was just before we were married and I have begun to think it happened because she was excited at the extramarital adventure of it.

    Apologies for the lengthy letter it’s just that you seem to have a good understanding of how to handle these things.


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    Well, I am convinced now that all of your teachings are paying off.

    I have been avoiding [doing the anti-seductive things mentioned in Super Seduction Power] and she is now saying silly things like…

    I’m going to jump your bones when I come home and we should install a trapeze in the bedroom and the greatest one was I told her I was going to straighten her out and she asked what I had in mind.

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    Dear CR James, I have bought a lot of your products, almost all actually.

    I find your outlook quite fascinating the methodology is flawless.

    I like very much that you are using this kind of knowledge to improve, enhance and deepen intimacy because there is not a man on this plan who has not experienced the problems you highlight.

    The solutions are amazing simple.


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    Hey CR, I have a couple of items that would like to comment on …

    one is when you talked about your wife becoming [sexually aggressive] on your way back from [a certain type of event]…

    years ago when our kids were young we would [do something similiar to what CR James experienced] and 6 out of 10 times when we were on our way home my wife would take my hand and put it on her pussy…

    she would be so wet that she would leak through ..

    then she would finger herself while I would try and watch while driving …thats hard to do…

    and play with [myself]…

    I always thought she did that b/c [of something else]

    I wonder if women in general think that way….

    and the other is and I don’t remember where I read it at this time but she fits the mold of the woman that has these high morales and is the first to say I could or would never do that which I have always thought was BS

    b/c I believe people will do anything if the right buttons are pushed as you put it…

    I would like to hear what you have to say on each one of these and want to extend my thanks to you for the reopenning my eye’s to the reality of how women are and what they are actually saying…

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    Hey CR,

    I’ve read every word you’ve sent me and I agree I need to change my methods for sexual frequency…

    yesterday she told me she wanted to cum when she got home;

    we live in Al;

    I would normally get excited and say something smart ass but this time I acted as though I didn’t care…

    when we got home I unloaded the car and she began washing cloths so I went outside and washed the car and did some yard stuff and after and hour or so I came back in and got a shower and when I got out she came into the bathroom and asked if I was ready …

    so I said I guess and she looked and me puzzled and repeated the words I GUESS ?…

    I didn’t say anything else I just got in bed and waited for her….she loves her vibrator so after she had sucked me for a while she got on top and rode me for about 10 minutes and I told her to lay on her back and I played with her pussy with her vibrator until she was squirming around she took the vibrator from me and I put one finger in her ass and the other in her pussy and she came 4 to 5 times …

    when she finished I got on top of her and…

    she bucked around like a wild horse until I had blown my load….

    later when we were sitting on the couch I asked her [something] b/c she seemed wetter than normal and that I still had a throbbing in my dick b/c she had fucked me that good…

    the look on her face was like a little child that had been complimented on for doing something special…

    and she said good that was what it was supposed to do…

    I look forward to hearing back from you

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    MR. James

    I could tell you a thousand stories about a thousand times where I was anti-seductive.

    I won’t because now they are successes. I fought to change.

    and I’m seeing the results from your system.

    Now there isn’t a woman in the world I wouldn’t talk to.

    I actually like the conversations I’m having. It took constant studying and vigilence.

    Now Things have completely changed.

    I think differently now.

    here’s is a story I think you’ll like. I was in vail. I’m a road painter so I travel all over. I was staying in the hotel there with my crew. we were rained out so we couldn’t work. We went to the local pizza place there were two ladies that came in. Married ladies as it happens so introduced myself and they replied with their names I said that’s good lets try the rest of the ladies. so I introduced myself again to the bartender and the waitresses and just about everyone in the place. now my buddies were having a good time.

    There was a guy that brought 3 more ladies inside.

    NOT ONLY did those three girls introduce themselves they told me they were lesbians….

    they wanted to have a 4some with me when I got back to denver!

    I gave them my number.

    Now it gets even better…

    I left the pizza joint and there was another girl outside so I talked to her. I found out some very interesting things about her. she worked in the ice cream parlor with yet another girl. I went into the ice cream parlor with my boss. He ordered a cone. I ordered the banana split

    Those girls went crazy over it. I had them putting the stuff on it and they smiling like some purring kittens.

    I could tell how horny these ladies in vail are.

    Theres more after that we went to the bowling alley. The bartender kept accusing me of trying to pick her up. There was a very wealthy and beautiful women that came in and she blew me off. But after they left her standing for about ten minutes I went back, and asked if there was anyone to help her.

    I’ve never had a day like that.

    In one day I connected with over 25 females.

    Now for the kicker. The day before when we checked in our hotel there was girl there. She wanted to be difficult when we checked in….

    {the rest of this story has been removed}

    I’ve never had a day like that before. But honestly it took losing the girl that took care of me after I was set on fire to find you. now I realize how succesful that relationship was.

    I just wish I took action sooner.

    But now like I said things are completely different but it took a deep look at myself to make it happen.

    Keep up the good work.
    A lot of guys could use your help.

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    Hey CR I have read and implemented so much in the last week my head is spinning but I am laughing my ass off!!

    The results are almost immediate and I have a huge hill to climb, married 18 years, left last year for 9 months (to give her space), moved back when she said she was sorry and how she wanted to be a family again.


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    These reports were soooo incredibly helpful.

    I feel like a new man after reading a nine page size 37 font elaboration on the fact that in order to meet women i must grow a pair of balls. Signal engineering parallel to meeting women? Genius application buddy. Lookin forward to seeing your stuff on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Get Bent

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    Hi CR,

    I recently downloaded and devoured every scrap of your material I could find. I have been the classic example of the guy who [does the anti-seductive things mentioned in Super Seduction Power]… the works!

    I thought she had just turned cold, that the lack of libido was her fault, all the stuff you described.

    The real problem is [things discussed in Super Seduction Power]… and the fact that [something else discussed in Super Seduction Power]

    [The ???? Technique] in particular is Great!

    I nearly laughed out loud the first time I used it yesterday and just one of her eyebrows shot up involuntarily!

    Last night, when she proposed a “quickie”

    I said, “???????” — And then I promptly fell asleep! AAAH Ha-ha-ha-ha (my best maniacal laugh).

    This is becoming fun

    On top of that, I’ve been doing *really* nice stuff like massages and backrubs away from the bedroom, and without expectations. I’ve been my normal, upbeat, super-confident self. [I suffer from overconfidence as opposed to the alternative — could this work against me???]

    In any event, I’m really enjoying the evolved mindset of trying to be her hero — she’s awesome and deserves it.

    OK, I’ve distracted you long enough.
    Great job! Keep the tips coming!!!!!

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    CR, I didn’t realize my wife has been playing [seduction] games with me for the past 27 years but she has been and it pisses me off…

    I also didn’t realize that I thought I was rescuing her from her miserable childhood….

    I’m getting what your telling me some of which I have to force down but I am getting it…Its starting to work although I do have to overcome a lot of fuck ups on my part from the past…

    this past week she gave me the best blow job she has ever givin and tuesday when I got home…

    she was dressed in a leather thong and…

    I fucked her until she asked me to cum b/c she said I had wore her ass out….

    she came about 5 or 6 times….

    I am leaving today to go fishing on the coast so last night she asked me if I wanted some and I said no ..

    but I found it interesting that she asked me when I was tired and knew I wouldn’t want to…playing the game….she is pretty hard headed and hides her sexual emotions very well so its hard for me to know when she is getting horny but I am committed to stand tall and wait for [my wife] to break down and beg me to fuck her again…

    thanks for the help
    I’ll let you know what happens

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    Man !!! I got to tell you …. you CRACK ME UP with the:

    “Top Secret” ????? Sex Experiment

    I got to STOP reading and do this note because ALL that you say is right into the point.

    And I understand you perfectly cos its being like 5 years since I been studying quantum mechanics, energy, “The Secret DVD”, “What the FUSS do we know?” and all about frequencies and now you found an energy-mental-frequencies-psychology method to be successful with women.

    And the SCARIEST SHIT is that it WORKS!!! ….. wajajajaaaajaa!! Because I am using it ….

    And BTW …. you know what I want to accomplish?

    Call me crazy if you want, jeje!!!

    I want to make women orgasm just by looking them straight into the eyes using [a CR James concept JA!!!

    And let me tell you for you to believe …

    There’s this girl at the Gym that I am using your techniques on her and I told her what I want to accomplish and SHE told me to keep doing it because I am very very near to accomplish it.

    She said that, ok?

    What do you think?


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    It’s a pleasure to know there’s a man out there who knows what you’ve gone through.

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    Dear Mr. James,

    WOW!!! is what I’ve got to say about the ???? technique. This system is simple yet powerful.

    Let me give you some backround. First off my wife and I are a middle aged couple who have been married 20 years. Like alot of couples our sex life has cooled off considerably over the years, and like alot of men out there I figured it was my wifes problem cause I sure felt the same about sex.

    After studying your material was I red faced.

    I’m not afraid to admit I created my own low sexual value in my wife’s brain, I could see it, you layed it all out in front of me, I felt like a dope.

    How was I going to turn this around?

    Well you take care of that too right in your material. I bought everything you offered and studied in secret.

    I figured I better start out with what seemed to me to be a simple technique, the ????? technique. This and some things to increase my sexual value to my wife would be my starting point.

    The first chance I got [did something powerful]…

    Early one morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for work and shaving in front of the mirror when in walks my wife, stops in back of me so I could see her in the mirror and slides her night gown to the floor.

    She is nude and smilling at me.

    She grabs my crotch then walks to the toilet, pees, grabs her night gown and says

    “You have a great day at work” and back to bed she goes.

    Oh my!! could I have increased my sexual value?

    Sure seemed like it, she has’nt done anything like that since well I couldn’t remember.

    The days went by with her [acting much differently]. There was no sex but there sure was tension. The week end came and she announced we had dinner reservations at a steakhouse we enjoy.

    In the restaurant, we sat across from each other in a dim booth and after ordering she let me know she was going to the restroom and off she went. Our drinks were there when she got back and after she slid into the booth she reached across the table and dropped a tiny pair of G-string panties in the middle of the table.

    Wide eyed I reached for them and she stopped me saying “leave them”.

    “you need [something]” I said.

    “Damn rights” she said

    “I’m getting close and I have every intention of [having sex] ” and she gave me the dirtiest, nastiest look.

    For the rest of dinner she [did slutty things] right and left, rubbing my crotch with her foot, and at one point she even reached across the table on the pretense of wiping something off my face but instead slid her finger across my lips leaving a trail of wettness.

