She’s only nice to him when she wants sex…


I need your help…

Your insight is needed because I’ve never
been in this situation before..

To make a long story short a guy emailed me
about a situation that he’s going through
with his young wife…

He’s 50.
She’s 27. She’s attractive.

But she’s very mean to him!


In fact, the only time she’s nice to him
is when she wants him to give her sex

(the nerve of some women!)

Long story short: She put this poor guy
through serious hell (stress)…

Because that was just the beginning…

Now there’s someone else going on…

I just responded to him (literally like 4 minutes
ago, but I don’t think my response was enough,
because I never been in his *currently situation*…

And I feel he would benefit from someone who may
have gone through what he has OR maybe an alternate
perspective could be useful…

I put the story in a PDF Document so that I could highlight the main points for quick scanning – just in case you didn’t want to read the whole thing – word for word….

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  1. She’s only nice to him when she wants sex?? that is the problem right there. She is using him because she probably sees less value in him.he has to create high value for himself.
    Being less available would also help and also not giving her what she wants everytime she asks for it, will be a good way to create value for himself

  2. Well I am 64 and have a girlfriend who is 25 and she treats me great but I had one past girlfriend like the one in the story and I told her to hit the door, I don’t care she could be the hottest thing abut if she don’t treat u with respect then u don’t need her there are a lot more out their that will and the one I am with is a ten so he needs to find someone else.

  3. The whole situation sounds really bad. The woman is definitely not respecting him. I left my first wife because of the lack of respect, and I would do it again. Marriage is supposed to be a life-long event, but you can’t spend your entire life with someone that does not respect you. A relationship should be a two-way street, and you should feel comfortable expecting everything that you put in to the relationship.

  4. Hi CR

    She sounds like a spoilt misery-making-mentalist. Explain briefly and firmly about treating others as you would wish to be treated. If that doesn’t work, be unpredictable and hardly ever give her what she wants when she wants it. Reward her with sex etc only after 3/7/14/28/64/360 or whatever days of good behaviour, one incident of bad behaviour, the 7 days, or whyatever period, starts again. And keep this up: you will have to be stronger than her.
    That’s the only way I can see of turning the relationship situation around.

    I left the woman who was mother of my children because she refused to be accountable to me although I was willing to be accountable to her. She believed too much in that “girl-power” nonsense, after I got with her. It became a nightmare. I wasn’t strong enough or didn’t have the right strategies to turn it around her belief. In the end I decided, right, “I’m not going to be accountable to you” and went and did what ever I wanted, including leaving.

    Women respect you more if you stick to your values and what is right, even if they don’t want it that way. You made many mistakes from the very beginning by changing so many things for her. She lost respect for you right there and then. Mine respects me now, even though we are not together. She got a bit twisted for a few years that I left and still wanted to see the children, lawyers etc, but she respects me now.

    A living together/marriage relationship can, in my opinion, only work happily when there is respect and accountability both ways.

    Please, please, please I would like you (CR) to write up a product that makes relationships & marriages work and keeps the woman faithful etc., that would be great. I have several friends who would buy such a product and there is a gap in the market. Women have a book called “The Rules”, we men need an equivalent and I wish CR James were the man to write it.

    God Bless.

  5. C.R.

    I am with you and Obbie on this one. Dump the bitch. The sex might be good but rare. Why not get a woman that respects him, and have sex daily, or when you are both in the mood.

  6. Will not all young women but most is immature but there are young women who is mature. Maybe he could talk to her and be more assertive about what she’s putting him through and express his feelings to her and tell her what he would like of her. Or maybe he could change his ways around her or he could do both. I do however agree with you he maybe needs someone else. But he should give his girl another chance to change if not then he should leave her.

  7. She sounds like an A-1 bitch. Move on grow a backbone, there are millions of them out there find one that isn’t a bitch!!!

  8. Hey my friend from Greece I didn’t see your comments from before, but I promise you if you go to you can hook up with some good girls there, I’ve only been there for a few months and have had 12 offers of marriage and several offers of casual sex and girlfriends. This site is designed as a dating and social networking site, there are some great women out there and I just gave you a way to find them there are about 200 million on this site so you can be rest assured there is no scarcity of women in the world. I could introduce you to a 46 year old from the Netherlands that needs a great guy like you, if you study CR’s materials and get back to me here, I’ll tell you her name, she is professional and self made and still good looking for an older lady.

  9. I’m a lot like you CR I’m an Electronics Engineer, a life coach and a trainer of Alpha Women. THis guy has his hands full and I know the lawyer wasn’t paid off she was fucking him too these two lawyers probably struck up a deal. I deal with these women all the time, from Ukraine and Romania their economy sucks and they go out looking for support, just as many Asian women do. I don’t blame her but him he’s just too nice and having a mom and sister as role models tells me, he was raised as a girlie man. Send him over to and have him find another women and spend some time getting to know her before he commits to anything. Tell him not to profess his love and lean back and let a womean come to him if he has your materials he needs to take the time and read everything and apply it in his life.Have him get a new lawyer preferably female she’ll see through his old lady’s shit quick and know how to win. And hopefully she’s not Bi as this chick from Ukraine might seduce her too. These women use what they were born with and usually are very successful with it. Further more if he looks at where his son is as this should be disclosed to him then he should go to her lawyers wife and turn his as in, he’ll drop the case or try and work out a deal with Greg so he keeps his mouth shut.

  10. I agree to your diagnosis of the problem
    It was very apparent from the fact as most Russian brides are available on line. So what do you expect out of them.
    The girl have been smart and playing from the day one. As another theory women use sex to manipulate as well even in marriage e.g.for a odd time sex and in return you clean dishes or mow the lawn etc
    She was never addicted to sex with him but just using it as tool to get money and citizenship
    This man has proved that his brain lies in his balls from the day one and kept on making his life miserable.
    Second she must be fulfilling her physical need and polite for the time being and bitching again after that.
    The moment she got chance she proved it with other lawyer her true color
    This guy should get evidence of her sexual encounter by some means if he can
    Secondly hire a female lawyer or someone with credibility
    Before doing all this he should go to Bulgaria and get himself laid with other young girls and get this one out of his system

  11. CR,
    No comment on this YET but I DO NEED TOO SPEAK TOO YOU CONFIDENTIALLY AND OFF THE RECORD!!! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!! Now what I have to ask you about may also end up making a hell of a good article or case, such as this one (or better!!)
    If AT ALL POSSIBLE, I need a CONFIDENTIAL (FOR NOW ANYWAY!!) conversation with YOU PERSONALLY!!! Could you email me or, if you request, call me for a short session of Q&A??

