His Wife’s Facebook Prank Backfired (now she’s in “heat”)

I had to send this out immediately, I’m just hearing about this myself…

Recently I’ve been a little paranoid about a secret government facility that’s
breeding “low SV guys” like it ain’t funny…

They’re multiplying like %&$&$ gremlins!

I’m getting nervous…I think they’re planning something big..

The other day an angry guy (full of rage) emailed me DEMANDING that I remove
a particular book…. He wanted me to change a few things on
some websites…He was really demanding…

According to him, if I did those things, THEEEEN he would consider
buying this particular book.

He accused me of contributing to the downfall of the world.

I’m not even sure if there is a lesson in all of this. Other than something
you already know – which is some guys refuse to make changes (that would
be benefit them)…

The irony is pretty interesting because his wife bullied the “man power”
out of him. He’s trying to bully me. And if I allow myself to be “bullied”
by this idiot, THEEEEEENNNNNNNNN….

….he will allow me to teach him how NOT to be a pu##y!!!

(Yeah. Because that makes sense!)

OK…new topic:

Another guy just told me about his brother’s wife’s facebook prank
that backfired…and now she’s been in “heat” for a year!

Thanks CR,

Maybe you can relate, but I get tunnel vision. I read something or hear something then I think that is the answer or that somebody else’s survey or opinions are some kind of gospel. (Maybe that is the engineering brain – very technical, very calculated. That is why your story is so compelling – I relate to your engineering background). I hear these surveys on afternoon pop/talk shows (geared primarily towards a female audience) and “experts” make statements like, if you have an intimate conversation with a woman other than your spouse then you are in effect cheating. My brain says, “I guess that means I should avoid relationships with other women”. Sadly, I really filter things through other people’s eyes. I am starting to see how female seduction works. I see how women control their men’s behavior with surveys about ethics and my favorite: Women get turned on by seeing a man do house work (I can safely say, it doesn’t work) – My therapist said the same thing, “my wife gets turned on by watching me do house work”
Back to your response, Awesome concept. I catch myself laughing at the way your mind works.

Thanks Again,

P.S. Funny Story

Back to the competition concept:

My brother has always done well with women so he has a lot of female friends and some he hasn’t talked to or seen in years. His wife was trying to play a joke on him and signed him up for facebook. Of course, everytime someone adds you to facebook it sends you an email alerting you to a friend request. His wife thought it would be funny when he gets email alerts on his cell phone thinking he has a business contact and watching him “jump” everytime he got an alert. Well, she was in control of the account so as all of his friends request came in they were primarily hot women. The next thing you know, she is asking him “who is this girl?” , or “who is that girl?”. Needless to say, she has been walking around like a “dog in heat” for about a year now. To the point she even advertises it to me that she has been trying to give him some but he just doesn’t want it. He laughs. Sweet irony.


And it’s good to listen to these shows from the right perspective… I feel sorry for guys who get relationship advice from shows like that (that are geared towards women)…

The interesting thing is all a guy has to do is TRY THAT STUFF OUT and see where it gets them… ie. “doing house work” (under her terms)…or something else that’s very convenient…lol

People like you and I (and other very logical guys) kind of have an advantage because if something doesn’t work we’re naturals at evaluating the process…tweaking the variables…or even figuring out if the “process” needs to be replaced…

My wife told me (early on) that she broke up with her last 2 boyfriends because they got to a point where they listened AND DID everything she said…lol

This kind of thing happens all the time…

…yet so many guys (via ‘unnecessary guilt’) systematically destroy their sexual value….(ie. Guilty Guy)…and even worse, their “identity”….

It’s no surprise that the quickest way lose all of your sv is to listen to everything she says (even on a belief level)…lol….

There are STILL guys out there sharing email addresses with their wives!!

I love the story with your brother and how his wife’s been in “heat” for about a year…I love it!! lol. Even though he didn’t create the situation himself, he’s still benefiting from the principles…

The idea is do what works…and have fun with it…

it’s almost like a guy either caving into a woman’s insecurities (shared email addresses, submitting to demanding requests, etc.)…

…or he’s using it (insecurity, curiosity, jealousy, etc.) as “sexual fuel”…

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  1. J.R.Magdos | Reply

    Men should be men, that is what a real woman wants, no girlymen, trust me on this,I am 64 years old and a widower and have fouund out through experiance, women nedd a real man, it is the way it is suppossed to be, do not be a maid or housekeeper or girlfriend, be a man!!!