    This nasty girl had reached under her dress and got a finger wet in her pussy, she knows her scent and wettness drive me crazy, WOW!!!!!

    Anyway to make a long story short [we had sex] that night.

    We ended up getting a hotel room for the night and…

    …she was as nasty, dirty, horny and sexy as I’ve ever seen her!


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    Hi James,

    First of all let me take this opportunity to thank you for the advice that have helped many people to live a happy life.

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    dude this SSP shit is fuckin awesome!

    cunt w8….sorry… cant w8 to see wot that brilliant mind has in store 4 me in that smiley face technique shit.

    peace bro
    and keep the lust flowin

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    CR, Hey, what a welcome message in my inbox, great to hear from you! I was
    just thinking about some of your stuff the other day.

    You know, I’m not all into getting the women and stuff like that, because I
    realize there is something much better than that in your teaching.

    The way I put it, you teach people to rework their methods of interacting with others.

    But that requires changing the way they manage their own actions,
    and that requires changing the way they think.

    So you’ve got a good thing going here, I’m all into it and going to get
    back to reading some of your stuff!

    And I’m really glad I stepped up and bought your super seduction power books a couple years ago!

    Have a great week,


    P.S. – I too am working on building my own business. Very likely I will
    branch off of my network marketing company and do something “on my own”
    like what you are doing.

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    Mr James,

    I just read the ???? report, and this is sneaky good.

    I think this might be just the thing i needed. I have been playing a game with this girl for a while now. Everything was going good until I walked away from her after i Had lunch in her restaraunt. My brother-in-law had invited me to have lunch there And i wasn’t prepared for her to give me an ultimatum as i walked out the door. I left anyway and when i had lunch there again, she was mad. I took the stuff in [your course] and asked for her number anyway.

    This girl is very sweet and kind hearted and i actually do like her, I want to do this right because she still wants me to call, and i still have value but it is kinda low right now with her honestly.

    I’m not worried though even though there was another guy involved. I love this. I’m having as much fun as when i was a kid.

    I actually think this is amazing.

    And the funny part is that it works.

    I really don’t have a question.

    JUST A GOOD JOB HOMIE GOOD JOB. …your work is priceless.

    Thanks a lot man.


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    I do own that so you better get of your arse and send me that report. Boy this stuff is great and the second and third time reading it, it start to all come together.

    Thank you.

    Love your work Bro

    Kind regards

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    It’s a pleasure to know there’s a man out there who knows what you’ve gone through.

    I am very sloooooooowwwwwwwww to learn. Intelligent insight! I could write volumes on my mistakes????

    Thanks CR.



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    Dear Mr. CR James,

    Hello, my name is [G.K].. I recently purchased Super Seduction Power…

    If I ever owed anyone a Thank You it is definately you!

    My self esteem and success with women has once again returned thanks to you. Around 6 years ago I developed a heath problem called atopic dermatitis that greatly effected the physical appearance of my skin, specifically on my face. Over time my self esteem and confidence went to shit. My fiance and I first got together around that time and our relationship was hanging by a thread for years, but the love for each other and our children has kept us together, but the situation came to a head around a month ago, and that is what led me on a search, that brought me to your books.

    I must say that my life improved the very day that I first read Super Seduction Power and my life, and my sexual relationship with my fiance has been better than I ever dreamed of.

    The sex is exactly like when her and I first got together and she is more affectionate, and says I love you more than when we first got together.

    You made me realize that it was ?????, my ?????, and ?????? that were destroying me, my relationship, and my future and driving my fiance away from me all the while mainly blaming her.

    You helped me to realize that physical looks are not what matter most to women, and I had convinced myself subconsciously that I was shit because I did not look like I used to. My health has also improved since reading Super Seduction Power and I physically look better than I have in years, my energy, and sexual stamina are once again back to normal.


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    Huge thanks!

    When I discovered the treasure trove of your emails waiting for me in a folder today, it was better than christmas (or stealing my kid’s halloween candy). I haven’t got much work done since I was so busy reviewing some of your material I had
    and getting some new ones….

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    Thanks James,

    Really appreciate the response and info. I’ve been reading the part of MFM and I find it so much along my line of thoughts and observations since I’ve been married these past 12 years.

    Like you I have been obsessive about how I can make my wife want me and desire me more often and I totally agree with the persona thing, health, and creating the right atmosphere, etc.

    It really works because I don’t believe I’ve ever been turned down unless she was on her period, had the flu, etc.,

    she really is a great partner for me I mean we have sex on an average of 1/day, seriously I not trying to brag, but maybe some couples have it more often…

    I don’t really know. It’s what I’ve watched and learned about her and it is true when these things are clicking she becomes more mentally in “the mood” to have sex.


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    Hello James,

    Am on a holiday at my sisters in the middle east …

    …I must say in all honesty they are very much insightful and directing me to a new way of thinking to sound plain without exaggeration.

    There are so many manuals out there that tell you or
    reveal how to lay girls etc etc and to be honest I’ve tried most of them
    without avail…

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    I have read through a lot of your stuff and I think it is very solid and it is the most intelligent and balanced and logical advice I have read so far.

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    Very busy so have to make this short….

    Basically your material is the best I have ever read – and I have read a LOT.

    Please, start doing seminars.

    Matt (UK)

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    “Dear Mr. James.

    My name is [J Carty], I am one of your customers
    who bought your S.S.P yesterday. I think it is one of the
    best books on seduction I’ve yet come across, because it takes it to an advanced level….”

    J Carty – Great Britain (UK)

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    Could you pleeeassee send me another [customer only] report.

    I need a fix man, your stuff is the most thought provoking seduction material that I have ever read.


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    Hello Mr. James,

    I purchased your [Super Seduction Power course] about one month ago and have been reading and reviewing its contents regularly.

    You have presented an interesting point of view .

    I have been applying the various techniques as mentioned in the “Lust Signals” section and have observed various levels of positive results from many different females.

    I have observed when I enter a place where many women are present, I am “noticed” by women who will turn around immediately and look directly at me and sometimes give me a smile when I am approaching or passing by them.

    I do not initiate any outright verbal communication with them to attract their attention; only the silent ????? technique .

    At first I was surprised and thought it was random coincidences, but it is constantly occurring and is a predictable reaction from women.

    ….. I am looking forward to receiving additional updates and reports from you.
    This is very powerful stuff.


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    Thanks so much for your help. I was able to open the attachment without a hitch. I found the concept of the strategic stacking to be very useful. I am actually preparing a presentation for my work for tomorrow and think it provides the approach I need.

    I enjoy your work. Though I have been married for 35 years and am in a committed relationship, I find the principles relate to maintaining and strengthening that relationship. I also find that they apply to building new relationships for commercial purposes in the workplace.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to send me a copy of the report.


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    Dear crjames,

    First of all I have to say I absolutely admire you, great works of yours do not only teach people about dating but also communication skills and a boost to self-confidence.


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    Dear CR,

    Thank you for your Kind compassion and for sharing!

    All the best to You and crew.
    Keep on adding for a better World!


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    Hey Cr,

    hope all things are great!

    thanks for your reports and updates, I have been implementing your work for almost a year now (on and off) and rereading your stuff again and have seen somewhat of a turn around.
    I missed your bracelet report and would be very interested in getting a link to it, if I am entitled to it, I read you mentioning it in one of your reports and couldn’t remember getting it.

    Thanks again, all the best.


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    Hi There I must say that I’ve never seen or read any material of this nature before that makes as much sense as yours. I am constantly thinking up new ways of increasing SV and it really works(ed) every time.

    For some or other reason though, my wife seem to have grown a sort of immunity against everything lately. I thought at a certain point in time that the opportunity factor might be to blame since we are now staying at the “in-laws” whilst our house is under renovation. The in-laws have now been gone for a week on holiday already plus they took our kids with. There is therefore plenty of opportunity however she’s not responding to anything it seems.

    Have you got any thoughts for me on this?

  49. Post

    Hi CR, just a quick message to tell you that your product is great! its that time of the month if you know what i mean so i wouldnt have got any anyway, but i’m already seeing a huge difference. its jut so simple but I’d hve never have thought about it. at first it seems odd trying to manipulate your girfriend of 3 yrs, but the more you think about it the more she does it all the time without thinking.
    just simple things like hinting that I won’t always want it and not giving her hugs and kisses ALL THE TIME make a huge difference. after two days she’s already asking, ney begging for kisses, and telling me that she’s so sad that she can’t have me right now.

    just wanted to say well done!



  50. Post

    As usual you are very generous. Thanks so much I love your books and I am extremely interested in your book at since I have always been plagued with not getting the extra yard- level 9 or 10.
    As a recovering guilty guy, if you were to make a class syllabus for me to study what ebooks and order would it be? Charisma, SLB!!! [], and the latest book on signals (energy and vibrations I got goose bumps and loved, I have some difficulty executing verbage techniques, of course super compliments and beauty and good girl I can relate and execute )
    The advanced signal books are difficult for me-maybe not ready. Thanks for using my previous email message-it was an honor to see you use me in your ebook endorsed

  51. Post

    My name is Fernando, and gosh did I have struggled… I my last girlfried simply broke up with me, yesterday…

    I got the product yesterday… I read thru it today… and SHIT! why didnt you came before, my girlfried now my ex… is a complete doll and sweet and honey…. and I simply shot myself in the foot…

    Best regards, and holiday greetings…


  52. Post


    WASSUP man.

    ALOT has transpired since [the last time I emailed you]

    I’ve been studying your material since then and have come to see that it BLOWS everything out there out of the water.

    You’re a genuis when it comes to breaking the sublteties of human communication down to a simple science. Your ??? stuff is strong…….I’m still working to master it. To keep things simple and effective for me is using the “you-????” statements.

    Your report is VERY enlightening and I’m glad there is someone out there who bucks the system by delivering hard-hitting facts of communication versus rehashed “pick-up” theory.

    I’m sure I’ll have questions in the future. Take care man.


    PS. The wisdom of what you teach REALLY hits home when it’s “experienced”

  53. Post

    Hey CR,

    I used some of your techniques in an unusual “experiment” that really worked …almost TOO well.

    I literally have her (my wife) begging and squirming.

    Like, twice a day she begs ME for it.

    …but there’s something about a [a particular SSP concept] that kicks her into another level.

    I’m telling you, she’s wearing me out.

    I’ve created a monster….

    If you can use any of this, just let me know.