  12. I’ve lived this situation. She’s not going to change and try as he may, he can’t change her. It’s going to lead to a situation where her meanness becomes violence and since our society and legal system automatically assumes the male is always at fault in a domestic violence situation, he could end up in big trouble if he does not remove himself from the situation immediately. It cost me my self esteem and quite a hefty sum of money before I figured out that the only person I was in control of was myself and that she had a personality disorder that is extremely hard to solve, even with a professional involved. My advice to him. Gather your most intimate personal belongings and run as fast as you can. There is nothing material in life worth putting up with her problem because as soon as she realizes that you are leaving, she’s going to escalate the situation to an even more unbelievable point. Don’t walk, RUN! RUN! RUN! No matter how great she is in bed, that’s just a front to manipulate him into sticking around. Plenty of nice women are available out there and if they truly love you, most are either already good in bed or willing to learn in order to more deeply satisfy their love for you. You don’t need the abuse and if you stick around you’re in for more and more trouble which could end up costing you more than you ever bargained for.

  13. Leave that woman.

    Leave ASAP. Take all your money with you.
    Find someone else. You cannot be happy with her.

    I have been married and divorced 3 times.
    Get a divorce if possible.
    Switch religions if these actions are not tolerated.
    Start thinking of your own happiness.
    Develop some self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Tell her to go fuck herself. Say it once and then again as you leave.

  14. i just have to follow up, because i hear this nonsens all the time: giving her multiple orgasms, lasting all night. done right its a four minute long trip to oblivion for her. that is why the made up weekends, guys, when i come home from work, do my thing and sit back to watch the tv on fridays, i just leave her drooling in the bathtub while i enjoy the weekend and throw some water on her and shake her out of it Sunday evening so she can clean her self up and get ready for work Monday. that is what that time is for, for her to recover from you, IF your doing the job right.

  15. ok i see what is going on here, and there are several problems, but one solution. in the first email, greg mentions that his wife might sometimes pass near by hime and touch his balls. first mistake. without permissinon, please what was this guy thinking. second problem, he is dickig her, and she loves the ‘dick’ not him. and he was giving her 4-5 orgasms per fuck, what an idiot. has this guy never heard of my eye-to-eye-eye-to-heart-heart-to-clit super-explosiwavy maximanical single orasmaticallyorgaminiminiacle make her shut up and drool technique? no more bitching after i do her. but the sad part is the solution is so easy and right in front of your face and you failed to see it, even when SHE pointed it out. Big, FAT juicy greek women, fuck, fuck, fuck some more! get over the whole Ukrainian scarecrow shit, buddy, fuck some thick and hardy stuff, you moron, but i guess you kind of hinted at that. and guess what greg, she was always insecure because you made her feel that way. she did not see you fucking the greek women, so sure, she knew your appetite was miniscule and probably diapearing, she just wanted to have a little sex before your over-analyzing self paralizing libido shrank. here she was wanting to share some delicious soft and pliable, cushy ass and cunt with you in threesomes, foursomes, whateversomes, and the best you could do is whine. sad. good luck.

  16. Post

    late replies are cool judge..

    i couldn’t agree with you more…your explanation reveals the importance of timing.. which is one of the key ingredients that some men never learn…

  17. You know, in all honesty, he messed up dating a 27 year old women in the first place, of course she is mean, because she knows she can be because she knows the real reason he wants her, and she knows the real reason she wants him, both probably not actual love, except maybe an enlightening feeling of it once in a while when she is showing compassion, but my advice, if not find someone of true color, is to not give it to her when she wants it, and maybe even make it obvious it’s a game to you, to almost put her in her place if you will.

    I don’t know much about this particular predicament, but if I were in this situation, I would hold my trump card up high when available(when she wants some).

    But that’s just me. ( sorry for late reply, my computer fried…..

    literally o.O)

  18. Hi Mr James!

    Again, I would like to thank you and all the friends that have read about my matter and have written some usefull observations and advices about it.

    To Obbie: Thanks Obbie! Yes I must be a man, assert myself and let her know I’m not taking her crap any more.

    To matt and to John J Hiller: Yes, I have already filled for divorce. The court about it will take place on January 2010. There are lots of beautiful women out there. I have to move on! I will try to find another woman. Thanks my friends!

