The method that I currently use (for trigger sexual arousal quickly)


What is the STUP Concept? 

The STUP Concept is a “new/evolved/superior way” of getting a woman sexually aroused.

It’s like “sexual tension tactics” on steroids.

It reveals the “hidden thread” that is the FUEL in most sexual tension methods.

It’s pretty cool because no one is talking about it…

…and the next time you get a woman really super horny (whether you were trying to or not) you’ll now be able to describe what created it in terms of the “STUP ingredients”.

As a matter of fact, inside the report I’ll tell you about a guy who was in a 2 month ‘no sex’ drought.

His wife basically talked to him like he was a piece of shit. No respect. He’s a nice guy. They separated and got back together 4 times.

They we’re sleeping in different rooms.

And then one day, he comes home and she basically raped him.

She was so horny that it scared him.

You may have heard me tell my ‘uncensored’ story before (in terms of how at one point my wife was hardly ever in the mood and then I turned it around) however, my sex life was never that bad (in terms of sleeping in separate rooms and repeatedly breaking up.

So that’s why I find his story very inspirational.

Because it reminds us that we can get better (if we do things a certain way).
We can get stronger (if we do things a certain way).

We can understand her better (if we do things a certain way).

The only reasons why this guy’s experience is being featured in this report as a case study is because:

1. What he did was simple (even though he didn’t realize it).

2. It’s something that most guys have done on a small level. In other words, if you’ve been in a relationship with a woman for longer than 6 months, then at some point she initiated sex based on you ‘unknowingly’ doing what he ended up doing.

3. And the biggest reason why his story is because we’re going to analyze it in terms of the simple “STUP” ingredients.

If my prediction is right, you’re going to be blown away at what he did. In fact, you’ll probably say: “You know what I’ve gotten a woman horny by doing that before.”

And the “secret lesson” is digging deeper and seeing the FUEL of what you’ve done – so that you can apply the STUP Concept in many creative ways.

Because that’s the purpose.

When you see what it is you’ll realize:

  • It’s insanely super simple to understand as a concept – and to perform on a woman.
  • It forces you to get better at “coming up with thousands of ways to get her turned on”
  • You can now describe past events when she (or any woman from your past) was really wet horny, in terms of the STUP Ingredients.

I think I’ve said enough.

This is a new 25 page report.

It actually covers much more than the STUP concept.

With this report, there’s a small fee mainly because it features a concept that’s going to be in a future edition of Super Seduction Power (the unreleased 2014 upgrade – that’s currently being worked on).

Click Here To Read The Report

READ and Download STUP Method (for under 10 bucks)

I released this in October for only $3 before 72 hours.

And people went N-U-T-S because I rarely ever sell something that dirt cheap. But the truth is my plan was to give it away for free. But because it features a concept  that will be in a future edition of Super Seduction Power (the unreleased 2014 upgrade – that’s currently being worked on). I thought it would be fair to put a small fee on it.

(Expires in less than 72 hours) 

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