    Lots more details, principals and insights from this experiment if you want them…but I know you’re a busy guy and this already long. Thanks for all the great stuff.

    You’re one of the few who don’t beat around the bush. You only care about what WORKS.


  54. Post

    Hi CR James, Great report.

    Thanks for the advice. Not being aware of it, I’ve been using parts of those 3 methods on this woman.

    Thank you. You and your reports rock, CR! Keep up the excellent work 🙂

    Best regards,


  55. Post

    Yes CR

    I did [something powerful] but unlike in your case you know what you are doing, mine was a hit and run successful experimental experience.

    It’s amazing…

    A again I say amazing, because half the time we do these things subconsciously, without the slightest incline of what may lie ahead, the pros and cons of the end result of such experiments (if I should call them that at all)

    What I say is amazing here is that with every [report] of yours I have read I discovered a part of myself, through your articulate experience to be able to put on paper things that we sometimes experience but were unable to explain.

    Even here you have just explained in short but great detail is inside your few phrases under the ???? and ????? exposure headings. That’s what I call experience.

    Keep it up CR.

    Thanks again for all the insight

  56. Post

    Hi CR

    I do not normally respond to your good quality materials; and good quality I mean, because I passed on a small passage of how to treat a woman to a guy whose marriage was not on the rocks but under the rock; a heavy rock at that, it’s as if I was a counselor with spell binding hypnotic power the couple is madly in love again and there is nothing that pleases me more.

    That aside the three steps are wicked but true, you need to be full of self control and stop, if you think it’s getting too wild.

    I did this to my wife of 14 years and the results are mind blowing.

    I have not been that physically fit for a number of years but I am good, yet when I unleashed the [???? Technique] I was summoned to the valley of sweetness more that the meals I take in a day, on a daily basis for at least three weeks.

    I had to beg for a slow down and faked asthmatic attacks to get the required sympathy. We are now going easy but still can’t complain at all.

    The thing is she never told me why she suddenly became sooooo aroused she just said I was now more appealing, but I know that it wasn’t true, I left it at that up to now no mention of it.


  57. Post

    He Got ATTACKED By His Female Friend

    I have been trying to hook up with my LJBF [Let’s Just Be Friends] for months.

    When she would be over at my house and I received a phone call, I would quickly end the call by saying [something]

    Well, I got fed up with the lets just be friends routine and started [doing something effective] .

    Yesterday she called me and [did the same thing]….

    CR, you said in the report to look for a change?

    When I went to her house this morning to take her on a job interview………….

    she was all over me!

    Tongue Down The Throat!

    Yea, I saw the change alright.
    I’m back on top now.

    Thanks, it does work!

  58. Post

    Hi CR James,

    I just wanted to let you know that I started to put into play some of the things I have learned, and I put a little twist on it as well.

    It really worked!

    My wife and I have been married for about 5 years, and our sex life has really gone down hill.

    Well, by changing her perception of me, and with the [??? tactic]. I did one other thing.

    I made her think about [something in a creative way]. I planted the ideas in her head through ????, and by giving her ???? we end up having an awesome massage session like never before!

    Thank you for your book. It has helped me out and has given me new ideas on how to do things in a different way.

    Thank You,

  59. Post

    Hi…CR Hope you are doing fine.

    CR we really love Mind Power & Mind Game stuff.
    Please keep on rolling.

    Thank you & may god offer you more Inspiration & Unique Ideas…
    Thank you once again.


  60. Post

    About 2 weeks ago I told [my new girlfriend something psychologically powerful based on your teachings]

    She referred to it a couple times with the confidence in mind, and was quite shocked I could tell her such a thing.

    …she told me thursday, that she was dripping wet.

    … we made love 4 times in about 10 hours, spent about 6 hours total making love, and she was so turned on…

    …she was coming when I first touched her breast!

    She had hard orgasm after orgasm, I counted at least 13 during the sessions, and the look on her eyes was to die for.

    I am the 4th man she has been with in her life, and I rocked her world.

    She is every man’s dream, a lady in public, and a whore in the bedroom. By her own account, not mine. I can confirm it though. She held back nothing.

    Needless to say, your books and insights have made a real man and lover out of me, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have your lady look up with that dazed look in her eyes and say “I can’t believe what just happened. I could not have dreamed anyone could do that to me.”

    Any ways, just wanted you to read another success story and realize how you are helping mankind and womankind to really enjoy each other on a much higher level than most ever experience.


  61. Post


    If I do think of any suggestions I will pass it on but, quite frankly, your material is like a Master’s guide.

    You have said take every one’s advice but, after reading your material, I have yet to find a lot of worthy advice. I have even read some material on some [other] sites and some of them are just starting to scratch the surface of what you already know. And besides, their approaches don’t work well in marriages when you don’t have a lot of mystery (just by the shear fact the woman doesn’t know you) or unknown factors working in your favor. These guys date for a few months and move on before the woman gets to know all of their frailties and weaknesses. Also, they believe once a woman has changed you it’s game over. You’re like a [Seduction Guru] on steroids and you have the added bonus of making it work in a marriage. These guys are amateurs on long term relationships. I recently read an advertisement for [an expert] and he believes he has revolutionized reading and understanding women.

    He was just starting to touch some of your concepts. I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details. I have gleamed so much knowledge from you that I feel like a master theoretician. Of course, I am still working on the applied side of the theory. Awesome work!

    Happy New Year,

  62. Post

    On March 12: This guy sexual value was so low he had trouble downloading the file after he paid for it. LOL

    Hi there

    After purchasing the SSP book I saved the files from the below link to my PC but when attempting to open the PDFs I get an error message “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.”

    Is this something you can help me with?

    I downloaded the PDFs from

    Any help appreciated.



    On March 16 [4 days later] He confesses to be at “rock bottom” and he is nervous about whether Super Seduction Power will REALLY work for him

    (BTW: Everyone goes through that phase because it’s normal)


    Thanks a lot for the bonus report. I had read about it on one of your webpages outlining your books and reports and I can’t wait to get into it. I’m starting on your main Super Seduction Power book now after twice reading the [free bonus reports]

    If you are interested in hearing about my progress I’ll let you know.

    Am at rock bottom at the moment. In a 7-yr relationship, living together for about the same amount of time, will get married in due course. Last sex was Feb 14.

    Upon reading your first couple of reports realised my sexual value was at pretty much nought.

    Had an opportunity for sex today that ended up in an argument with
    me telling her I could tell that she wasn’t interested in sex and her telling me I didn’t get her excited enough for her to want to have sex.

    It’s going to be a LONG night of reading and re-reading your stuff.



    On March 19 [7 days later] He reports back with this email:

    Hi CR

    If you are interested to know, things have moved so fast.

    I am absolutely hooked on your stuff!

    Am about a quarter of the way thru
    your main Super Seduction Power book and have been applying a few things.

    Have been reading your book very slowly and carefully and going back over
    what I have read. Read the [bonus] report that you sent as well.

    …she found the website and read the report!

    I’m thinking oh shit she must know I’m up to something.

    She said there was nothing in the report she would fall for but after that she became freakin’ ravenous!

    -During dinner asked me what my biggest sexual fantasy was and when I
    told her she said yes she would enjoy it

    – Proceeded to tell me she would do anything other than anal but
    wanted to be tied up and taken

    – After dinner she dragged me into the bedroom and gave me a blow job (first one since, sheesh, I can’t remember when!)

    – We then went to the mall for a while, on the way there she tells me
    we should hire some XXX DVDs from the video shop and watch them at the weekend (this after going ape-shit once after finding an old porn mag
    I had stashed under a bookcase!)

    – Got home and she shoves me down on the coach

    – another blow job

    – Then disappears into the bedroom and comes back with a draw full of
    sex toys (that we hadn’t used since I can’t remember when)

    – Jumps on top of me and rides herself silly

    – Races off to the bedroom again and comes back with a pair of red
    high-heeled shoes.

    She puts these on as then that makes her the perfect height for her to bend herself over the arm of coach while I then have my way with her!

    Lets say I’m now looking forward to the weekend.


  63. Post

    Hi there,

    Thanx for the material you have sent me so far. It has really enlightened me on things
    that i would have never thought of and I appreciate it.

    Thanx a lot


  64. Post

    Mr. CR James, Great article, very valid.

    Another way to get to them want to have sex is to [do a technique mentioned in Super Seduction Power]

    Based on your prior sound advice and because I like doing ludicrous experiements on my own relationship, I decided to [take it to another level] with my girlfriend.

    Now the results have been anything less than astounding…

    No word of a lie, my girlfriend was forcing herself on top of me and saying “come on let’s have sex”… lol…

    CR James man I am telling you, my girlfriend has initiated our last half dozen encounters since the [fan favorite technique mentioned exclusively in Super Seduction Power]… it is getting silly.

    She tried to ride me one morning when I was half asleep and I told her
    that it could be considered rape… she schooled be right back and said
    “you can’t rape the willing” (one of my lines)…

    Anyway, I will be applying your moves tonight, it’s friday night and we
    are going on a pizza and beer date (I love my life)… just want to let
    everyone know that there is a transition process, not only does her
    perception of you (your sexual value) have to change, she will also be on
    the look out for evidence to see if your money is where you mouth is.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for all the [reports]/

    Highest Regards,

  65. Post
  66. Post

    How are you Mr CR James? I got your link to download the ??? report but for some reason when i click into the link it keeps telling me NOT FOUND…

    Besides that I just want to let you know that your information about woman is GREAT!!!!!!!! & it’s helping me a lot!!!!!!

    I appreciate the information that you write because it’s so true & very accurate!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your friend.


  67. Post

    Just so you know I liked reading you’re stuff and it works, but I use it more in business, seducing the customer is fun, they have to be tempted, and in offices you have to watch you’re ass, hit on the wrong women and it could be someone’s wife or a harassment charge.


  68. Post

    Thank you, I downloaded your book and I’m now enjoying it. Please keep your emails coming I’ve learned a lot.

  69. Post
  70. Post
  71. Post

    Thanks for your quick response, I’ll read the fine print next time.

    BTW I think you are a genius, your techniques have improved home life.


  72. Post

    Dear Mr. James,

    Thank you very much. I really enjoy your analysis and thought process. Moreover, I have been very impressed with your work and writing. Best regards,


  73. Post

    Hey CR,

    Just wanted to say that I bought your e-book [Super Seduction Power] and couldn’t wait to get through it, I am not sure that I have read everything but, that is ok I have the time to go over all of the downloads.