    To Loren : Thanks Loren! Yes, I have to change my life and how I think first. It’s a hard job, but I have to do it. But first, I want to take custody of my 4 yo son. He must not be raised up by this whore and her bad company. On February 5 she left my mother’s house. The rest of February she was disappeared – the old lawyer was keeping her house secret, because he was afraid of me to reveal her address to his wife, resulting to catch him. I saw the boy 5 times on March- my wife was visiting one time per week another 70 yo Ukrainian woman near my neighborhood, and I could see my son. This evil lawyer had a man 35 yo , who was helping him to his “affair” with his mistress. This young man with his car was helping my wife to visit the house of the 70 yo Ukrainian woman during March. That time, many neighborhoods had seen the old lawyer too, visiting the house of this old woman, and after half hour of staying in the house, he was going out from house together with my wife and getting into car they were leaving the house, and that time the old woman was keeping my 4 yo son. On March, 30, I got known my wife’s house’s address- but I made a fatal mistake and the evil old lawyer took her from there, and moved her to another unknown place, so from beginning of April until August 2, I had not see my son. After investigations I discover her house: it was by the sea, near a village, 50 miles away from my city. The owner of this house is the sister of the above mentioned 35yo man (but his sister was living in another city here in Greece and this house was empty), so this young man lived together with my wife and son in this house. I have a friend in Police here in my city, (who stands high in degree) who learned that two years ago some owners of a bar gave to the 35yo man money to get married one Ukrainian woman working at this bar, just to take something similar to Green Card in Greece- but after their marriage he never lived together with her. So, now, from beginning of April 2009 till the end o September 2009 he lived together with my wife and son in this house, and he was speaking to people around his neighborhood that my wife is the barwoman that he had married two years ago and my 4yo son is his son!!!. One time per week he was taking my wife with his car and after driving 50 miles, he was giving her to the horny old lawyer to enjoy a good time with her. Probably, the35yo man fucks too that whore, as they live together in the same house. I understand that the young man takes money for his helping to the old lawyer, from the old lawyer. This horny old Lawyer needs sex/can fuck her not more than once per week- and on the other hand he is very careful: not to wake up his wife. Because I have already informed her about all, but she didn’t believed me, as she was stating that during all her husband’s free time at afternoon she is together with him. She cannot understand that he sees my wife during working at office time, once or two times per week. He is in pension, but in the morning he goes to centre of the city at his son’s office to help him (his son is 30yo, and he is lawyer too, but he is good boy and he is the “mom’s boy” ). Also the old lawyer’s wife stated that my wife have already a boyfriend (the above mentioned 35yo man) with whom she lives together, so she insisted that I had made mistake about her husband’s affair- that he has mistress (my wife). On end of April, the old lawyer and his stupid wife had come together to the place where I work and they threatened me that they would bring a charge against me, if I would continue to defame/mud at her husband. No, she cannot wake up. Now, from 15 October after that “mistake” of my lawyer, she disappeared again and I don’t believe that she continue to live in the same house near the sea, as in that place no body lives in Winter. All people from there have moved to the nearest village. It’s place for vacation only. I had gone to this place (together with my police officer friend) to see my son on August 2009, and things were as I described them above: she, my son and this 35yo man were living together in that house. Of course the old lawyer keeps secret her new address. From August till October 15, I had seen my 4yo son 6-7 times. I want to mention that this 35yo man called me and he threatened me that he will break my legs and the legs of my 19yo son too, because “we spoke lies at court”. Ok, I reported it to Police and also my police officer friend called him not to make any nonsense.

    To Mike and to Paul: I look 40 years old, and I don’t know… but I see that it’s difficult to find a 50 yo woman who is sexually attractive here in Greece. And if can find some, the most of them carry an emotional baggage with them. Thanks!

    To Boddy c: Really it was my big mistake spending nights at my mom’s house with her (in different rooms with no sex. We had sex 4-5 times in the beginning, after she came back from her 14 months absent in Ukraine. So after 20 days of living at my moms house and having sex 4-5 times, she had spoken me that she would have sex with me only after taking her from my mom’s house to live together with me in my apartment— and I agreed: ok, no sex)- very stupid from my side… Thanks a lot my friend!

    To RD: I agree, she wants to get her Greece citizen- and some money from me too…Thanks RD!

    To Vernon: Thanks my friend! I have already ignored her, but nothing. I think she has her plan and now this evil old lawyer is her chance to put her plan into action, giving him her young body

    To WS: All your observations are somehow true:
    * Not in control of my feelings around her … I was too gushy
    * I was not confident / feeling lucky to have her
    * She’s psycho. In reality, I had put her high on a pedestal, making almost everything she was asking from me- big mistake. Later, I lost control on the situation. So I became not a challenge to her. Thanks WS!

    To gregg: At court , on May 2009, she tried to make me seem like an abuser, with speaking lies that I had hit her many times and that one time I had broken one rib-bone of her (very funny!). ALL LIES! If the court had believed her, then I had to go from my home, to live her and my son in it and also she would had taken money from me for herself and for my son.. Of course she did not persuade the court. About three years ago I had visited one psychologist for advising me how I must behave around her and I spoke him that on February 2006 she reported at the local Police that I was hitting her- the Police Officer called me and her to visit his office and in front of my eyes she was crying and insisting that I am an bad man that I hit her often. The Police Officer believed her. At night of the same day, she wanted sex from me and during it, she was telling me how much she was in love with me!!! CRAZY!!! The psychologist advised me to divorce her, as she had a plan in her mind (to divorce me later and take the house and money from me), so everything I would make humanly to fix the things with her behavior, would fail. He spoke me: ”How you can play the game Skaki with Kasparov and not loose? Just you must not play with him!” — but I was stupid and did not listen the psychologist. Thanks a lot gregg!

    To Dave: I tried later to resist, but it was too late, as she had already a clean picture of what a wimp I was. Thanks Dave!

    To Sandros: Yes, I had to find what type of woman she is before getting married her. Really, as according the Bible Deliliah cut the hair of Sampson and he lost his power, I permitted my bitch-wife to shave my hair. What is “FB material” and “MLTR material”? Thanks my friend!

    To Butch: Thanks for your interest! Yes, from beginning I was too honest with her and she took advantage of it. Thus with her pussy she led me by the nose in a way that overlooked the fact I was regularly disrespected by her. And I believe that in Ukraine she was fucking with some Ukrainian man- her staying in Ukraine was too long and I think she had not feeling for me, so she had lover(s) in Ukraine and me stupid sent her my money….I agree with you that the old lawyer used everything to lower my value in front of her eyes. But I don’t think that he can fuck an 28 yo woman now, as he had operated on 2005 (heart by-pass) and also I have been informed that his general health is bad. And in comparison to me, I’m very confident about my sexual skills. No, I think that he has the money and that it is ok for her. Me, I am stable but I have not much money. It is sure that the old evil lawyer took advantage of the fact that she’s in crisis. And in his face she found the person that can help her to put her plan in action, meaning that this lawyer persuaded her that it is easy to take money from me and to take my house to live her and my son (via court) and that he will help her with his money, with exchange giving him her pussy. This ill old lawyer “takes life” with just touching her young body. For him this young woman is a spring of life.

    To Johnny: I agree with all your writings. Thanks!

    To Irshaad: I have read your letter many times! Thank you deep from my heart for your advices! I’m not rich – just I’m stable. I agree to all your writings– yes she had a plan to make a fortune from me. Yes, I have purchased many books from CRJames, but I have not the discipline to read them up. But I will listen your advice and commit to my self that I will read and get educated. Thanks about your suggestions to find a woman-lawyer having money, because it is really hard to trust when money is involved- BIG TRUTH! I agree with your observations and advises that family first. Yes, it was my fatal mistake that I had permitted this bitch to control my life and my connection with my other son, who is 19 yo , very good boy and student at University… And I agree that she did that way, because she wanted everything to end up to her and HER child. And you know something Mr. Irshaad… I am afraid about my life too. Until divorcing with her, she looks in papers as my wife. And if something bad would happen to me, everything will go to her. And the court that will discuss my application for divorce will take place on January 2010 and the decision will be ready after 3- 4 months from January… Also, I have already tried to speak to old lawyer’s wife, on April 2009, but she didn’t believe me. I made the mistake to speak my name to her. In the beginning of this letter I’m writing what happened with old lawyer’s wife. Again, thanks for all you have written to me!

