Super Charisma 3.0 (New Report)

SC 3.0 | How To Be More Likable

Becoming Charismatic

This is the second report in a row I decided to just give away. No cost.

It’s a complete report. I think you’ll get a lot out of it. I’m happy to share it with you.

Keep in mind, the old version had a lot of great feedback. Including one guy saying this:

Why I have not mentioned this before I don’t know, but I feel it is important to mention that your “Super Charisma” formula is more important than maybe even you might realize. That formula alone was the biggest piece of the puzzle to me in turning my life around.  I did change internally like you said, but I now take that formula with me everywhere I go.

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CR James

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  1. Vladimir | Reply

    I just started to read SC3.0
    And it seems to me that you
    don’t count smb who doesn’t
    interested in baseball as a man.
    I’ll try to understand your writings
    anyways but imho it is to strict

  2. CR James | Reply

    You’re right, there are a few baseball analogies thrown in there.

    I guess i didn’t think that people who didn’t like baseball would be offended…

  3. Chris | Reply

    CR James, this hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, I’m in a very negative job environment which, due to the economy, went thru a major management shake up and transformed from a place I didn’t mind going into every day to a REAL sweatshop (a concrete plant which manufactures hardscapes and building products).

    I don’t have to go into detail here because, quite frankly, thinking about it makes me feel pretty damn anti-charismatic. One of the first steps in snuffing out negativity is to stop playing the CD of that loser boy voice that exists in everyone’s head.

    Cheers! I feel more charismatic already.


  4. Jake | Reply


    Thanks for the report.

    You never fail to crack me up. I think you are right on. I agree with everything you said. In fact, you got me to see things from your angle, and that always helps. (It’s as if life is a hologram, and we all have a tiny part of the picture, and the more parts we can see, the more we see the whole.)

    I know a guy who is exactly like the “negative” one you mentioned. “Everything sucks!”
    And for him, it always does, and it keeps on happening. If it were not so sad, it would be extremely funny.

    He would rather argue with a woman, than get laid. If she says he did something that he didn’t do, he can’t let it slide, he has to fight with her until she sees he is right.

    And when he sees a really hot, gorgeous woman, he immediately looks for faults, and of course, as you always find what you are looking for, he finds one. I remember one time, he met this really hot babe, and she had a tiny zit on her face (and those are so temporary), and it spoiled her for him.

    His room-mate and I both asked him, “Would you rather be right, or would you rather get laid?” and he replies, “I’m not having her say I was wrong.”

    He is the poster-child for your Type #2.

    Great guy, but he is one of those who can not see what he is doing.

    Me, I was always too far into the other camp – always painfully aware of what I am doing. Fortunately, as I age, I lose putting too much importance on it, even as I use it to adjust. I guess I have been kind of in the middle.

    And I know a guy who is the other – always up, always positive, always scoring.

    Over my life, I have noticed that a lot of guys who some would call rude, arrogant, or just plain un-mannerly, somehow do very well with the ladies. I think it is because they simply have fun, and don’t really try to be anything other than who they are.

    Thanks for the report, and thanks for saying I am special.

    I met a lady the other day, and she has said that she is not a “physical” person, meaning that she is not very interested in sex, but I feel the energy between us – there is some major attraction going on. And she didn’t shy away when I told her that I am interested in making love to her. Gotta be up-front, right?

    Anyway, last time I called her, she did say, “Call me again, if you want to,” and now I am wondering exactly what that means to her. Women can be so vague, as you know.

    Does that mean, “If you want to call me”? Or does that mean, “If you want to make love”?

    I reckon, there is only one way to find out.

    Thanks again, CR, it’s always a pleasure.

    One thing, and please take this the right way – Dude, you need to proof-read.



  5. crjames | Reply

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad I can help…
    (and I appreciate the comment about proof-reading, you’re right.)