    I am in the second reading of the [Super Seduction Power] and while it took a while, I was looking for references to “that little arcade sound she will make” I believe that you mentioned it three times, I haven’t completed the reread.

    Anyway, I was convinced to [do a TIP that is in the book], we have been married over 30 years and at times I (meaning we) thought that I needed some help.

    She loves me, and tells me all of the time, but the tension is not there, and I never realized how important it is.

    By the third day I can feel her tension, [a step by step process], she does initiate the action and when its time for me to roll her over and give her some relief.

    I hear “this little arcade sound” and she has this enormous orgasm just as I am “about to” enter, she is wetter than any time I can remember, she is sooo Hot that I can’t believe it.

    I deliver the “goods” and she is Cumming again and again, and I had figured that (erroneously) that she wasn’t multi orgasmic, (30 years too late).

    CR, what is the “little arcade sound”?

    I am trying to recreate our most recent round of action with something even hotter, I am working on the different levels of communication, who knows what I will find, thanks.

  74. Post

    Hi CR,

    First off, thank you very much for replying to me. You must be a pretty busy guy, and getting this kind of support from you is amazing.

    I have purchased a couple of your products, and I like them. I particularly like the way you break down your ideas conceptually, rather than the ‘this technique’ and ‘that technique’ approach that is so common.

    I’ve read over what you have written a couple of times, with a day or two between readings to take the time to ponder it a bit.

    Truthfully, you make more sense to me than any other counselor I’ve been to.

    I’ve also tended to read a lot of relationship stuff in the past couple of years in an attempt to be a better partner myself, and those I consider to be the best pretty much echo what you say, though none say it so humanly or so precisely (and frankly, none of them are as interesting, either!)

    D. F.

  75. Post

    hey CR,

    thanks again CR, i’ve been talking to my peers about your superpower books and i’ve encouraged them to look them up. i hope they have, you’ve definetly helped my relationship but it still needs some work. i recommend your work to all my peers that have been having issues.

    with best regaurds,

  76. Post

    dear cr,

    thanx for the reply and helpful advice.

    its funny, you can talk to your friends and get all kinds of answers. but after reading your books and receiving a very good personal email from you. alot of things make sense.

    thanks again cr,

  77. Post

    dear cr,

    first off I’d like to say i love your book Super Seduction Power is amazing!!

    I’ve also been reading your bonus books as well. but sadly I’m starting to believe that I’m an EH in my current relationship.


  78. Post
  79. Post


    I suppose you are gearing up for the big game, good thing its not in the dog pound. Viking finally have a QB-releatively speaking.

    I just wanted to have you shed some light on my dimming aura.

    A year ago or so when bought your reports I evolved phenomenally as I look back, unbelievable things happened to me just from my outlook.


    PS i love the reports you suggested for me, however the [???? report] is too advanced for me I need alot practice before I can be that advanced of a conversationalist-I’m working on it.

  80. Post

    Thank you very much!!! Now, on to driving my wife crazy with orgasms… oh, by the way – a little philosophy of mine…

    She’s 47, hot, but her libido has dropped in the last 2 years. I’m doing things to attract her sexually and emotionally – [by doing all of the things mentioned in Super Seduction Power] I lovingly look out for her interests continually, but sometimes let her be independent and ‘do things on her own’. We do fun and adventurous things, and travel some, too.

    It’s true – women want [a man to be a Certain Way]

    I have found that it’s so important for a man to be older and more experienced in everything – including sex, and to do things right from the beginning – for the respect, love, kindness, fun, and sex in the relationship. The saying…“Women are like carpet, and need to be laid right the first time”. Has some truth to it.

    Whether he knows it or not, the man sets the tone for how the woman responds to him, how much she will respect and admire him, value him, and for how well she responds to him sexually. Wives must literally be ‘broke in right’, and taught how to respond to a loving caring, manly, and sexual man. A woman who learns to trust him – because he is trustworthy; and give herself completely and happily to him sexually because he knows how to attract, seduce, and sexually drive her wild is a very blest little honey with a very wise man.

    That’s the path I’m on. She is pretty well trained. I love my wife, and want to totally screw her brains out – with her enjoying every bit of it. The goal of every husband – or it should be!

    Thanks for your kindness and great customer service!


  81. Post

    Dear Cr,

    I’m writing from a Swedish library this time around since I am living in the forest here

    on a farm with only 21 hen´s and two cock’s, so my only work is letting them in and out

    You’re my Favourite writer, communicating what is needed, its like Christmas
    every time I sit down to read [one of your reports]!

    Where will this end…? 🙂

    Stay Happy and All!
    Norway, now Sweden

  82. Post

    Hi James,

    Thanks a million for understanding me and giving such a good suggestion.

    You really understand me I will surely give you feed back on the same.

    You are Good!

  83. Post

    Hi CR,

    I thought I better write and acknowledge your fine work, not only has my marriage super-boosted, but I’m actually gaining respect from my wife, something I could only dream of before. I used to wander in a daze and now I’m organised and one step ahead, at least, of her all the time, amazing, if you knew the old me, lol.

    I must put this down to the product I purchased from you and look forward to re-reading it until I have it down pat 🙂

    You’re a genius and I for one both acknowledge that and am very appreciative of this fact.

    Many regards to you and best of luck for the future…

    Good luck and godspeed!


  84. Post

    I am going to get [your course] though – your stuff is brilliant and is starting to filter over into other areas of my life.

    I have studied alot of material and had some success but your stuff really approaches the psychological aspect and its been amazing.

    Thanks man.


  85. Post

    Hey maybe I should call you the woman whisperer, not very catchy but it is a real compliment, your stuff teaches a guy practical and useful female psychology so he can satisfy her needs to get his needs met.

    A real win win situation.

  86. Post

    Mr James,

    Thank you for teaching me so much.

    Oh man I can’t believe that I have such a story for you it blew my mind. It started the day I got fired I want you to understand that this may seem horrible to you but FOR ONCE I DON”T FEEL GUILTY.

    I enjoyed all of the ebooks and decided to take action the day I got fired from waste management I felt horrible and projected it everywhere.

    I started using conversation hypnosis at waste management to get that job and that day I went back to the beginning to learn where I made my error there my home where I grew up.

    My friend still lived across the street he was outside so I talked to him. See when I was younger I looked up to this guy I thought he was really cool his name was vic. I thought he could told teach me the things I needed to know and so I copied his moves for years without success.

    He would always talk shit to me and he had the most beautiful girlfriend named cindy.

    See I USED any excuse to be around her I could tell she liked me I was always relaxed around her I couldn’t help it. I talked to her about everything. an she wouldn’t take me but she would always talk.

    See what I did is everyday he would call me up and ask for favors all the time just like he always does. I would deframe him the whole way home FOR THREE MONTHS. THEN…

    I GOT THE OPPORTUNITY OF MY LIFETIME. he told of little party with him and his cousin kellie. I met her as a little girl I told myself I don’t see her for sex.

    It was my first lesson my mom smashed a pepsi can in my mouth when I was little for another girl. Kellie had a crush on me her whole life. She met me when I would go with Vic and Cindy to his aunt Sues house. An anyway her ex boyfriend Mikey was about to ship out to iraq or something.

    Kellie arranged to kick it with Mikey that night but I showed up. Anyway I was in her apartment and I started to talk to her. I found out just enough to build the connection. I played it cool didn’t reveal anything.

    Then when she danced with Mikey I amped my signals. I sent them through the roof. I told myself over and over the two signals in your approach power. It got so strong Val could feel me from downstairs. She came up an saw us. she was afraid to approach at first then she went straight for mikey she could feel the first from him but not the second. so she started kissing him in front of kellie. It was to much an she jumped on me. she played the 504 BOYS song “I know you wanna fuck” and we danced she grinded up and down on my dick ferociously.

    Then when she was done I told her look at mikey with Val she jumped on him. So she went crazy and started screaming at all of us to get out of her house. When we left Val went with us. She tried to go home with mikey but he told her no. After I took her back to my house my friend Vic thought that he could get her but not with me there. He went crazy and started begging her to have sex with him. I told her a secret. I said I can rescue you from him. When I got her in my car she was so grateful to get away from him she started kissing me and grabing my dick The whole way home.I told her that was good enough then I sent her back to her loser man. LAter about a month later I went back to her moms house. Sue is an amazing woman an I knew she would help me. She gave kellie my number not only did she initiate I amped the signal high as it could go. Everyone in her family started calling me hating talking mad shit. Not only did I get them to stop calling blowing me up threating me with all kinds of retaliation I got them to thank me for the lesson and she grinded on my dick in front of her cousins I also told him the reason cindy left him was because of me. I hope that they learn because that whole family runs around spreading misery. every thought from them I’m glad I did that.

    MANY Thanks once again for all the books I love all of them I read them over and over for the rest of my life.

    I have never been prouder to put someone under my spell.

  87. Post

    Hi CR,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the reports you send, I really enjoy your writings and your sense of humor in presenting them.

    I have purchased most of your books online Thanks for your time,
    Greenville SC

    PS I did practice some of your techneques aqnd saw alot of success with them,also had a lot of fun with them.

  88. Post


    I want to say the you have the best customer service! Sure other sites give stuff away but there is a kind genuineness and kindness that comes across from you. So thank you!


  89. Post

    Good Morning

    I am glad that i am not bothering you. You probably won’t feel that way when i am done. But i thank you for helping me.

    You are right that is hard to understand that she would not want to live out the fantasy. In order for her to admit that she had a thing for this guy i had to confess that i had a thing for her best friend. And if i had an opportunity for a threesome with them lets just say i would be on that. But the actual fantasy has changed our sex life.

    Confession sense i have learned this i have been practicing sense i got your book .

    She has already done two of the signs you said would happen.

    There were two separate occasions where she let me know up front right after i got home from work that we were not doing anything that night. It kind of mad me mad i will admit. Because usually she will wait for me to ask her for sex before she rejects me. But this time she didn’t.

    So i remembered that you said something in your book [something mentioned in Super Seduction Power]. If you think you will get rejected then you will. So i told my self that it was not her decision. I simply said to her after she told me ok but i need to go to the store. and asked if she wanted to go. she said yes. Well i took her to the store were i know he works.

    Made a few suggestions all long the way and took her out to eat and by the time we got home she did the second thing that you said would happen.

    She literally said these words to me (and forgive my French)

    “I want you to come fuck me.”

    Only a mere 5 hours after she said we were not doing anything that night. And she was a nymph .

    So i believe this stuff works. This has happen twice. But now she won’t say we are not having sex any more.