    To Sgt: Yes you are right, I desperately need to get custody of my son. Thanks for your words!

    To Dave P: Yes, truth is, this woman never cared about me. “Let her new lawyer lover support the kid”— Mr Sgt I have listen this phrase from my mother too!!! As for paternity of my son: he looks like me. Ok, he is my child. So it’s my duty to support him- if I will not take custody of him. I agree: Running ( not walking) as far as I can possible from this bitch-golddigger, but with not forgetting my son. Thanks Sgt!

    To Adam and to JB: I agree— No love. Just a transaction. It’s sure: she played theatre, just making herself look like a victim and she uses my son to take money and may be my house from me. I agree: not any more waste time over this blood sucking leech. Kick out the whore! Thanks for your words!

    To solo: Really there not a matter of relationship with her, as I am not happy in it. Thanks!

    To bjorn: Ok, I will start with myself, but beforehand I want to take custody of my son- but as you probably know from my other letters, my lawyer made a fatal mistake and I feel that he is my enemy now. Thanks bjorn!

    To CB: Really, she disrespected me because I allowed her to get away with it. I liked your theory about “your time is not for free…” And I never made her earn the things that I did for her. I made things too easy for her, so she took me for granted. Thanks a lot for your advises!

    To Adam: No, I’m not getting sex now! And I have not a lot money my friend. And I agree that a woman’s beauty is not everything. But I had fallen for her and she used her beauty to manipulate me. The behaviour of the drama-queen freelance model is similar to my wife’s, but you happily had cut it in the beginning- me not. Thanks Adam!

    To JS: Good observations, thanks!

    To Nate: I agree with you. It sounds as though I have already won. Really, my wife is out of my life now I have ejected her out of my life (but sometimes I miss her- just for sex) and she has been reduced to what she is, someone’s concubine. Thanks Nate!

    To GB: Thank you for your advice! I don’t know if I can file a complaint with the lawyers association regarding my attorney’s negligence and possible bribery- I will ask if I can do it here in Greece. Who lawyer do you mean that you should destroy: the horny old lawyer- provider who fucks my wife OR my lawyer who “forgot” to send the document in time so I lost custody?


  19. I would do as you suggest. Find another woman.

    I would get a detective to take a picture of the judge fucking her or anything resembling an affair and either send it too his wife or use it as leverage.

    Either way, I would try and expose him to his wife and peers. I would file a complaint with the lawyers association regarding his attorney’s negligence and possible bribery.

    I would try to destroy the pig fucker attorney, then try and get custody after he’s exposed; he likely would not put up much resistance.

  20. Post

    no problem my friend..

    i figured multiple perspectives could help… i know you can’t handle the real advice.. instead of “sugar coating”…

    happy thanksgiving…

    take care XXXXXX..(aka “gary”)

  21. Hi Mr James!

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    I have already read all the letters from your readers in your “blog” about my situation. When I saw it, I could not keep but to burst into tears…

    Many -maaaaany thanks to all of them who felt in my feelings!

    I will return tomorrow with a big letter, thankgiving all of them and commenting almost everybody’s letters.


  22. I know it is not a humorous situation, but I am trying not to laugh. Most of the tales I am hearing about Ukranian women have a similar theme. These women only wnat a ticket to the West. I have heard a date with these women is more like a police interview or inquistion about personal finances than compatibility or love. (Ukranian co-worker – has great stories. Note: his (ex)-wife (Russian/Ukranian) had a similar attitude, he left her and decided to persue other women. And he did it with a smile.)
    It sounds as though this guy has already won if he would just take a breath and look at his circumstances. This woman is out of his life and she has been reduced to what she is, someone’s concubine. The kid is another matter but life’s situations have a way of resolving themselves. You’re in Greece, young attractive women are plentiful, find one! (Note: I also have some Greek relatives. Advice, stick with the younger ones, the middle -age women are sweet but not they are not as easy on the eyes).


  23. hey CR, You havent commented on what I
    wrote bro.WTF??!!!

    you cant turn a hooker into a housewife, he cant play Captain-Save-a-HO.

    its like wearing sneakers to a wedding in a tuxedo. that type of woman, her personality isnt marriage material.

    there are alot of guys like this that make game easier.

    anyway, I posted above my comment previously…waitin’ to hear from you.


  24. Frankly I think to give this guy seduction advice is like kicking him while he’s down. It’s like when people say “she should blame herself for getting raped when she walks around those high heels and mini skirt”.

    This is clearly not a seduction situation as I hinted above with my remark about her being a “mailorder bride”.

    I’m having hard time believing that he can build his SV to the point of sexual explosion and lose them so fast and so consistently as he have described.

    He is guilty of being blind though but that’s a completely different issue and perhaps a different kind ebook for you CR to write!?

    Johnny V

  25. Hi CR,

    I have one advise and that is he does not have to put up with his wife’s negative attitude towards him. If she doesn’t respect him then it would be difficult to run a harmonious relationship. That 23 year old younger wife should see respect and serve her man and the that man should reciprocate. Is there still love in their relationship?


  26. Post
  27. Yeah too many girlie man nowadays, they pretend to be polite. When you upfront and direct with them, they shun you.
    I have a friends like this, hell lot of sissy. Their life center around woman, damn stupid. Once fine day the bitch dump them they will be crushed.

    Wow man at least u get to experience such stuffs this early. It is good seriously.

    Just to share with you, I went out with a so call model quite some time ago, she is a freelance model. She pickup a mongrel dog from the street.
    It got lost I went to find it with her, guess what she already has a dog so she couldn’t take care of both. She dump the dog to me for me to take care.
    I took pity on her and the dog, but somehow I was really careful she might be the manipulative type. The dog was hell. I gave the dog back to her, she was pissed with me.

