Some reports that are not in the Super Store

I’ve had a few people request this list so here you go:
Lust Signals

The Laughable Answer

Super Respect Power

Super Relationship Power

5 Spark Plugs

SSU Mind Control: Volume 2

PV Mind Control

53 Mind Insertion (ST) Tactics

Psychological Sexual Brain Hacks: Vol. 2 and Vol. 3

54 Ways To Trigger Super Unstoppable Confidence

73 Ways To Make Her Laugh

The Journey of Jim: Volume 1 + Super Smiley Face

Journey of Jim: Volume 2 (Magical Mathematical Arousal Tactic)

Magical Mathematical Arousal Tactic (best ever?)

The Journey of Jim: Volume 3 + Lessons From Others

Better Decisions. Better Results.

The 10 Distinctions

EM Confidence

Sexual Arousal Files: Volume 1

Sexual Arousal Files: Volume 2 + The Sequence

Psychological Sexual Brain Hacks : Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 (55)

Black Book of Seduction Formulas

25 Seduction Formulas


[STUP Concept] The method that I currently use (for trigger sexual arousal quickly)

15 Times

75 Ways To Initiate Sex

There are 4 basic ways a guy has sex

Lego Seduction

MB Dragon


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