Stage 6: Know The Ingredients That Turn Her On

Find out all of the sexually valuable characters since she was a little girl. Ask her what kind of man did she fantasize about marrying as a young girl?

Did she ever wish she would fall in love with a prince? Have her explain the whole process. Find out what famous guys she grew up idolizing? Find out what movie stars she currently admires. Ask her questions like this that reveal a character that she finds sexy.

Ask about former lovers.

Don’t be afraid to do this. When asking about former lovers, don’t show any signs of being bothered with the information. The more you make her feel comfortable, the more details she’ll share. When you are listening to her talk about the various types of characters that she finds desirable (or has demonstrated an attraction to in the past), what you are looking for is consistencies.

Are they all funny?

Are they all ambitious?

Be sure to do the opposite. Meaning you are going to ask her what famous guys turn her off (these could be guys that most women find sexy). Ask her a bunch of questions like this and pay close attention to her answers.

Also, with former lovers (or with “types” that she used to be attracted to) don’t let her convince you that they no longer have an effect on her.

She might try to convince you that those types no longer affect her like they did in the past, but chances are she is still very responsive to those characteristics.

And that’s what you want to pay attention to.

Easy enough?

It comes down to characteristics.

When women are excited about a new guy, they call up their friends and describe him in terms of characteristics: “He’s amazing! He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s ambitious. He has good values. etc. etc.

The cool thing is they tend to filter for matters to them.

It’s kind of like a time when you met a woman, and you told someone about how nice and down to earth she was. And later she turned out to be the biggest bitch you ever met.

You were filtering for “niceness” because that mattered to you.

So start with getting her to name as many Movie Stars, Musicians, Ex-Boyfriends, Types of Guys as possible…

Get as much out information of her as possible, and then you can go to step 2 in the process.

And don’t insecurely say things like “Are you serious! You really like him? Wow! So let me get this straight. You ACTUALLY like that guy? Woooooowww!

Don’t make her feel bad because the information is uncomfortable.

Don’t flinch. Practice in the mirror. Imagine her saying all kinds of stuff.

Her: He was down to earth. He was funny. He was kind. He was like a big kid.
You: [Don’t flinch] Oh ok. Cool.

Her: He had a nice smile. He was funny. He was ambitious. He use to let me drive his Jaguar..
You: [Don’t flinch] Oh ok. Cool.

Her: He was creative and hilarious. He was 6’7” with huge hands. He use to take me piggyback ridding for hours near the lake.
You: [Don’t flinch] Oh ok. Cool.

Don’t ever try to attack the guy. That’s a rookie move. She’s seen it before. It’s predictable. You might want to compliment him in some way.

The last thing you want is a have a meltdown – which will make it so that she never tells you information like this in the future.

Remember, Getting Information is one of the Important Skills.

You’ll also want to get her to explain why she likes each guy.

Don’t take the direct approach – meaning don’t bombard her with question after question. It’s ok if you spread the information gathering process out over a few days (or even weeks)…

You want this to be as undetectable as possible. If it starts to seem like you are up to something, she’s likely to give you fluffy answers.

It’s very important that you look for similarities between all of the guys. That’s why it’s important to get a list of as many guys as possible.

Also, get her talking about the guy and telling you stories because this will uncover more reasons. Although, you could say something like: “So what characteristics did you find desirable in him?” – you’ll find more information in the stories…

Again, I can’t stress this enough:

If the reasons and stories shock you, make sure you don’t flinch!

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  1. You are right CR. I purchased your system and I am extremely satisfied with the contents. I read the levels of communications and without knowing I had been doing that with my girlfriend. Getting information was painful until I compared your level 2 to what she always answer and to my dismay I found the link I was missing! I have changed my approach as of today and gathered information in a nonchalant way being aware of level 2. I gathered more information today than I had gathered over many months!Thanks! BTW, I was an Engineer with NASA and I understand the way you write to convey your knowledge.

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