    As time goes on, I went out with her about 2 to 3 times, she showed her true colours. Bad tempered, lack personality. Manipulating me by always saying she has no money.
    She expect me to pay for her everything, in the way she wanted to go to the gym but has no gym clothes can u believe that? She hinted me to buy some nike clothes for her.
    Damn this bitch.
    She will blow her temper out of sudden over small matter. She is drama queen, like to behave like she is victim of this and that so that people will take pity of her.
    She is using her looks to manipulate people.
    Just to let you know, my so call first date with her she told me she like another model she met a pub. She think she might be lesbian. I was thinking what the F*** you telling me this for. I think she is using me as her emotional tampon. So i figure out after that forget about her after going out with her on the second time when her temper burst for nothing.

    Bro, when you tell me this I understand sometimes we man are too kind to them. We are the ones who have to becareful. They are always complaining they are dump by some jerks
    and all. Screw that man.. when girls like that tell me shit like this. They won’t be hearing from me again. They invited such guys into their life, who else is to be blamed but them.

    Just my thoughts bro. You too take care. I think your material offer some insights for us. Take care bro!

  28. Post

    i don’t think it’s harsh…

    that’s what people need.. they need a “real” perspective based on how others “really” feel about the situation…

    there’s too many sugar-coaters in the world.. and that’s not what people need….

    my first girlfriend manipulated me so i have no tolerance and respect for women like this….we were in the second grade… she was only 7!… and this evil little bitch sat me down one day and said in the next few days i’m going to hear everyone in school talking about how she now is in a relationship with ‘some other boy’… but it’s just a prank to trick him…

    i was like ‘oh ok’ (and i start smiling)…

    but yet everyday they’re on the swings together… holding hands… eating candy together…and meanwhile i’m in the background giggling because i THINK i know what’s really going…

    then years later (like about a couple of years, i thought about it.. and realized the joke was on me!!

    so the ‘gary from greece’ story and stories like it reminds us guys of a time when we dealt with a woman/women like that in our past…

  29. Looks like a mail order bride me James. I might be wrong. Cause she want to be a Greece citizen.

    Girls from China wants to be a Singapore citizen also. We have cases here where those poor old timers were cheated. They run away.

    His situation I think may not be that bad. After all he is getting sex haha !!
    From what I see this guy has quite a lot money, go around the world meet women, he can go pubs and clubbing even in his local area.
    A woman beauty is not everything. I used to know a girl who uses her beauty to manipulate me.
    It really not worth it James. He should concentrate on building value to attract woman not focus on them.
    My comment can sound harsh, but sometimes we need a kick in the ass to wake up.
    I have bad experiences before too.

  30. CR that is a CRAZY story.

    He should have the lawyer investigated if he truly believes that he took a payoff. You pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as him finding a better woman and taking care of his son.

    Also when he moves on he needs to make sure that his ex-wife is aware of it. But this time he should take a closer look at a woman’s character before getting into a relationship with her.

    Women that are like this are poison and nothing good can come from being with them.

    I personally believe that part of this is his fault though. Women disrespect you ONLY if you allow them to get away with it.

    One thing I learned about getting respect from women is that you have to believe, behave, and operate as a man of VALUE.

    You are not free, your time isn’t free. And you must make her earn the things that you do for her.

    If you make things too easy for her she will take you for granted because women need a challenge to sink their teeth into.

    My motto is “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

    Many women have a false belief that they can do whatever they want and not face consequences because most men are either spineless (won’t stand up to her when she’s wrong) or they’re just happy to have an attractive woman at their side so they put up with her bullshit.

    If a woman doesn’t respect you stop spending time with her, stop doing things for her, don’t help her do shit. And let her know that if she wants the best of you she has to treat you a certain way, and if she refuses FUCK HER, its’s her loss.

    When you snatch away a disrespectful woman’s support system that will definitely get her attention.

    And if she persists, start pursuing other/another women right in her face. He can’t change what has happened already.

    I know he is hurt and confused. B

    ut he needs to see the lessons in this so that he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

    Hope this helps.

  31. Hi James,

    I would advice him to read and work with your self confidence book. Neither his wife nor the lawyer and his own family respects him. Get over it and start with yourself. Greece is not a third world country. That a lawyer risks his reputation and job says a lot about his client.

    Take care

  32. Post

    your english is good my friend (maybe it’s slightly below average, but that’s ok)…

    lol @ is it sex or money…that was a good one…

  33. Hi James!

    Here is Solo. Well Ive never been in such a situation. English is not my native language so I dont understand what does it mean to get “some” – is it sex or money? 🙂

    Even I dont understand it I think he has to ask himself these questions:

    Am I enjoying being with this person?
    Is she enjoying being with me?
    What is this relationship about?

    And next according to the answers he should act.

    What is the point of relationship if you are not happy in it?

    So thats my opinion. Sorry for my poor english.

    Take care.


  34. The answer is very simple: fire her or in plain good english:

    kick her out.

    There are a lot of good women out there.

  35. I briefly go through the report. My two cents worth.

    His situation can be complicated to deal with if he think it is and allow her to do so.

    It can be very simple if he just understand this woman is just a mail order bride what does he expect?

    To me it obviously the woman is making use of him to get what she want.
    Using sex to control or manipulate him after both of them have argument or something.

    No love.

    Just a transaction.

    She just making herself look like a victim. She want to be Greek citizen after she got what she wanted, she
    think that he is not enough for him.

    Can’t get a divorce? He is unhappy about the whole thing?

    Is it worth it?

    Go get a life, he should do what he enjoy. Dump that mail order bride, if she insist not getting a divorce from what I see she trying to make him pay for her expenses.

    Go get another woman sooner or later she will have no choice.

    She using the son as a hostage. So he must be aware of that. Don’t fall for it.
    He should get a life, take up some hobbies forget about this whole thing. Go to the gym, workout more look better and feel better.

    That will increase his sexual value even though he is 50. Why waste time over this blood sucking leech.

  36. Post

    dave: you make very valid points… it makes sense.. it does appear that she could have been a gold digger from the very beginning…

    i tell this really hit home for you..

  37. I read this entire series in disbelief.

    The fact of their age differences kind of rang the alarm of “gold digger.”