    There are different methods i use Some times i will [do something psychologically powerful] then walk away I do that several time and it is a garuntee .

    Some times after the kids have gone to bed and we are alone. I will [do something slightly different]

    But the results are the same

    She goes quiet for a second and you see her eyes make a change and she usually does everything i suggest and she not just going through the motions she will make little sounds like she is hungry like she hasn’t eat in months and you put a home cooked meal in front of her.

    There was a time she would not do that. That is what makes me wonder about the ???? sex theory but i have not heard the arcade sound that you talked about or i haven’t recognized it .

    Any way no matter how unorthodox that may seem.


    But like i said she has to be in a certain mood . and that is what am working on now is setting that mood finding the trigger for that mood.

    Also after reading some of the signs on how to notice if a woman is interested. I have noticed women looking at me differently and now i ask my self every time Why did she say that to every woman who talks to me and they will make little comments that seem to have nothing to do with the current situation or what we are talking about example among a computer tech and network tech printer tech i am also a copier tech. I was at a job working on a copier. And a women that i have never met out of the blue came over and said are you going to be our regular copy man and i said no i am a floater.

    She simply said thats a shame and walked a way. I keep asking my self why she said that and no matter how i slice it i can only come up with one conclusion. Well i have to go for now but let me know your thoughts

    I think she was communicating on the second or third level. not knowing that i am learning how to speak woman. It is harder than learning to speak Spanish.

    Until next time. You have a good day.

  90. Post

    Dear Instructor James, I have been an avid reader of your books, reports and blogs for over a year.
    Your report ???? is one of my favorites because of how you word
    your thoughts and advice.

    I have witnessed your progression and evolution of both a writer and teacher as I read through your current and past materials.

    I consider your advice to be invaluable for men seeking to improve their
    relationships with women. It’s almost as if my father or big brother were
    speaking to me (I wish my father had taught me when I was a child what you
    are teaching me now).

  91. Post

    I’m dating a girl who’s read [a certain book]…. its complicating things a bit. She seems to be “grading” me on my seduction skill on a conscious level. In my opinion if she wants to be seduced then her thinking about and analyzing my behavior it is working against that end. Whenever i do anything slightly unseductive acording to her book she seizes on it and penalizes me for it purposefully. To make matters worse sometimes it seems like she’s trying to use some of these techniques on me! The problem with that of course it that the techniques are designed to be used by men on women. Of course i’ve now read the same book she read to get her “answer key” (your stuff is much more powerfull btw) and she hasn’t read your stuff, so I do have a “secret weapon.” my question to you is what else can be done to level the playing field?

  92. Post

    Ok. I had a feeling that might be the case so I’ll stick with your original suggestions. — Love the SSP course so far CR.

    GREAT stuff ! I wish I’d known this stuff and practiced it many years ago !

    Never too late too change though. Just have to ingrain the new habits !

    ( Feel free to publish this comment if you wish C R )

    You’re the best Bro !

    I can’t get over your fast replies !
    How do you do it ??? 🙂

    Many Thanks !

  93. Post

    Some hot blonde moved in two houses down from me, about 20 – and I’m 43! This is going to be fun… ! It also helps that I’m a martial artist and a bodybuilder in excellent shape, however that is only icing on the cake.

    You are right… age, money, looks, what have you, doesn’t matter… it’s all in the behavior and body language. I’ve always loved you comparing man’s bad behavior to a 900 pound pig; really let’s you know what’s going on in a woman’s mind. You MUST first establish sexual value in her eyes. If I don’t see I’ve done that in a woman I immediately move on.

    Most guys try to CONVINCE a woman to feel attraction for them; hell, it’s society’s conditioning. I usually make fun of guys like that wyhen talking to women; “Don’t you just love those guys that give you flowers and call you 100 times a day?”

    Now, the biggest factor relating to money… you don’t need money to attract women per se, however you still need money to have an attractive lifestyle. It is going to be pretty damn hard to feel confident in yourself if your finances are constantly falling down around your ears. This last recession underscores that principle. So I’m doing this – I’ve acquired 4 entry-level IT certifications and am currently studying to become a Cisco certified engineer (CCNE). May take a couple of years but I’ll be able to command a six-figure income…

    Coasting thru life just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

    Keep the newsletters coming!


  94. Post

    I have already started to see positive results with my wife and am looking forward to the good times ahead. I am extremely interested in more information on getting her into the right state of mind. Hopefully some of the reports you’re working on will address this area. Thanks again and keep up the great work!


  95. Post
  96. Post
  97. Post

    Thanks CR, I just wanted to drop you an email saying THANK YOU! . I have purchased your ebook [Super Seduction Power] and think it is great.

    Weekly I revisit it and have already started seeing benefits. I have a long journey ahead but feel thankful I have you in my corner.

    Keep up the great work!
    Best Regards, J. Cannell

  98. Post

    I simply love it.

    The mindset always comes first and when I finally realized that by reading your ebook, I became a monster lol.

    On a serious note, I will be honored if you put my email as a testimonial on your site because it was you who had the revelation not me.

  99. Post

    It’s alright I’ve read about the first seven pages of SLB and from that the way you’ve explained it so far it makes sense it clicks.


  100. Post

    Hey Guy!

    First, I want to express gratitude for all the great work you’re doing here. The information you pass on is the bomb.

    It’s different from the other seduction gurus because you focus more on the psychology of men and women in the dating field. Please keep up the good work.

    I was out at a bar last night waiting for my buddy and there was just me and another woman (about an 8-9) sitting next to each other. I could totally sense her ‘bitch shield’ was on high.

    Still I turned to her in a cool way and [did something] followed through with a warm “hi”. Next thing, we were chatting it up until my buddy showed up and she finished her drink, gave her number and left.
    Best Regards,

  101. Post

    Hi Professor James!

    Thank you somuch for all your examples and e-mails… They were really helpful and I learnt many things… However, I don’t see any reason to forgive you… as there is nothing to forgive! You are one-sided and so…? It’s already very courageous to do such things and to help so many people. You are a nice professor! Unfortunately I cannot afford to buy all your books… but I hope I will buy them one day when I’ll be more rich (or when I will have enough money). Your e-mails helped me a lot already and I am more happy in my life thanks to you. Sorry do not ask: I am not ready to tell you why or how or anything else about my life… Sorry about that. Finally sorry for my English, I am not a specialist. It takes me each time quite a long time to translate your e-mails… but it’s good anyway because I think I improve my English by reading them! So maybe you didn’t know but you are also a teacher for English ! Thanks for that too. Many thanks again. Vincent

  102. Post

    HEY CR, Wassup man.

    It sounds like you have somemarvelous shit figured out. I’ve been wondering about these advanced type things when I got to a certain point of being able to handle women well.

    Can you send me that site again []………. I was able to download your 1st report from there and not the email link.


    p.s. When I get paid this Friday ………..

    I HAVE to get your book [Super Seduction Power]

  103. Post

    Ive enjoyed all your [free e-mail reports] thank you very much. I’ll order [Super Seduction Power] as soon as I get back to work from being sick.

    I just wanted to say thank you again.

  104. Post

    Thanks for sending me that eBook – much appreciated. Have been reading it already – spookily what it says really does stand out as making sense, Although where the whole [a controversial seduction technique] thing falls down for me is that surely you can push it to far to the extent that they despise you

  105. Post

    I particularly liked the idea of increasing your sexual value I thought your ebook showed great insight into the all important and often not understood psychological dynamics that are involved in the dance of love All best wishes

    Montreal, Canada

  106. Post

    Mr CR James

    Your stuff has helped with: inner-game, self-confidence, individuality, mystery, ability to observe betters, entertaining quality, grooming and most importantly respect (which is what the ‘game’ was misinterpreted by me to really mean, but doesn’t!!) have made me approach who I wish to know, as not after numbers or social recognition. …

    my forte is the web -by the way- as go for weeks away with maybe a night at a hotel en route hehe.

    Don’t need to say more than thanks for the good reads ..

    Regards from Oz
    Steve 48 and thankful 🙂

  107. Post

    Dear Cr: I just recently got your book – and I am definitely seeing the value – I am using some of the techniques of building Sexual Value and positive compliments on the woman I have a plutonic relationship with.

    Not only that, I am taking that into the social world and meeting and getting other women’s numbers.

    I definitely want to break out of the pussy zone, and if not with her – then with other women. She is currently out of town so she has been calling me, and I well I told her, I have been busy, and that I have been meeting women – What is interesting is she wants to know their names. Who they are – she even asks about them when we talked again.

    What I find interesting is that I am a part time playwright and that is how I am meeting some of these women – I mentioned to my plutonic friend that I will be having auditions for a new play I wrote, in the next few weeks.

    She then asked if it was okay that she sit in on the auditions. She asked this after I had said that some of the women I met will be auditioning for the play.

    Now the interesting is, she has never expressed an interest before in any of the plays I have been in or the craft of acting, other than going to my plays. Also, since I have been acting positive and busy, she is telling me now that she can’t wait to get back and have some “fun” with me by going dancing and going out.

    These are things that have been very hard for me to plan with her in the past.

    A fan,

  108. Post

    Dear Sir I have heard a lot of hype from so many places. It is hard to know who is telling the truth. So far your last e-report was very understanding and to the point. I have tried to apply it and works very well. Later R

  109. Post

    Thanks. By the way I wanted to let you know that from the little I have read so far your writing seems to be thoughtful and caring and includes a lot of common sense suggestions.

    Thank you for writing such a positive book. I look forward to other titles and updates in the future.

    S Peters
    Washington, USA

  110. Post

    Hey CR, good job on [customer report]

    Shit… I mean GREAT JOB!!!!

    You are one very enlightening person. I have been in a 5 year relationship that has had its ups and downs and breakups. I am currently in the rehab phase now.

    Your latest book has helped raise my spirits and my perceived outlook on my relationship is geared toward success. Thanks for your efforts in making a woman’s complex jigsaw puzzlemind seem more like Tic-Tac-Toe.

    Keep up the great work, man!

    Indiana, USA

  111. Post

    Hey CR James, I thought your book was really interesting and thought provoking.

    Although I have read many books on the subject, I enjoyed reading yours and learned a lot in the process. I liked how you put things in perspective…

    Thanks a lot man for a great book.

  112. Post

    Well how’s it been going man I really couldn’t even begin to tell you all the stuff that has happened to me since I read your research and findings Its nuts! – in a good way well let me know if you teach the moon new tricks and I’ll let you know when my fan gives out

    Darrell aka UNKNOWN

  113. Post

    I recognize the fact that all belief systems are false because they are insufficient.

