What’s the best way to approach younger women?

Here’s the report that I was talking about…

Again: Inside this issue, I answer the following questions?

  • What’s the best way to approach younger women
  • How to be able to think on your feet
  • German Women

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CR James

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    Hey CR James! It’s Jacob and I am responding to your email on the guy trying to understand German Women. I have been in Germany before and the Women there can be tough or brutal on a mans’ ego; especially when they are foreign. Ok cut to the chase:

    1. “Random Hellos” are out of the question. NO PERSON in there right little german mind says hello to ANYONE out in public unless they do know each other or are basically family.

    2. “The Look” from a German girl is either of “Who the Heck are you!?” or “Hey, come talk to me”. If a girl there looks at you with the ‘hey come talk to me’, you better go over there and say something or lose your chance with her AND with any other girl around in the general area. For some reason if one hot girl shows attention to you, especially in the disco, others will start to take notice…

    3. “Names” A prospective Greman girl that catches your eye and you really want to get to know her name? Be ready to ask for a date and time when to meet her or pick her up. For they don’t tell a man their name unless in the first minute looking at you they figure, your worth wasting some time on. They WILL on occasions come out and ask “Why are you asking for my name?”; yep that’s a ego crusher, very awkward at that point…

    4. “Comedy, comedy, comedy.” A very international way to pick up on girls I learned is if you can make her laugh you got a shot; just like with a cop. You make him laugh, you got a chance of not getting a ticket. A man sees’ a german woman relaxing anywhere and want to catch her eye; do something comical. Not silly. Majority of them do not like silly. Comical of ways as of accident prone in-a-cute-way I was told by one German girlfriend I had.

    Lastly, being in a relationship status with a German girl, is like being in a relationship with a Latina girl. YOU BETTER have eyes for HER and her ONLY. If a man doesn’t, then he better be ready to tuck his tenders between his cheeks and run! They are very serious about being the only girl in a mans’ life. They let you know if they want to be serious or just play around. Ok thanks CR for taking the time to send these informative emails to mankind to better know the female species. Sorry for writing too much but that is the base level of what I came to learn about German Women.
    Have a good weekend,
    Jacob from CA

  2. Cr James,

    The women of Europe do not believe in dining out and other preambles to the bed. The chances are very good if you can score if you use most of the ideas you promote. Be confident and learn the main words for hello and do you want to do go bed.

  3. Hmm interesting:-) CR….

    There is an old story, a German will learn you language to see to you, but if you want to sell to a German learn the language. So the Girls will expect a working knowledge of the language. They also expect to see Men…not soft types. They also like qualified serious types. They dont go in for inane type stupid humour. Otherwise those disdainful glances will be evident. German girls are solid down to earth and reliable and if you find a good one you are well setup for life:-)


  4. Germany is not eastern europe its western europe
    and german girls are basically just like any other girls except that it is much more uncommon to date more than 1 woman. You dont sit down with her and tell her you want to become exclusive, exclusiveness is implied when she becomes your girlfriend! Unless its an one night stand. ( or several one night stands)
    If you are at a party or something and pick up a girl then its a one night stand.
    But if you meet a women lets say through friends or at the library, you go out with her and you become girlfriend and boyfriend it is exclusive.
    A guy who wants or has several girlfriends is called a cheater.
    a women with several boyfriends is a slut so no difference here 😉

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    Really good points. (Dome Arigato) Especially, about “relaxing” as an aid to thinking on your feet. So true

  6. Thank you, CR.

    I am doing well, and glad to hear that you are, also.

    Nice report.

    For Germany, I’ll share what I learned in Japan back in the 60’s.

    I found then that, sometimes, the less you know of the language, the more you stay in a physical relationship – that is, if you don’t understand, she can’t as easily give you excuses why she can’t go out with you, or go to bed with you. And the more you stay in the moment. You don’t get tangled up in words.

    To add to that, knowing that we all share a common humanity can help in awkward situations. Smile, be OK with not being fluent in her language, and be comfortable with that, and she can, too.

    That also goes to the awkward moments when you don’t have a clue what to say. Just admit it. “I have no idea what to say, and I am enjoying being here with you.” Stated or not, that can be felt.

    If you really have no feelings of needing anything FROM her, you can play with the moment and just see what develops. As always, you may decide that you don’t really want THIS particular woman.

    Relaxing into the moment is always a good aid to “thinking on your feet.” Something it took me years to discover. (I must be slow.) I am very familiar with that “thinking what to say after it’s too late to say it.”

    Thanks for the hints on dealing with younger women. I sometimes find that younger women are interested in me, and as I do not wish to do them any harm, but may desire at least a short-term relationship, knowing what to do is a help. (I suppose what I said above might help there, too.)

    All in all, I think you did a quite admirable job of answering those 3 questions.

    But, then, you usually do.



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    Hey D

    I appreciate the feedback…Glad you’re getting results with it. It’s funny, because what you’ve experienced is exactly what it’s designed to do…

    Thanks for the advice on German women, too.

  8. Hi CR,

    thanks! I am doing amazingly well!

    In fact, I was just about to write to you a little note with a bit of feedback.

    The Secret Pattern brings everything to a new level. But not from 2 or 3 to 4…. IT is like going to level 7 or 8.

    I have started using it 7 days ago and although there are some other things going on I am sure it plays a big part.

    I have chosen one [censored] every day ( [censored], [censored], [censored], [censored]…etc.) I had planned to [censored] for two hours but never managed to get to the end… and we ended up having long love making sessions every single night with increasing intensity.

    She tells me every night that she is getting addicted to it and how happy she is to have found her man….(her words)

    I don’t even put much planning in it… The pattern is easy to repeat and then I just [censored] for the night when i come home…

    So, 10 out of 10 for this one!!!!

    As far as the German women are concerned I can confirm that everything you describe works for Germans as well. My wife is German, I am German and Germans love to practise their English with a native speaker.

    I think his biggest challenge is his mental block. As long as he has that he does not attract Americans, Germans or Japanese…
    My advice would be to relax and enjoy the new culture and this special phase of his life. Tell the girls that he is only there for a couple more months. Maybe he gets some one night stands, maybe a kind of holiday relationship or maybe he ends up looking for a job in Germany because he loves the country, the people and one of the amazing German ladies. Who knows? Maybe he meets a girl that always wanted to live in the US… And if he is not that adventures there is a big American and English community in Germany or other foreigners that don’t speak German…

    Good luck to him!

    Looking forward to your next materials!

    Take care,

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  10. Sorry, can’t help you there. . .

    I might suggest that he start taking German language classes, though. . .

    Whatever, you do I would advise against the Heil Hitler hand gesture!

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