  2. Instructor CR James | Reply

    exactly jr!

    and some men never snap out of it!

  3. Garebo | Reply

    I agree with the last reply. Be a man comfortable in your own skin and be alive.
    The Facebook thing me makes me laugh, I don’t participate much at all, when I did briefly, I was getting these hot women, probably a dozen or so out of the blue. I don’t do dating services, porn sites, nor do I subscribe to anything that would attract this attention, maybe your page CR-it was just bizarre, all asking to be friends, so what the heck shoot yeah I am your friend! I found it amusing, and naturally loved the attention, and on top of it I could care less, but my woman sure didn’t think so after she sniffed out what was happening and instantly squashed it. Fine with me, the whole thing is a joke as far as I am concerned, but I was amused and most gleefully while it was occurring.

  4. Bill | Reply

    Great post. I am always AMAZED when I see a husband and wife sharing an email address. I dont think there’s a better example of insecurity.

  5. CW | Reply

    CR James,

    Thank you for sending your e-mails. They are both entertaining and fascinating. I purchased some of your materials quite some time ago, and didn’t quite get it all read and/or digested. But, your solutions are intriguing.

    Thanks much, and Keep up the good work. Your methods make a lot of sense, and I intend to give it a try one of these days.


  6. Phil | Reply

    Hey CR,

    I like pus+ee.
    Some women like it too.

    MOST do DO NOT like Dicks that go Limp, aka Limp Dicks

    SO _ _ why do we call guys [from the email] a pus+ee ??
    Do you think his wife does anal ON HIM (no lube _ _ either _ _ probably ) ???

    The government sure seems to be. ha ha.


  7. Instructor CR James | Reply

    Yeah Bill I don’t get it…

    Sometimes I’ll get an angry email from a wife because her husband signed up for my stuff or bought something and whatever…lol

    Maybe we could create “National Break Away And Get Your Own Email Address Day”, where any guy who makes the decision to “secretly” get his own private email address, we like buy him a beer…

    (which means I owe my brother a corona. lol)

  8. Seduction Diva | Reply

    That is so pathetic. I wouldn’t want my man sharing an email adress with me, after all I’m a woman that has a life of my own. And I adore it that he has a life of his own, or I#d feel crowded.

  9. JK | Reply

    Dear CR,

    My Man, Don’t let mamma’s boys bust your balls. It is well known, that approximately 80% of Holly-wood thinks homosexuality is ok. So, what are they going to feed our kids on TV a diet of miss-guidedness. To build a strong building, we start with a good foundation. So, if we have slightly jaded idea’s about things, etc, etc, etc.

    Sounds like a wierd Jerry Springer, show. Lol,… hey, got a date with a 9+ at lunch, hope you’re having fun man,

    PS Can you share some tips to get her hot enough to take her cloths off, man, come on dude, know you got the POWER! Scottie, Beam me up! Lol,…

  10. Earl | Reply

    I’m thinking I’d better start paying more attention to what you write. The closer I get to women I realize I need a better understanding of how their minds work so I don’t get trampled by my ignorance. It really does seem like more of what they do is about control, and we turn a blind eye because we don’t see that it takes away SV.

  11. John | Reply

    I have a question, actually.
    I’m trying to get my wife back. She’s a complete nut, but, she’s my nut.
    Anywho, I just ordered red bubbles and will get it read, in a day. Any other suggestions?
    (This will take some work.)

    Thanks much.

  12. Instructor CR James | Reply

    send me an email (crjames100@gmail) john. i’ll help you out…

  13. Mike Deveau | Reply

    Hey CR,

    Just realized you live in MD. Ironically, my ex wife lives in Bel Air, MD with my youngest daughter (who’s going to be an Architect), she’s going to Morgan State Baltimore, MD and my son went to UM-BC, 2 years and recently bought a house in North East, MD. Small world.

    And, I’m dating three (3) women now. And, as I’ve been saying all summer, life is good in Bonnet Shores. Not to bad for a guy over 50 ay? Thanks for all your help.
    Have a great day,

    Mike Deveau

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