    Being insufficient, they attack anything outside their accepted view of the world and what they would most violently attack would be the truth first and then anything that might be attached to the truth. …

    Sorry for the rant, but I wanted you to know that what you say is not fluff. It is too bad that the only place I can find honesty is in a book telling me why I am such a failure at sex with a wife who loves me very much. (ha)

    I am a Mensa and my wife was a systems analyst before she retired.

    I am spending my energies on trying to see and hear what is real. This is what I have gotten in the first 26 pages. I am really getting to the point of all this great recommendation. Or perhaps I should just tell you the problem I have been having in my life – because I firmly believe that if I can completely solve just one thing and understand it fully I will understand everything. (otherwise nothing is connected and this is impossible). …

    I have been coming to a place like you have described by page 26 for all this time and now here it is. I am talking about a way of seeing the world. I am talking about a way of forgiving the world and I am talking about a way to forgive myself.

    I am talking about finally being able to be a husband to my wife and give her the happiness she deserves. Here is the funny thing about it. I had no idea how to do this until I started reading your book. …

    PS I know that you have already been told that the unexamined life is not worth living – that would apply here as well.

    Gary N.

  114. Post

    I already have this report [a surprise report sent strictly to customers], could you pleeeassee send me another report. I need a fix man, your stuff is the most thought provoking seduction material that I have ever read.


  115. Post

    …Since I started reading your work, our relationship has solidified as opposed to the loose affiliation it once was. I can not stress enough how much [A particular S.S.P. Technique] works!

    You state often, [something CR James states often]. I used to confide in my brother, asking if it was normal to be with a girl that had a sporadic sexual libido. (as you have written about finding excuses) Then I started reading your work. My sex/no sex ratio is inverted now.

    Yes, there are still some nights I do not get sex, but this is much less often and I learn from these nights. I don’t know if I am being overzealous, but I really think you are on to something with your theories.

    I used the [E.F. technique] yesterday casually. …

    We had some drinks, played pool with people we met there.We both have flirtatious sides to us, so we talk a lot to other people when we are out together.

    She kept coming over to me and just kissing me and using emotional talk. Towards the end of the night I went to the bathroom, and she comes out of the girls room.

    She grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and dragged me into the men’s room.

    Well, I think I hit a spike in my sexual value last night, because she only had one thing on her mind when she pulled me in there. Now she is asking me to come over to take a nap after work because we are both hung over from last night.

    She never asked me to do that kind of thing before.

    Thanks again,

  116. Post















  117. Post

    I just wanted to tell you that I am a woman who can attest to your theories … You are 200% right on the “sexual value” and magnetism powers.

    I have had sex with both kinds of guys.

    One who thought they were doing the “right stuff” but barely turning me on [versus] someone who could turn me on completely with just a look, a touch, a kiss.

    The differences between these two men are night and day.

    [This portion removed for obvious reasons.]

    Ironically the man who had this magnetism was 10 years younger (22) than the man who could barely turn me on (32)….

    All I can say is this other man had the magnetism and “sexual value” that still makes me go crazy just thinking about him!!

    Not nearly enough people understand what this means or how it feels or why it’s so amazingly intense to be with someone like him!!


  118. Post

    Hello, First I have read your ebook super seduction power several times.

    Every time I learn something new.

    I have started to put into practice most of the techniques that you explain, and my girlfriend is noticeably more affectionate towards me… [after performing the XXXXX technique] she looked at me like I was crazy, but she had the best game of her league so far, and when we got back to her place after the game she almost hurt me when she attacked me trying to kiss me!

    Wisconsin, USA

  119. Post

    “…These are things that have been very hard for me to plan with her in the past. Oh, in my last conversation with her, when I [performed the technique that is on page 137 ]…

    Well the reaction I got was, she giggled like a little girl, then said [????]”

    A fan,
    San Francisco USA

  120. Hello CR James, I purchased your ebook SSP a couple of months ago, but I haven’t been able to sit down to read it yet because I’ve been so busy. I did, however, start reading it last night. I read some of the reports that you sent with the ebook

    These reports are very powerful, but I have some questions about how to use these formulas, techniques, etc… By the way I’m great at the ??? technique.

    This is something that I experience in several of my past relationships, which happened by chance.


  121. “WOW! Your material is excellent.

    I have bought a lot of seduction books because being by nature an introvert I realized that my interpersonal skills were a weakness that could keep me from achieving my goals. Anyway, the mind state theory you have is CRAZY. I [do a secret technique] and when I go out I can feel women drawn tome, INSANE. I tried an experiment yesterday with mind state when I went out for breakfast. The cute waitress kept her hand on my shoulder the entire time she was around my table. I have two questions. [removed]


  122. “I realized after purchasing and reading your work that I was literally creating an atmosphere that was driving my mate away from me. I figured that since we’ve been together for 18 years, I don’t have to do anything special, she’ll always be mine.

    I realize now, after reading your works, that I have to create the atmosphere for better relations and sex. And boy do your techniques work! It’s beginning to feel like the first few months and years we were together. In only (1)Week. It’s very hard as a man to admit that your thinking is flawed, that your doing everything wrong. Your work is really better than therapy or many of the books out there that I’ve read.

    This past week, I created enough sexual tension that ultimately lead to a sexual explosion! We had hours ofmind blowing sex for the first time in years this past weekend, and it’s all because of your approach and techniques I used. Your philosophy behind your work is much deeper than just sex. It’s a way of life.

    You really have to work to have a great relationship. Even if the othermate isn’t aware what your doing or isn’t actively participating, the changes you incorporate naturally rub off , and without them actually knowing it, the relationship begins to improve almost immediately!!! Awesome !!!!!!!!!

    Thank you much.”

  123. *****UPDATE****

    She looked at me and looked at her legs with a smile. I remembered what you had (CR) said, all information is important. … I have always taken my time. However, this time I decide I would not touch her pussy for a minimum of one hour of kissing and foreplay.

    After about 30 mins. She kept pushin gmy head down to her pussy. I kissed every part of her body, not her [Purr Palace]. She was getting completely crazy. I decide I was going to play with my wife as long as possible. I went inside her in four different positions, just giving her a taste.

    With all the crap, this girl had put me through lately, she was going to suffer. She asks, “are you going to cum?” Me, “No I am going to play.” I am the cat and you’re my ball of yarn.” At this point she was push my fingers inside her and my head down between her legs.” I don’t even think she could hear what I was saying.

    She came very hard.

    She almost fell to the floor!

    She got on top of me and went to town.Wemade love all over our living roomfor quite a while. Afterward, she got in the shower, I could hear her say,

    WOW! That was the best sex I had with my wife in about two years!

    She got out of the shower, kissed me, smiled and said, happy new year. She went and studied with a smile and I went and watched football with smile.

    George G
    Maryland, USA

  124. “I bought your book online yesterday. I have a very beautiful seductive wife, an ALPHA female (smart Brazilian).

    We use to have great wild sex that has died down to her having an orgasm, with a lot of effort, once every three months. I began reading your book last night at home while she was studying her GMAT to avoidme approaching her for sex.

    She had, yes I said had! even gotten to the point where if I kissed her she would get annoyed. I had become the good husband with no sexual value even though my wife would make comments “you have such a nice body I don’t understand why I am not attracted to you.”

    Of course, these comments would make me want to rip my hair out in frustration. I have read all these books on how make a marriage work and crashed and burned every time.

    Even one of my best friends from Florida visitedme one day and said, “what the hell is going on between you and your wife? I have known you for years you use to be a lady-killer, what happened? Back to reading your book, after I had read half of the book she started to ask me what I was reading. I said a self-help book.

    I told her that today I was feeling very different. I felt like a new me, without explanation. I continued to [do the XXXXX technique] until bedtime. She asked me if there was anything wrong. I said no I feel great. She kissed me a few times and hugged me hard. I said goodnight! Again, she said is there anything wrong.

    I said I feel good and I enjoyed my evening. Again, she hugged me and kissed me. Inside I started to smile. This bastard that wrote this book has something.

    Today, my wife called me twice on my cell phone and told me she loved me.

    This is the first time in one year she has said I love you first! I have finished the book in less than 24 hours. I am about to start reading the supplements [SUPER BONUSES].”

    George G

  125. You know, I was also highly skeptical.

    Sorry, but it did cross my mind that all the comments on your website were made up.

    But they dealt with some of my concerns and issues I wanted to change, so I took a chance and went ahead. Glad I did. This isn’t for attribution on your website (at least not by name), but I had been suffering depression for about 18months.

    The turning point came when I realized I was getting rejected by my wife and that things had to change. I had three options: quit the planet (not an option), quit the family (not an option) or change things (possibly the hardest option, but the only one worth trying).

    Your ideas helped me back on track.

    My biggest problem recently seems to be that too many women now see me as desirable…

    ….in the exactly way I’m trying to get my wife to see me.


  126. CR James, I found this book to be very insightful. There are many things that are obvious that I simply did not put to use. Deep down you know that to keep a woman happy you should keep her on her toes, but it is hard when you love them to not try to be as nice a possible. I almost fall into the category of P.U.S.S.Y.

    That sucks.

    Keep up the good work.


  127. Hello CR Have a bone to pick with you.

    Why the hell don’t you market your book better??

    just like to say that I wish I’d found your book years ago.. Also like to say I firmly believe it’s something every bloke in the world aught to read.. Lemme tell you a bit about myself first..

    I’m a 30 year-old aussie veterinarian with a fairly analytical, but also fairly creative, mind. I’ve always been a happy positive bloke with a lot of energy who makes people in general feel good about themselves. I have a strong family and some close mates within a wider circle of friends. I got married almost 3 years ago to my favourite person in the world, a girl called Jen who I’d met when i was 17 (she was 15). We thought it was for life straight away, but we did have two year-plus -long breaks in our relationship due to circumstances/travel, which we hoped would allow us room to develop into the adults we needed to be to make it work..

    Mate my life rocks, generally. Personally I’m always looking for personal growth – you’re either green and growing, or brown and dying. I’ve read stacks of material on attitude, leadership, ambition, communication skills, personalities, the differences between men and women etc etc. Some of it has been very good, some very good in parts, some average, and some downright misleading and dangerous.