    Then her behavior backed up my suspicions and by the third or fourth letter
    I pretty much anticipated what the letter would be about.

    Guys, SHOULD NOT order mail-order brides, and basically that is what she was.
    He wanted beauty and bought it, but not love.

    And obviously to anyone after reading the letters, this woman never cared about him.

    Not one bit! The baby was an anchor or hooks into his bank account.

    Obviously the guy makes a decent living, and I am certain the Bulgarian con-artist is now living a much better life style, but as all gold diggers go…. she is sizing up the wallet of her next victim before she has finished off the one she is with.

    Your advice was spot on! Run don’t walk as far as you can possibly get from this woman and possibly even forget about staying in contact with your son. Begrudgingly support your son if the courts order it, but if I were this guy I would be seriously trying to get out of even that! Let her new lawyer lover support the kid.

    At the very least if you have to pay for the child at least order paternity and make damn sure the child is yours.

    Sure she will tell you it is, but seriously look at the patters here, it is quite possible the child is not his.

    This story horrified me and may cause me to have nightmares for his sake!

    Dave P

    PS My first wife sort of reminds me of this Bulgarian bitch, which is why I replied.

  38. This lady needs a sugar daddy to survive. She learned this from her own mom so its ingrained into her subconscious mind. Trying to change her will need someone with professional skills. Her low self esteem can’t see itself, so therefore won’t make an attempt to better itself.

    He doesn’t stand a chance of having happiness with this lady.

    He desperately needs to get custody of his son or his son will develop the same low self esteem.

  39. Hi Mr. Greg

    I have read the entire story as I would have loved to have seen the entire outcome of this Sad situation. Believe it or not, you are her Sugar Daddy, Yes, Sugar daddy is what I refer to you because from what I gathered it is clearly evident that this female is in for the money.

    You seem to be rich or rather a “well off” man from what I gathered as well, as you did everything possible when this Whore (as I will be referring to her) came back after 14 long months and when you gave in to do the apartment the way she wanted it done (BTW, that was your first mistake as she realised you could be easily manipulated as you were being blinded by love and beauty).

    I have a solution, I have heard of this before and gave it some thought, not sure if its what you will be looking for but this is what I would do if I am YOU.

    1. Leave this whore alone, she is in for the money. She did not want the divorce when you first told her because she was away for 14 months and knew she had no chance of winning anything at all, therefore, what did she do? SURPRISE, she came back. Now ask yourself, really, do you think that’s a coincidence?? Of course not, WAKE THE FUCK UP!!

    Her intentions seemed very clear that she was in for the money because as soon as you got married there was a sudden change in the attitude and intentions of marriage. I would even go as far as saying that she was in it to ruin the marriage and try and make a quick fortune from your wealth. Her wanting of sex from you was just to satisfy her selfish needs being a young and horny woman who probably looks at herself and thinks she is Gods gift to man touching herself everywhere creating a desire for sex and you were the closest to satisfy this need. She likes cock, and she seems to love it from rich men. Think about it, The lawyer is OLD but guess what? Yes, for once you right, he has the Money and is fucking her brains out.

    2. STOP being a fucking ASSHOLE. I know I’m being blunt but some people only catch a wake up when they hear vulgarity. Your letters also got me in the mood. I’m getting tired of hearing of these bitch’s carrying on like this, especially after watching some of this Hollywood bullshit on TV. Nevertheless, you need to stop seeing her and melting. She knows how to control you because she has made you insecure and made you to believe that you can’t get a more beautiful woman than her to marry you. Come on guy, build up your self esteem, you have low self esteem, you made that evident seeing how MANY e-books you purchased and by mentioning it, Yes, you have to learn a few tricks and methods, but you just buy too many and don’t even read them. Putting the book in front of your face and looking at the cover will not expose the information in it. Open the book and read the pages. I bet you buy other books hoping they might help you as well. STOP doing this, get up and start acting like a strong man with no emotions for this Whore.

    Also, you giving in to her too often, no matter what, when a need arises or arose for her you took care of it FINANCIALLY, using your MONEY just as she wanted. Start to show her you don’t give a shit. She needs to feel and start believing that you don’t give a shit. Right now, at this very moment she knows deep down in your heart you still have some feeling for her and she still feels when push comes to shove she will still have you by the Balls. And Mr. Greg, please don’t fall for that bullshit when she tries to make you feel guilty when it comes to your son. She probably only had this child with you because she thought you won’t leave her (and she did try using that excuse from what you mentioned about both parents must grow up with the child) so she can suck you dry, and no, not your balls, your MONEY. Of course you will have Love as any parent would, but seeing your nature as a human being, this bitch will try to fuck your life up even further using your Beloved son as the bait. She is a sick human being. She has false intentions and is out there for the money, leave this whore alone. She is no good for you or your son. And as soon as she starts using your son as bait, start recording everything even via audio and use it against her in the court of law.

    3. Your lawyer. If you have a feeling that he is no longer trustworthy, get another lawyer. Always trust your instincts in situations like this. Try and get a female lawyer who will not fall for this older lawyer’s bullshit. And make sure your next lawyer is rich as well, so you know she cannot be bought off so easily. Also, a female lawyer will probably understand your situation better especially the fact that it’s regarding your son. I’m sure she won’t want any of her children growing up with a bad influence like that.

    Regarding your current lawyer though, report him to the lawyers association in Greece and the police if you really feel he is fucking you over and being bought off. He must be investigated by the people who has the ultimate say when it comes to him practicing as a lawyer, that is the lawyers association of Greece.
    And don’t feel hard to report that old fucking Horny bastard Lawyer as well.

    4. The Old Lawyer. Get hold of his wife and tell her what you believe he is doing. Use a pay phone (Call Box) and don’t tell her who you are. It is time to play the game, and start playing it your way.

    Mr. Greg, Start doing things on time as well, it is very hard to trust people nowadays, especially when money is involved. And yes, it is sad but true, always be careful when dealing with people, especially people in the business world. Man has become too greedy and fucking over the next person has become the order of the day for most people.

    Make sure important documents are filed on time. Doesn’t mean you paying someone it will get done. You can always take action against them but when its regarding important things like in your case the damage has been done and you will not get the desired outcome eventually.