    Wow @ the guy who would rather be right than get laid…

    lmao @ thanks for saying i’m special…(that’s because you are, jake. lol)

    Referring to the new woman you’re talking about,
    I think when she says it, it means both…

    Women are very vague… just as a note, you should have like a 2-prong approach where
    you are (1) trying to get better at understanding her vague-ness while (2) training her to be more direct…

    As far as her saying that she’s not a “physical” person, ignore it.. it just means that no one has unlocked her desire before…

  6. Kevin | Reply

    Hi Instructor CR,

    It really has been reading your Levels of Communication free report.. I am having quite a revelation! I am reading through your free newsletter starting with the mega-issue to enhance my life.

    However, I was getting intrigued about you mentioned that you once helped one man to seduce someone’s wive, while the man convinced you he had a good purpose. So you develop a game plan for him. And he win but hadn’t claim his price (what a dork).

    Now say that there is one good, caring, loving husband (with good sexual value)..
    But someone (as skilled as you Instructor CR James are) wants to seduce this poor man’s wife.. Maybe because he knew their son will be combination of einstein, mozart and da vinci (whatever reason, he just want THIS particular woman).
    Imagine, he with such great skill want to get this wonderful woman.

    Now let’s say this husband is decently a man (maybe had read and practiced your stuff), but someone else (like, say, you yourself) want to seduce his wife.

    Is there any defense? You have way higher skills, and you can develop super bombastic game plan to get his wife.
    Anything this poor husband can do?

    This is actually my friend’s question when I shared with him what the nessecity of what I’ve learned from dating sciences. He said that if the seduction game truly work like this charm, all of us must be aware that someone with higher skill can steal our woman at anytime. Well logically that makes quite some sense to me. And if this is the case, I might sign up for private tutor from all seduction masters, mind you.

    Thank you for reading, and I just want to hear your opinion about it.


  7. crjames | Reply

    lol @ kevin…

    interesting question. i love the scenario…

    yeah there’s a defense. if the relationship is strong/perfect (in the mind of the woman) which by default means she’s with a guy who “amazing” (from her perspective) then there’s not too much any guy can do…

    which i think is a good thing…

    and i would like to believe that there’s nothing that i could do (if i made that my goal)…or any guy…

    unless of course…

    the guy spent an enormous amount of time systematically unravelling her perception that her husband isn’t right for her…among other things… and even still, it’s a low percentage move…

    and at that point, he’s relying more on “selling skills”… which is somewhat over-rated… b/c he has to sell her on a “series of things” that may not be consistent with her experiences….

    in other words…as an example…it’s hard to make a case (sales pitch) that her husband doesn’t care about her, when last week he surprised her with fluffy white kitten wearing a minature t-shirt that reads “i love you sweetheart!” and then just as she read the t-shirt, the little kitten meows…and then she looks at her husbands and starts crying …followed by giving him the longest hug and kiss he’s ever received in his life!!!

    that’s what i mean by low recentage move…

    if the guy is a sincere/good/confident guy + he knows how to press all of her buttons (sexual & nonsexual) then he doesn’t have anything to worry about…

    imho, the guys that should be worried is the guy who doesn’t get respect, the guy who has trouble turning her on (i.e. “he obviously doesn’t know her buttons), the guy who doesn’t love/respect/understand her and guys who are dealing with “certain women”…

    although it would be a convienent arguement for me to make being that i sell a bunch of reports of seduction, the truth is the guy should spend about 70% of his energy connecting with her, showing his love and appreciation for her, being the guy who is right for her (if he’s capable of being that guy) and so on…

    Not only will he have increased the force-field around her (from outside guys) but he will get more out of his seductive efforts….

  8. Gary | Reply

    Thanks CR,

    I remember when I first got this report, I think it was one of the
    first, and how much it had an impact on me at the time. It really was
    amazing. I also remember writing down stuff you suggested along time
    ago-I still have the list somewhere. I really need to do update,
    revise and improve it, accordingly.