    So, I think my saying that I was blown away by your book has some external qualification.It’s not like it’s the first personal development book i’ve read. Your book and the supplements I’ve read have not only opened up a whole stack of new doors, but they’ve brought to the fore the cheeky side of my personality again, which had been lying under a log for a while and had started to get a bit pale and pasty… I had what I thought was the best relationship in the world, until little cracks started to open up into big cracks about a year ago..

    We’d been living in the UK for 2 years at the time, with a view to going home at the end of this year. A month ago I found out my wife and my best mate were seeing each other, and although I found your book on the internet (quite by accident whilst doing, would you believe, a search on bromide and libido-REDUCING supplements for myself!) about 6 mths ago, things were already too far gone to peg back completely.

    I made inroads however, and more importantly I grew as a person to the point where I have been able to understand and fully accept what has happened. I know I would have been in a different place now but for some insight into how women work… While there are more factors in our relationship than discussed in the material of yours that I have, I’m pretty sure we could have worked through

    them properly had I found your book earlier.. hey ho – that’s the learning curve eh? (meeting so young etc.. although we saw some other people (both openly while together and while on breaks – partly because [she] got off on the idea of me being with other women), there was a lot of growing we had to do outside of a committed relationship.. I wonder whether you have any thoughts on this..?

    I think the ‘soul-mate’ concept was a factor however…) So, perhaps your book hasn’t saved a relationship this time (maybe it has – but it’s a big maybe from my perspective), but it has definitely changed my life. I think it’s fair to say there are a few girls with smiles they can’t wipe off their faces thanks to you mate.

    I have loved to see changes in the way people are in general, but especially females, respond to me in everyday life. I’m getting to know what to expect now, but I have been amazed at the connection I’ve been able to develop with females, some in an incredibly short space of time (minutes in some cases – not that this is really important, but it is kinda exhilarating to meet someone and feel that connection so quickly).

    Whether it has led to sex or not has ceased to be that important, except for improving my game and figuring out where Imay have done/said things differently to achieve a different result.

    I love being better equipped to figuring out what’s going on in a woman’s head (things even she doesn’t know are going on) and watching (sometimes with frightening predictability) the responses to what I’m doing or saying… press this button, does this; press that button, does that… mmm wonder what happens if I press em both at once… 😉 If you’ve got any other material out since I purchased SSP, def interested – I’m sending a mate or two, and both my brothers, your way too.

    Dunno whether you’ve considered translating any of it, but my old man does freelance translating into both french and spanish!

    Seriously, the world needs this.

    but you knew this already…

    Anyway, if you want an endorsement for your page or whatever, all I could say is this…

    Is your wife/girlfriend, or more importantly, *your* life, worth more than 40 bucks?

    If not hit the little cross in the corner of your browser 🙂

    thanks again
    Cool Bruce ******

  128. “top quality e-publications” Thank you very much for your kind attention, I appreciate it very much, we will be in continuous communication because, I am performing a research in this topic and, and you have very, very important and top quality e-publications that I will purchase and I will be more careful, with the computer in the future, thanks a lot.

    Alonso *******

  129. CR James, I want to first thank you for your e-books.

    They helped me out tremendously. Okay, let me paint a quick picture before I ask my question. I’ve been happily married to my lovely wife for over 3 years now. She is a drop dead, stop traffic literally, petite, in shape gym certified, ex-model (well she still does fitness modeling) who can’t wear dresses and such that average looking women can wear…

    Women (yes I said women), let alone me can’t keep their eyes off of her in and out of church, and I am constantly told how pretty my wife is by female co-workers, etc.

    She has to stay covered up with a jacket, or she’ll draw too much attention to her both from men and women.

    Women always compliment her beauty when were out together. She’s also just as intelligent as she is gorgeous, can you say she’ll have her MBA in a few months, successfully worked for a BIG 5 Accounting firm, and she already runs our home business (I’m the VP *lol*).

    I just wanted to paint a good picture of how fine my wife is CR.

    I am very attractive, knowledgeable, and intelligent myself according to her and other women (they try get my attention in front of my wife everytime *LOL*). We have a very faithful, happy, and communicative marriage where we can talk about anything, good or bad to each other.

    Now, thanks to your e-books, I used to be the guy that could pull a fine woman with ease, and get to sleep with her (before my Christian walk began *LOL*), and that’s how it was with my wife at first, but I am confident enough to admit that I didn’t realize over the years that I began doing little annoying things that was killing my sexual value with her.

    At first I thought she was getting a low libido (but it was higher in the beginning), and I know our diet and a few other things were making matters worse.

    Since your e-books (been less than amonth ago), I have recognized what I was doing and my sexual value has skyrocketed with her. Not only this, I foreplay with her mind at work all day long through e-mails, phone calls, our time at home, etc, communicating to her on HER level.

    ….because of my sexual value I can tell that she still is sexually attracted to me (I THINK THAT’S IT, SHE STILLWANTS TO RIP MY CLOTHES OFF AND RAPE ME DEEP DOWN),

    One last thing: The funny thing is I KNOW she feels the TENSION (sexually), because I EVEN FEEL THE TENSION AND WANT TO BANG HER OUT!

    Thanks CR,

  130. Hey CR, how are you doing my friend? Well I have to tell you, if it weren’t for the powerful information in your books, I would have returned it at the first sight of a grammatical mistake.

    I mean come on man, your text editor should contain some kind of spell check function 🙂 LOL I kept correcting your grammatically incorrect sentences in my head just so I could keep reading it. Now I want you to known that I’m very picky about what I buy, in fact if I could get something from a friend and not buy it, I would certainly do that.

    But with you material, you hooked me with the idea of sexual perception. As I read your free reports, I kept wondering “how do I get perceived as a highly sexual male?” which is exactly where you wanted me 🙂

    I’ve been studying persuasion for the past 5 or 6 years, and have read a lot of garbage during that time, including stupid hypnotic language tricks that would instantly get the customers to salivate and buy your product.

    (I’m sure you know who I’m referring to)

    …I finally saw the real secret to persuasion.

    Given that his system is based heavily in perception, when I read your reports, it was like a breath of fresh air.

    I thought, hey this guy is on to something here.

    Previous to that I used to think to seduce girls you had to know all these techniques, and learn these “patterns” and recite them to her to get her panties wet.

    Well, though I never actually tried it, I thought this was flawed somehow. Your book delivers right on the money. In fact if it were better written (i.e grammatically correct lol) it could be published and be made into a bestseller overnight as guys would simply recommend it to their friends and no advertising would be necessary.

    You could literally take the divorce industry out of business 😉

    Today, I’m going to read your book again, in fact I printed all 163 pages of it, and I will take careful notes so I can start applying it.

    Thanks again for writing this book!


  131. Hi Mr. James, I actually bought this for my boyfriend because honestly I care about him but he does not inspire me.

    Our sex life has gotten to the point where I go to bed before he does andmasturbate and he will wait and then come in (when he thinks i’m ready) and kiss me and touch me a little and then when I cum he gets on top and fucks me for a little and then rolls over on his back and waits for his blow-job.

    I can’t tell you how miserable this is.

    I noticed in one of your reports (I think the first one) then you mentioned something about a woman wanting you to wait a year for sex and how this indicated that there was past abuse and female problems.

    I hope you are not suggesting that this type of woman is useless.

    I …………. until I was sixteen, does this mean that these techniques won’t work on me?

    Like I stated in the beginning I bought these for my boyfriend and I have read everything and it turns me on just reading it.

    But he only read the first 1 or 2 pages and hasn’t touched it since. He of course blames me and basically the way he is that he wants me to turn myself on and then jump his bones and fuck him and do all the work.


    I only have sex with him at this point to save the relationship because we have a baby together. But to be honest I can’t see myself spending the rest of my life like this.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to reach him and see that i want more and I am thrilled at the idea of him being able to get in my head and understand how I work. He just seems so lazy!!


  132. Wow, what a relief it was reading your guidebook on “Levels of Communication.” I discovered almost immediately that I, a man, naturally tend to communicate in the way you ascribed to women–indirectly and interpretively.

    This explains a lot about why friends who’ve tended to annoy me by being too obtuse also tended to have more problems communicating with women than men.

    It also explains why I’ve always felt uneasy about communicating too directly, and tend to try to figure out what someone means and where there viewpoint comes from.

    It’s such a pity that I’ve been in a thoroughly male-dominated field ever since junior high school.

    Thank you so much for ever so slightly increasing my confidence that women will know what I mean.

  133. Hi Cr, Thanks for the links . .

    I like the insider tips to life, and every day stuff the general public don’t know of, but as usual its getting free time to read that stuff.. I have many topics on all aspects of things when you get 5 spare [minutes], E-mail what your after and I will do my best to find it for you.

    P.S. and I agree with you about the amount of time wasters of there, but you always get the odd few that slip through the net.


  134. I have benefited tremendously from your work, especially being in a relationship for 13 years. Even though it is not totally perfect at present, things have definitely moved in a positive direction in only 10 days or so.

    All the Best

  135. Thanks James, Really appreciate the response and info. I’ve been reading the part of MFM and I find it so much along my line of thoughts and observations since I’ve been married these past 12 years. Like you I have been obsessive about how I can make my wife want me and desire me more often and I totally agree with the persona thing, health, and creating the right atmosphere, etc.

    It really works because I don’t believe I’ve ever been turned down unless she was on her period, had the flu, etc., she really is a great partner for me…

    I mean we have sex on an average of 1/day, seriously I not trying to brag, but maybe some couples have it more often…I don’t really know.

    It’s what I’ve watched and learned about her and it is true when these things are clicking she becomes more mentally in “the mood” to have sex.

  136. Mr. James

    Your perceptive powers about these matter are incredible. Regarding my last e-mail and based on your experience, is there any way I can get my wife to admit if she is telling me the truth?

  137. Hello, I received your 10+ page [FREE report] and found it of interest. I would like your permission to pass it on free to my customers.

    I am willing to leave everything intact, same format with all of your credits and links in place.

  138. First of all, thank you for having a different perspective on this subject than ‘everyone else!’

    I am a woman of 27 yrs, from Norway. I have lived with my wonderful boyfriend for 5 yrs. I just bought the book for him. I haven’t read the book myself, and I don’t intend to.

    I was kind of encouraged when you emphasized several times (on the salespage – that the man shouldn’t let his woman think there is something wrong with her, if she doesn’t get turned on.

    We had storming, hot sex for the first year or so, but since then things have been miserable… I rarely get turned on, and I have started thinking there is something seriously wrong in my head.

    I get physically aroused, but not mentally.

    I can be “wet”, but still not want to have sex with him. I started doubting my feelings: Do I really love him? And the answer is: YES!!!