    Also file an application with the court informing them that you are lead to believe that your lawyer has intentionally filed your documents late and that you feel he has cut a deal behind your back in order to fuck you over for extra cash with that OLD horny lawyer.

    Also, start trying to move on. Show this whore what you are capable off. Make sure it is not a relationship to get her back though as it would not be fair to another woman. But if you don’t like being lonely, find another woman, ask her important questions and start gathering answers and put everything together and decide whether she is the one for you and the one who will make you happy and make sure she does not speak of money always, otherwise she will be a money sucking whore as well. If she has a problem with you seeing your other children realise that there is going to be a huge problem and do not get blinded by love and beauty. Family first. Remember that.

    How can someone who supposedly loves you not allow you to have a relationship with your children, that is false love, because if she loves you she will not be so self conceited and stupid and selfish and allow you to break off family ties. And remember 1 thing, if you can do something once there is a high chance you will do it again, meaning if things don’t workout again you will break ties with the new woman’s children. It’s totally unfair to the children, otherwise don’t have children.

    The Whore probably did not want you seeing your children because she did not want them in your will and would have mentioned to the courts you did not have a relationship with them so everything can end up coming to her and HER child and none of your other children if you had to die anytime soon or if you stuck with her longer until she killed you with stress and depression.

    Anyways, wake up and I hope you get to read this and not just get it and stack it one side.

    Hope it helps

    Take Care and BE A MAN.

    Play the game your way.


  40. he has a gold digger on his hands…It sounds like a episode on cheaters TV show.

    she is out of control and she isnt long term material. she sounds like FB material or MLTR material.

    He needs to get your coaching on leading women and dominance in relationships and know how to choose women.

    its guys like him , sir paul mcartney to even Glen rice that dont know how to choose a woman for LTR, end up taking half their money and ruin their career.

    This guy mind as well wed Deliliah and have his head shaven.


  41. Reality bites. Poor Greg. He set himself up really … the age difference … they call this behaviour of the woman “Malchut” which is the lowest form of life on the earth … in exact opposition to good, or more or less also defined as “evil”. And evil attracts evil. The greedy lawyer. I can tell you countless stories of lawyers only out to “get” something from young pretty women. Like attracts like. Time for Greg to face facts, and reality, that bites, and move on. It is as if God is tapping him, and every other man or woman reading this story on the shoulder saying “wake up” .

  42. Hey CR,

    I just read that guy’s dilemma and I can tell you from past experience I’ve been there with the type of woman she seems like.

    Yes, investigate the lawyer being paid off.

    How could something so crucial be overlooked?

    Sounds too suspicious.

    Maybe some type of lawyer to lawyer courtesy gone awry. This woman seems to me like she has low self esteem as I would’nt be surprised as most very beautiful women usually have some type of insecurity about themselves when you really get to know them.

    Also maybe a teaspoon of hpd (histrionic personality disorder). As for him I suspect that the lawyer made him out to be the bad guy (as is the lawyer’s job actually) but went over and above by casually pointing out the fact that he did’nt have a proper plan and always be in the driver’s seat of life, thus with her pussy she led him by the nose in a way that overlooked the fact he was regularly disrespected by her.

    Her constant complaining probably did make it justifiable to cheat as there may have been others and his son may not really be his, but although women the world over need some drama in their life (real or imagined) to balance things out within themselves she must have felt like she was on a roller coaster ride from all the complaining and that’s a plus in her messed up mind, when she probably wasn’t depressed and felt like somethig was missing and never trusted him enough to fill that void.

    For her to return back to where she’s from with her son for “family reasons” (which I doubt) tells me not only does she feel abandoned on some level, but there were others she was regularly fucking probably before she even met him.

    I say that because maybe from the beginning of their “courtship” he was too honest with her about his life almost to a fault and she saw that as a weakness and a threat to her image and what her friends think about her skills at choosing someone.

    I suspect that the lawyer in his own way pointed this all out to her making him look like he’s only half a man in comparison to him and he’s a much better “provider” in exchange for her pussy.

    What probably made this okay in her mind is the fact he can be so crafty during a crisis making her feel safe and trusting for her and her son to cared for and if she knows he’s out fucking around then he must have good enough sexual value to others so it’s worth it to her.

    Basically the lawyer took advantage of the fact she’s in crisis and most likely not of fully sound mind and used that to his advantage to add her to his stable of ho’s.

    Tell me what you think CR.


  43. He has a gold digger on his hands…It sounds like an episode of TV show Cheaters.

    She is out of control and she isnt long term material. She DOES sound like FB material or MLTR material.
    He is probably her suggar daddy.

    He needs to get your coaching on leading women and dominance in relationships and know how to choose women if he wants LTR.

    Its guys like him ,Sir Paul Mcartney to even Glen Rice that dont know how to choose a woman for LTR, end up taking half their money and ruin their career.

    Even if he is a man and step up to her..its too late cause he is already married.

    He should have found out type of woman she is before getting all desperate and rushing into marriage.

    He is categorized in provider and poor sap role to put up with her shit.She knows it and she is upset by his Beta behaviour.

    This guy mind as well wed young Deliliah, the bible vegas stripper and have his head shaven.


    If i were him Id prepare for divorce and find other women, get coaching.

  44. shes just testing him an he’s losing his mind….It’s no different then when a man abuses his woman…..I only have two words I live by 2 words when it comes to women an relationships in general….qualify…..and…disqualify….sounds like the woman is busy disqualifying him while he’s busy qualifying to her….if he’s gets a backbone an turns the tables he can tame her…

  45. Russian/Ukranian women have to be married to you for 2 years before they can get their green card in the US. BUT, if they can claim abuse, they get it immediately. What are the Greek laws? She may have been trying to provoke a fight and gotten the green card. Using sex to stay married,but get a fight she can claim abuse started.

  46. Post

    i think it’s possible for short term long distance relationships to work…

    for example… one person (for whatever reason) has to be away for an extended period of time, but then at some point it ends and the relationship becomes “normal” (non-long distance)…

    but as far as an extended LD relationship, i don’t see how that could work…

  47. Hello

    That was a very interesting story. I think he should possibly persue the lawyer, as he needs to be able to have custody or at least joint custody.

