What Is Her FG Type?

I think you’re going to love this.

Here’s something that you’ll notice – there are 4 FG “feel good” types of women.
And we’ll get to them in a second, because once you are able to identify a
woman’s “feel good” type, you’ll have her secret code for making her feel
incredible whenever you want.

Why is this important?

Because ‘anytime’ a woman becomes completely addicted to the presence of
a man, it’s because she experienced emotional sensations that’s giving her
the tingles.

Also, as you learn her specific feel good type, it’s important to note that
she’ll probably exhibit a little bit of all 4 types.

Most women do.

So what you are really looking for is the dominate trait – which you’ll be able to tell just by listening to her. For some women, it will be painfully obvious and you’ll
know immediately (within 2 – 10 minutes).

And for other women, it will take a little bit longer.
Let’s dive in. Let’s start with one simple fact.
All women crave attention.

(That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just part of being human.)

And it’s interesting because different women seek attention in different ways.
If you had a conversation with 100 women, you would find that each one
falls in 1 of the 4 basic categories (“types”) that we are about to reveal.

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CR James

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Comments 3

  1. Well big brother CR, this free reports rocks!!

    I’ve been using them in BBM chats with my friends, and using this strategy, I instantaneously have more of their attention and enthusiasm to go along the chat.

  2. A very interesting article.

    I was wondering however, how much this reminded me of a simple version of the Meyers-Briggs Personality profiles.

    Simply put, the MB in its simplest application looks at a person via two personality extremes. Introverted vs. Extroverted and Task Oriented vs. People Oriented.

    If you’re an extrovert and task oriented you are a driver.

    If you’re an introvert and task oriented you are an analytical.

    If you’re an extrovert and people oriented you are an expressive.

    If you’re in introvert and people oriented you are an amiable.

    It seems to me that an Inner World woman is most like an amiable,

    and an outer world woman would be an expressive.

    I think an accomplishments woman would be a driver

    While and experiences woman would be an analytical.

    I don’t think this is perfect, but it might give a man some extra tools in assessing a woman. What are your thoughts? I’d be interested.


  3. This is crazy man… you are a wiz. As it turns out you know my woman better than I do! When I read the 4 categories, I was done the first three thinking “I don’t really know if she’ll fit in any of these categories distinctly.” Then I scrolled down to the 4th one, about the ‘experiences’ woman and WHAM, BAM… you described my MAM!

    She is always on the phone and when we are out with other people she is always telling or reminiscing about her past experiences. Unbelievable, and I always brush them off as just another “one time at band camp” type stories. No wonder she gets vexed at me and that I don’t understands her. Well this is going to make things a lot easier.

    Thanks once again for the insightful analysis you are always performing. Now I’m going to go become Dr. Feelgood, I have a patient to work on.

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