    So what’s the deal??

    We’ve talked about this to boredom, but not much has changed. I think we’ve both reached the conclusion that I don’t have that strong a libido (as he does, or at all). This seems a bit strange to me, though, since I see myself as a sensual and sexy lady (lol).

    He thinks I’m sexy, and tells me all the time (too often in bed, when I get “afraid” of him approaching me sexually…).

    I really hope you can teach him some tricks, ‘cause I’ve run out of pills to take. 😉

  139. CR

    I use a Fancy Windows edition from microsoft on a laptop my employer has loaned me.

    It has a text to speech function on it that comes in handy when I want to read/absorb something while not being stuck to the computer. It allowed me to listen to most of the Super Seduction Power book today while doing odds and ends around the house today.

    Have you considered putting this into audio format for those who would do better listening or even something interactive like an educational board game. (Like Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow board game)

    Being an outside the box teacher you probably know that there are several levels of learning and reading and wrote memorization are the slowest forms. (Hell, Kiyosaki might underwrite the whole thing if he reviewed your book. He says he’s always putting money into projects that are winners. and your information is definitely a winner.)

    I did make the mistake of trying to read some of the special information that came along with the download first because they were smaller files.

    That was a mistake. (You may want to warn people to read things in order.

    At first I thought you were being way too shallow and I felt you were giving examples that were too vague and in a non-measurable form.

    What I now understand is everything is built off of the information in the Super Seduction Power book. Silly me. Now that all that is said I would like to start over. I am thoroughly impressed with your work. You do a great job fishing out principles and then apply easy to use examples. I of course will need to re-read the Super Seduction Power book several times and start practicing while I go.

    While I got bits and pieces throughout the week I really got a bigger picture this weekend. Thanks.

    Of course while going through all of this I was slapped silly over and over again by some of those descriptions of anti-seductive behaviors and personalities.

    Then I was equally built up several times over for some of the things I’ve done right.Wow what a roller coaster. Anyway I have spent the last three days looking for some of the things I may need to eliminate and some of the things I need to work on. (In my behavior/speech patterns)

    One of the things I’ve been missing was my wife has started a job that is an hour and a half away.

    On top of that she works 12pm-8pm and she has responsibilities that keep her after hours. Well I had been griping that she needed to get home as soon as possible for the past two weeks.

    I decided to [do an Super Seduction Power Tactic]

    Well, She dragged herself in around 1:30am and I was sleeping off and on since at least 12. I woke up enough to welcome her home tell her I loved her and as I climbed back into bed to fall back asleep I said [something powerful].

    I can’t say it was the comment I said or what, but 20 minutes later she was “waking me up”!

    Sleep be damned I was wide awake, and she was hotter than she’d been in many many sexual encounters.

    normally she wants me out as soon as both of us have cum but last night she just wanted to keep going.

    She actually apologized…..

    Which maybe, but she didn’t try that last month or the month before and so on.


    I’ll keep you posted as things pick up.

  140. Post

    Thanks for your incredible source of information” Hello CR James, Thanks for your incredible source of information-it is going to help strengthen my new relationship.

  141. Dear CR

    Many thanks for your constant reports u do keep us busy with very interesting topic some of the item make very interesting reading although i must confess that i have still not made good use of all the great tips from u one of these days i shall put them to test.

    Keep up the good work with best wishes

  142. Your material is amazing. Thanks Hi buddy. I don’t have so much time. Just let me know where can I got more info of the topic of your [free reports]

    That was an amazing pamphlet; let me know in wich of your e-books can I get more info.

    Best regards…

  143. CR, Moving thru the readings.

    I am guilty guy!
    Irrational guilty guy.

    Already had her initiate sex last night, wow!

    Learning to split guilty feeling away from seduction might take practice. I don’t want guilt induced sex. I do want her to want sex with me. Told her that I am attractive because of my intelligence, she must have thought if other women saw me that way because she asked if I am attracted women who are attracted to intelligence (who she thinks are not like her), I said they are boring.

    She initiated sex.

    I feel uncomfortable with this “power” because it sets me ahead of my male friends. This is intimate stuff, and they (like most guys) suck at it.

    Will guys abandon friendship with me or what? What has been your experience, given I am not going to be as graphic as your descriptions.


  144. Thank you for answering so quickly! You asked me what I think the biggest issue is… I wish I knew! But some of it, I think, is that when he is horny, and I’m KIND OF in the mood, he advances too fast to “pussy and tits”, if you know what I mean…

    That is not “where” I get horny!

    I want to feel that he is a man, that he is confident. I want him to SEE me, to listen when I moan, and understand what he does to make me moan…

    I’ve told him this two or three times, but he seems to remember for one night only. Sorry, I feel like I’m blaming him for everything and taking nothing of the blame myself.

    But I’ve ransacked my mind so many times to understand why I don’t get turned on by him as easily as he gets turned on by me, and I can’t find any answers.

    He is beautiful like a model, everything “looks right”. =)

    But his sexual self-confidence seems to get stuck in a dead-end-road when I don’t give him confirmation, when I don’t respond positively to his sexual advances towards me.

    He seems to take less and less notice of the signals I try to send him…

    Maybe I’m too subtle, I am a bit “embarrassed” of my sexuality, maybe because of the way I was raised; sexual things was not to talk about. Maybe, maybe… I talk of a dead-end-road. I mean porn in particular.

    I really like porn myself, and like watching hard core films, like him. He loves it, and loves that I like it, he says he feels lucky in comparison to his friends, their girls don’t like porn.

    But sometimes it seems to me that he gets too much “inspiration” from porn, after all, it’s not like the real thing…

    Things (fucking) get too stressed, and he fucks me fast (oh God, that’s good!!!), but then he gets too horny, and stops to keep from coming. I’m on the brink of coming, but he never listens to my sounds, and he thinks he has to fuck me for at least fifteen minutes for it to be “successful”.

    I told him this a few times, but the message doesn’t seem to come through. I don’t want to “complain” every time we have sex, either…

    So, there you go, a few of my thoughts.

    Maybe confused, but that’s what I am.
    Hugs, K =)

  145. I am deeper into the ******** piece and find it brilliant!

    My congratulations to the author and all involved. I can’t wait to devour the whole assemblage of items in your package. My immediate impression on perusing the material is that it is no wonder that most men are so inept and frustrated with women.

    As with anything, it pays to know how things work and what you’re doing.


  146. CR James, Man, your books should be the basic knowledge that all boys are taught in grade school!

    I wanted to take the time out to thank you for knowledge that doesn’t just tell you how to get women, laid, etc., but actually IMPROVE YOURSELF! I know it’s long (5 paragraphs to be exact), but there’s somany good points that I had to tell you my success story so far so that it may help anyone else out as well. If you need any more details to help anyone out, let me know.

    To sum my progress all up, I have been married for 3 years to a beautiful petite super-smart, black but exotic looking 5ft 2in 110 pound wife that used to model and everyone even Ministers in our church (I’m employed there) says she should model (or women hate on her because she’s got it like that *LOL*).

    Anyway, she’s as humble and down with guy stuff as it gets, but what happened was the sex was off the charts in the beginning, but I got LAZY and intoWUSSVILLE (didn’t know it then) and all of a sudden the sex barely happened and I was getting good excuses (like she would always be busy or tired in some form or fashion, etc.).

    Keep in mind that both her and I were master players and had our friends wanted to pimp like us because they thought we would be the last ones to settle down the way we had it before we hooked up. Now I have bought and read your books since June 24th this year (wife knows I bought and downloaded something, but I told her it was just some men stuff to make me a better man)…

    and I know your information was a God send, but I was having trouble reprogramming myself to send the right signals all of the time. I was willing to change, but like you said, it was hard as crap to do so! The patience part is where the struggle is. It seems like what you are doing isn’t working, but it just takes a LONG WHILE to build the sexual tension, value, etc. points to

    the level where she will act on it consistently. Dating and getting some consistently is easy, but being in a relationship (MARRIAGE) for a while is where real skills are needed. After reading Suepr Seduction Power along with SLB, married women are easier to seduce, etc several times (at work and at home *LOL*), it finally clicked yesterday and the I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE IWAS SENDING THEM anti-seductive signals ceased to exist and I was sending ONSLAUGHTS OF THE RIGHT SIGNALS!

    I was frustrated so long with not getting the sex that I was used to from her that I was projecting those signals without even knowing it, so she wasn’t even open to approaching me sexually (hence anti-seductive signals) no matter what right signals I sent.

    It finally became natural for me to think about directing her mind state and making her happy instead of me trying to manipulate her by doing things to get blown and laid out (pun intended) *LOL*.

    Here’s the juicy part: I was using [something] to flirt like crazy with her on the phone during lunch break (it wouldn’t work so well before because of my anti-seductive signals), so when I got home, she had this look in her eyes like he’s my MFM when she greeted me.

    I was [doing something powerful] As soon as she cleaned the table off, she came over to me, and lets say talk about sexually intense, I thought I was in themiddle of a porn being filmed! I finally brought out that nymph in her that I once knew and I didn’t make my looks at her obvious or moan, so she kept getting into it more and more trying to get my attention!!! About 3/4s way into the sex, she says, now did I get your attention. I told her yeah, and then made her beg for my love rod (she actaually begged OUT LOUD for my [love rod]!!!!!!!!) by only putting the tip in after she had the whole thing while she was riding me, etc.

    When I felt the begging was acceptable, I slid it all the way in and I gave it to her from the back like she was on punishment and she couldn’t pull away because we were on the couch!

    When we were done, I told her in her ear [something powerful] …she is so fine, beautiful, and I love her. Normally, she would say I love you too, but she told me she loves my [love rod]!!!

    I got her! This is the Rated PG version of what happened by the way *LOL*. The last part: When I [did something powerful] she was glowing like no tomorrow, and had that I’m going to screw your brains out when I get home from work look in her eyes that she had yesterday when I came home.

    I think this [a particular SSP concept] where you can gain a TON of sexual value points. I heard the arcade noises both after I tore her up before we went to the movies last night, and when I walked her out to her car this morning.

    That INTENSE look in her eyes is PRICELESS!

    Thanks CR!!!!!

    P.S. Just have faith and patience that if you stopped your anti-seductive signals and are sending the right signals, the sexual tension will be building in her no matter if it seems like she’ll never act on them. Don’t wuss out by showing that this waiting is bothering you and I promise you, when she puts it on you sexually, the wait will be well worth it!!!!

    Atlanta, Ga.

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