    Apart from that forget her and find another one. No one should put up with that. I am in a situation where my partner has gone abroad to work, but I hate us being apart, but what can I do? Just cope with long distance relationship and possibly just see each other for 2 weeks every 6 months? I cannot go as I have a child to support and educate, so thought that if it was real love my partner would forget the job, stay here with me and find a job closer to home?

    Any comments would be helpful.

  48. Post

    good point paul…

    there are plenty of sexy and classy 50 year old women…

    and it makes you wonder (because i don’t have any references to draw from) if a relationship with a ’20+ year age difference’ can actually work….

  49. I see the problem as an adult man marrying and adult child. Two can not walk together unless they be agreed. In this case that will never happen.

    He needs to move on, find another woman closer to his age, and work on being a dad to his son.

    I’m 59 and have known a beautiful woman 55 who is gorgeous, sexy, smart and the most incredible woman I’ve ever known. Well preserved older women are like a bottle of wine – a sweet tasting savor. Something that only comes with age. Young women may look good but classiness only comes with time. Time for him to find what I found. He’ll have found his true soul mate when he does.

  50. Post
  51. It’s a lack of respect. She doesn’t respect him because of one of the following things:

    * He’s not a challenge to her
    * He is not in control of his feelings around her … he’s too gushy
    * He’s not confident / he feels lucky to have her
    * Or she’s psycho

    He can control the first three things … and then he has a shot of getting her (over time) to find him sexually attractive. Until then, he’s in begging mode and/or stuck with a psycho.

  52. Sir

    It is apparent thank she feels that she has the upper hand in the relationship. One he leaves her or do as I did. No woman can stand to be ignored. Let her feel as he thinks she not even in the room for a while and watch things turn around.


  53. She cheating!! She just wants to get her Greece citizen!!! Once she gets it she’s gone!

    The mother is doing trying to do the same with the other guy!

    This guy is in deep shit! I’m just not BS ing around about what i think about the situation.


  54. Post

    Bobby c.. great observation! it’s something that happens alot…

    it’s a classic situation where a guy will have the power … he’s re-building his SV… and then he’ll just throw it all away…

  55. I must agree with Loren. This poor fellow has low self esteem. It seems that this chick is used to getting her way. He’s given up his power and turned into a slave to her. But after reading his story, did you noticed how her attitude changed when he threatened to leave her? For a brief moment, he had his power back….but he started spending nights at his mom’s house with her….under her terms…spend the night but in seperate rooms….sigh…he gave it up again. He needs to build up his self esteem and find a REAL WOMAN….not some 27 year ‘female’.

  56. I reread laughable answer

    That’s one of my favourite books. Its short but awesome…

    I see it all the time… Why do women respond so much different and kind of get addicted when you give them certain emotions U-signals etc… I know it has to do with them being a little different. That why like you say they buy romance novels we watch porn lol. But its really incredible. I wouldnt give two shits about emotional things etc

    I just like visual more so for sex… BUT women, its incredible how they get addicted to you if you give them new emotions etc. Thanks for all your info!


  57. Post

    thanks john and good suggestion about the son…

    i couldn’t agree more. it’s a shame when a guy (or woman) is forced to deal with an irrational partner when a child is involved…

  58. C.R.

    You could not have given him any better advice. The only thing to add would be, for him too try to keep a relationship with his son. For the childs sake. As for him, he already owns your materials get to reading forget about her. There are lots of beautiful women. With your teaching he’ll be fine and when he shows up with a good looking woman, her attitude will change and he’ll have the power in the relationship. No matter what happens after that he’ll be with a good women.

  59. Post

    i like that idea!


    divorce her again… that way if you end up re-marrying her, it will cancel out…

  60. Hi Mr James,

    If she is very mean to him, he needs to find a woman, that is not very mean to him, or a nice woman, they’re are a few out ther,e just have to leave her in the dust, take care of his kid, a 50 yr old should not marry a 25 yr old, nothing in common. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,…

    Good luck to him, and you keep up the good job,


    PS What the hey, had a GF who was getting banged by a guy 20 yr younger a pimp, too, so she went with the better sex of course, wish I was 20 yrs younger. Lol,… he supports her, gave her a plce to live, calls her when he wants it, and she sits there and waits for him, so, I had to move on big time, it will all be ok, Move ON, BIG TIME, Later dudes.

  61. Post
  62. Duuude, that’s one crazy mailorder bride(she has definitely earned that title!).

    I have no advice to give, there is no advice to give! It doesn’t matter if he’s a total wimp, she has no right to treat anyone that way. She’s obviously completely MENTAL, so there’s nothing to analyze or discus. The only thing he has done wrong is marrying that bitch. MY 2 c’s.

  63. Post

    good response loren…

    much more substance than my “just get a new woman” reply.

    take care!

  64. I don’t want to sound harsh but this guy has way too low self esteem. The materials he got should have taught him that he is the controlling factor in all of his situations. It is hard to advice some one like this because they aren’t able to separate themselves emotionally from this person (the ex). This has happened far too often with men and it is a shame because a lot of men don’t feel worthy. The new age has been sticking it to guys for about 40 years now. You know feminists and supporting groups. How about the lawyers in all of this. What a surprise. I think this guy needs to look in the mirror and do some real hard searching. He needs to take an inventory of his strengths and weaknesses. He needs to do the work of changing his life with him as the priority. All else is a lost cause.

  65. Post

    again.. good advice…

    as far as “laughable answer” i read it…it’s a great report… the editing sucks though…

    take care matt…

  66. Hey CR. Just read your situation.

    Here is my unbiased advice:

    First, tell him to COMMUNICATE with her, and to see what is wrong.

    Second, If it persists, tell him life is too short to be with someone who is so pessimistic, and tell him to say to her, that if she keeps the attitude up, he would threaten to leave her.

    Seriously, it seems this woman is immature. If a person loves you, they would not try and make your life a living hell. She needs to understand that marriage is a two way street.



    I know of a woman who is like this girl, and my friend left her. Sometimes, leaving is the best thing to do.

    Just my advice,

    PS: Is there anybody you know who can give me a detailed review of the Laughable Answer? I am thinking of buying.


  67. Post
  68. He needs to be a man and assert himself and let his wife know he’s not taking her crap.

    I used to be like him but thanks to your and other newsletters I’m learning what to do. I think his wife would respect him more and since she already likes him sexually, their life may turn out to be incredible.

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