    I laughed at your comments in the report about affirmations and
    subliminals, I have done both, currently listening to ocean waves and
    sea gulls, lol.

    t’s funny, how something one becomes excited about whether it is a
    method, system or idea is first encountered it produces amazing
    results, then its power slowly dissipates, ie the Assaroff book you
    recommended and his affirmatation when I first started them was
    nothing short of amazing, but slowly it lost it power too because my
    enthusiasm for it waned. The same with subs, at first after a week or
    two of listening to a new sub, results are immediate or apparent for
    me because of my entusiasm and belief in them, but slowly, the results
    wane down to virtually nothing; or I have become use to them and they
    seem insignificant?

    So, have you listened to subs, or is it just placebo as my son says-I
    have had some results from Shannons Mattison subs, especially his free
    Absolute Self Confidence-I suspect you are familiar with him.

    So, it sounds like this is amazingly effective method, more so then
    the above, in your experiences?

    I am excited again.

    Thanks again,


  9. crjames | Reply

    gary, i’m glad to hear you’re excited about it. that means a lot…

    i think the lessons are incredible valuable. and i’m happy to share them…

    i think success with anything.. in terms of the VERY ROOTS of success, starts
    with “feeling amazing about yourself” – and you can add layers of that which includes:

    – feeling amazing about your impact on others
    – feeling amazing about what you’re capable of
    – feeling amazing about what you’ve done in the past
    – feeling amazing about the unique/special person that you are..

    yeah, i use subliminals… a little differently though…

    actually i use it in a weird way…i’ve been doing this on and off since

    as i told you before, i use a light and sound machine (mainly to get myself in
    an extremely relaxed state)….the subs with someone else’s words or voice
    is not my thing….not that i don’t think there’s any value in that…

    i may try it in the future… but as of now, that’s not how i use it…

    what i do is get in the extremely relaxed state (sometimes via a light and sound machine)
    …then i create a building in mind (which is actually a modification of a library
    i go to….it’s alot easier for me to visualize something that already exists than
    to “build it” from scratch)…and inside that building is an office…

    i imagine myself walking into that office where i’m having a meeting with a
    future version of myself – who is pretty much “un-jealously” better than me in every way!!

    he’s more physically fit…smarter….more cheerful…more relaxed…more charismatic…
    more everything (i suspect that he’s even “bigger” than me, too. lol)

    any way, i imagine asking him for advice for different stuff and HE “always” gives me
    “brilliant game plans” for many areas of life…

    this little exercise that i’ve been doing for 9 years has been one of the most important things i ever decided to do…

    it forces me to trust myself more while programing myself to DO the game plan with a lot of confidence….

    as far as what you were asking…

    imo, “placebos” or “perceived placebos” are like Orgasm-Inducing Romance Novels…

    if a woman cums (via no touching) just from reading a romance novel, it’s technically
    not JUST the novel that did it…. it’s her “amazing imagination” (her “amazing brain”) as well…

    and you can even make the case that it’s the biggest factor..

    (look at the reverse: a woman who can’t cum regardless of the mental/physical stimulation.
    it’s because she has LESS control of her brain…)

    that’s why i find it interesting when people say something is a placebo, because
    not everyone is capable of “generating strong believes”…

    you hear scientists/researchers say all of the time, “3 out of 10 people got the result using a placebo”…hopefully in the near future they’ll begin to evaluate the “imagination quality” of the “3 out of 10″…or prior to the experiment, (by some means) evaluating “the percentage of placebo people” with strong imaginations.

    in other words, you would have to have an “amazing imagination” (an “amazing brain”)
    to get a placebo to work…

    and specifically when it comes to tools for generating beliefs/urges….
    which anything that works (or you believes works) by default has to work. lol.

    that’s why kids are so great… their imaginations are amazing…

    you can give them an “orange button” and say “this will make you
    happier and smarter”, and they’ll generate those feelings with ease…

    for me, no one can tell me that my “my mental exercises” don’t actually create
    the belief in myself that i think they do… because the only logical argument
    they can make is: “you believe that you have the belief!!!!”

    in which i would respond: “ok. you win.” (b/c the less or more I argue with them, the
    more they’ll make my point.)

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